Zero Tolerance Policy
Assume that all game rules come with a zero tolerance policy. If the below rules are not followed, Players will be blocked from posting until the issue is resolved or they are permanently removed from the game. The best way to avoid all contention is by communicating with one another.

Age Requirement (18+)
You must be at least eighteen years of age in order to join this group.

Game Rating (TV-MA)
This site is specifically designed for adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 18. This site may contain one or more of the following: crude indecent language (L), suggestive sexual content (S), or graphic violence (V).

Graphic sexual situations are not allowed! Scenes should fade to black. This is a zero tolerance rule.

God Modding
Do not write for someone else's character! If you must move the character to free up a stalled scene, please write the very minimum required to do so. Do not add words, thoughts, or emotions for characters that are not yours.

Character Contention
We do not require that all characters get along with one another one-hundred percent of the time. We do, however, have a zero tolerance policy regarding using the RPG to badger or air grievances with other members via in-game writing. Therefore, please communicate any and all planned character contention to the group. You do not have to air the details, but you must have talked to the Player(s) of the other character(s) and made sure you are both in agreement.

All disagreements and issues will be handled behind-the-scenes (BTS). Anything else is an immediate dismissal.

Posting Requirement
You are required to write two posts per month if not participating in a current story, side story, or flashback joint post scene.

After 90 days, if there is not an ELOA posted, account will be deactivated.

Tagging Requirement
1. Preferred: Answer tags within 48 hours of receipt.
2. Required: Answer all tags once per week (3 tags = 3 posts).

The only option to avoid losing tags or having your characters written out of the game story is to post an LOA or ELOA.

Until a better solution presents itself, we will be relying on Nova’s LOA/ELOA feature for reporting both absences and posting slowdowns. Use the Reason field to state details. This flags the character cards on the main Character Index page with an LOA or ELOA notice and sends out an User Status Change notice to the site. Players can check the details on an LOA or ELOA by going to the LOA Reports.