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[Important!] Sagas Is Moving!

Posted on Wed Dec 27th, 2017 @ 9:43pm by Wade Morgan

Howdy Pardners!

Sagas of the Wild West is moving!

After careful consideration, I have decided to move Sagas to a forum site. The reasons are many! If you'd like to discuss them, please hit me up on Discord. I'll gladly give you details. Nova has been a great home, and I will keep the site mothballed. I will also continue monitoring the future release of Nova NextGen. The honest truth is that NextGen has no timeline for completion. It might be six months from now or six years. The developer has not set a target timeframe for its release. As it's already been in development for nearly four might or might not be available anytime soon.

Will we move the other games?

This is a decisive maybe. If IPB proves to be a better option for us, we'll consider it. However, we won't make those decisions until we see if moving to a more popular venue helps a really small niche RPG like a western attract more activity.

Why we are moving Sagas...

+ Forums are a better known and more popular venue than Nova.
+ IPB (the forum we'll be using) offers more user-friendly features.
+ A robust rich text editor.
+ Easy organization of scenes and stories.
+ User-friendly uploading and management of images.
+ Single site for RPG lore (wiki) and playing field.
+ A better community experience.
+ Discord feeds - we can set up forums that will send alerts to Discord.

There are some downsides, but the pros far outweigh the cons. You will need a separate OOC account for general posting and communications and then Character Accounts. However, these can all be linked to your OOC account. IPB requires unique email addresses. We have that licked too! Register your OOC account with a valid email address that you check (preferably daily). Character accounts will be registered as Admin will then forward the email account to your primary one. That way, you still get all @mentions (tags), etc. without having to check multiple emails.

You will have to take an additional step or two to get notifications to your email (follow the character, follow a forum, etc.). IPB is very mobile friendly as well.

Will we still be able to JP you ask? Yes, I say! Like with Nova, you'll be able to JP on the site or in GDocs and copy/paste it into a post.

What about tag notices? All you'll need to do is make sure you've turned on notifications in your profile and then add @character name at the end of your post (scene) to send a tag alert to your writing buddy.

What you need to do...

It would be great if everyone (except Longshot who is already registered) would create their OOC accounts. I can do this part for you, but since you need to know how to do it for registering new characters, consider it a learning experience. I'll set up a temporary forum called Playground. Don't post anything there that you want to keep because it'll all go away when we go live. Use this forum for practicing.

I will move posts and probably your bios. The only reason I wouldn't move your bio is if we need you to do it so that it appears under your name in the character bio-mod being created for our site. No templates! You'll fill out a few fields and then copy/paste the info into the editor. I'll give better instructions when we get that far.

Just sayin'...

If moving to the forums is a no-go for you, just let me know ASAP, so we don't make plans for moving your posts and bios. We'll miss you, but we'll understand!

As always, we encourage everyone to join in, participate in the planning and the moving, settle in and kick the tires. Hope to see you at the new home of Sags of the Wild West.


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