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Winter's Bane (final chapter)

Posted on Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 @ 10:56pm by Mikhael Stormdanovich

The final chapter in While the Land Sleeps is open. Be care when setting up your posts because the prologue chapter for our next Chronicle is also open. We are moving most of the pre-written scenes that relate directly to the next chronicle there.

I am honestly too sick to think of ideas for my characters just yet. Give me most of this week and I'll try to put up some ideas or even get an open scene written and released.

Winter's Bane

-- 1st Month (January) 3551

Notes: 1st Month is the height of winter in the Highlands of Cymeria. Snow drifts can be several feet deep. Even with the military putting extra men to work to keep the roads clear, travel is difficult. Only a few hardy souls venture outside for very long at a time. Most activities are centered around hearth and home.

Types of scenes that might work in this chapter....

Hunting (boar, bison, deer, winter game birds).
Indoor activities such as singing, country dancing, quiet dinners.
Sparring, sword practice in the protected courtyards.
Working the horses in one of the two big indoor paddocks in the cavern stables.

These are only basic ideas to help everyone out.


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