Chronicle Reorganization

Posted on Sat Oct 28th, 2017 @ 11:13pm by Mikhael Stormdanovich

I am going to do a slight reorganization of our Chronicles to make managing them and chapters a bit more Nova friendly - at least until the long-awaited Nova 3 comes out. It's not huge, and we won't change the terminology. The difference is how many chapters go into a chronicle. We're going to make chronicles based on years rather than me continuing to fight Nova for dominance.

The Chronicles will be time-based. This isn't going to matter in the overall organization due to the way Nova handles chapters (missions) and scenes (posts). Starting with the in-game new year, 3551, I will set-up a chronicle (mission group) called Year 3551: Year of the Fire Gryphon. All chapters (adventures) that occur during this timeframe will be added as needed. Even if it is a full flashback chapter, it will be added to the current timeframe, just designated as a flashback with an [FB] at the beginning of its title.

Again, this won't matter to Nova, because it inserts scenes (posts) based on what chapter they are in and when they are published (posted).

To facilitate this, we are resurrecting the cycle year names from our old, defunct Aereth calendar. If we go over ten years, we might have to revisit this system.

1 Cycle = 1 Decade

3550 = Year of the Thunder Eagle
3551 = Year of the Fire Gryphon

1: Year of the Fire Gryphon
2: Year of the Jade Panther
3: Year of the Water Dragon
4: Year of the Earth Snake
5: Year of the Deep Kraken
6: Year of the Storm Falcon
7: Year of the Iron Manticore
8: Year of the Winter Wolf
9: Year of the Mist Fox
10: Year of the Thunder Eagle



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