Posted on Tue Jan 9th, 2018 @ 1:50am by Wade Morgan

Good Day Everyone!

All of the published posts (scenes) have been moved to the forum and can be found HERE.

If you all want to start posting at the forum, awesome. If not, we can move posts as they are published. It'd be easier on me, if everyone would shift to doing their writing on the forum.

Some Important Notes!

All "characters" can edit posts to make it easier to continue doing Joint Posts. However, the forum does not lock posts when someone is editing them like Nova does. Therefore, pay attention to who is online and who is browsing the IC forum. If they are in your JP, shoot them a note via Discord and ask if they are editing.

Before clicking edit post or save, copy the entire post to your clipboard in case someone has disregarded the note above regarding making sure no one else is editing the post. That way, you don't lose your post.

To tag, type an @ and the first letter or two of the character's name that is being tagged. The forum will give you a list of options to choose from. Pick the character you are tagging. Providing that everyone has set up their notifications, followed the forum, etc., notices will be emailed.

If you need help, give a yell on Discord.



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