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Minor Changes to Posting Template

Posted on Fri Dec 15th, 2017 @ 5:56pm by Shade Harper

While working on the website, I discovered a boo-boo (a technical term). The updates I made to the post header fields (Timeline, Location, etc.) broke the text somewhere else. For now, I've backed out the changes, but this means we'll have to change how we do things for a little while.

1. The title field and what goes in it has not changed.

2. Location: Should now contain only the scene's location (setting) such as: Lost Lake Ranch, Main House.

3. Timeline: This is now only the day / date the scene occurs. For example: Early July, 1875.

4. Tags and OOCs will go at the end of the scene (like we used to do them). This includes noting a post as an Open Scene.

It is recommended that you wrap your tags and OOCs in HTML header code so that they stand out (H3 or H4). For those coming from forums, it is very similar to BBCode, only you use TEXT instead of [tag]Text[/tag].

H3 also enlarges the text marginally. Please do not use header tags to format text in the actual post, just tags and OOCs.

Below is an example of H3 header tags:

@Wooly Bear; ooc: no rush on the tags

The code is <*h3>@Wooly Bear; ooc: no rush on the tags (without the asterisks).

If y'all need help or have any questions, just shout!



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