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Episode Update: The Legacy

Posted on Sun Dec 31st, 2017 @ 7:05pm by Wade Morgan

Good Day and Happy New Year!

Sagas of the Wild West hopes that everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday.

Here's where we are on The Legacy, our second episode in Season 1.

The hearing regarding custody of the Harper twins and the dispensation of the estate has been completed and released. Longshot and I are working on a scene titled The Gauntlet which occurs directly after the hearing. Currently, the scene only involves Harriet, Shade, and Quentin as some people are on LOA and I haven't heard from others.

We're going to let this episode continue until after we get moved to the forum. We'll leave the timeframe set to July though. I will update the episode notes also.

Remember! You are welcome to hit people up for scenes and scene threads by contacting them or posting in our Classified channel on Discord. You can also put up an open tagging scene - I'm sure someone will jump on it!

The next episode will open at the beginning of August. Watch for an IC time management news item to come out.

Blessed Be!
~ Stormwolfe


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