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Timeline & Location Field

Posted on Sat Oct 28th, 2017 @ 11:23pm by Mikhael Stormdanovich

This is primarily concerned with how we write dates in our Timeline & Location field.

Starting with our next chronicle, let's start referring to dates - when we have to specify them - in the following manner:

7th Day of the 1st Month, Year 3551 (January 7). This neatly translates to abbreviating it to 07.01.3551!

For our usual way of writing the timeline (i.e. as vague as possible): Mid-12th Month.

This just gives us a slightly more fantasy feel without having to resort to a massive and rather cumbersome made-up calendar.

See Below for Aereth date information. No, it's not 100% accurate from a scientific standpoint.

Components of the Arcanian Calendar

Age: 1000 years (10 centuries, 100 cycles)
Century: 100 years (10 cycles)
Cycle: 10 years (a decade)
Year: 372 days (53 weeks)
Month: 31 Days
Day: 24 hours +/-

Cycles (Decades)

Year 1: Year of the Fire Gryphon
Year 2: Year of the Jade Panther
Year 3: Year of the Water Dragon
Year 4: Year of the Earth Snake
Year 5: Year of the Deep Kraken
Year 6: Year of the Storm Falcon
Year 7: Year of the Iron Manticore
Year 8: Year of the Winter Wolf
Year 9: Year of the Mist Fox
Year 10: Year of the Thunder Eagle


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