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Main Character Makeover

Posted on Sat Dec 30th, 2017 @ 10:17pm by Wade Morgan

When we created Sagas, I chose the face and name of my main character to pay homage to my all-time favorite TV cowboy, Jess Harper. At the time, it was planned for the game to stay private, so it worked. As we've continued to write and he has developed, I have decided that I want to revise him and a bit of his history. This is nothing that will affect the histories of other players' characters. However, since we are moving the site to forums, now is a good time for me to change him up.

Instead of Jesse Warren Harper, his name is being changed to Jesse Shade Harper and he will go by Shade Harper. This way, he remains an icon and homage to the origin of the character, but begins to develop a "life" of his own as well.

I will make all of the updates to posts, bios, and the wiki.

Origin of the name -

I have been looking for a replacement "nickname" for awhile. Jesse is the Biblical name for the Father of David, King of the Israelites so it still works. I settled on Shade as an antithesis to his older brother who was very fair. Their mother would call them Sunlight and Shadow. My second reason for choosing the name Shade comes from the movie El Dorado (read the poem and listen to the theme song).

Best Regards!


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