IMPORTANT! Aereth is Taking a Hiatus

Posted on Sat Mar 3rd, 2018 @ 10:16pm by Mikhael Stormdanovich

Good Day Everyone!

I hope you all are doing great.

With great reluctance, I am the bearer of semi-bad news. My idea well has gone dry where Aereth is concerned. Kyra and I are working on a scene that will be released shortly (it's a three-parter). After that, well, it's down to y'all.

The last I heard from Flaim, she was still dealing with her personal crisis but does plan on returning. However, there is no timeframe for that yet. Please send her and the family your best wishes!

I am not willing to give up Aereth. I do need a break from worrying about worrying about it. That's almost as tiring as not having any ideas for writing.

With that in mind, I am going to mothball the game unless someone else has some ideas for scenes or even a mini-plot to keep us moving. It's the GM's job to keep everyone engaged, but I just have nothing to offer right this moment. I am so sorry for that!

I am keeping the site open although I will set it to maintenance mode unless I hear from some of you guys that you have scenes to write. Meantime, I will try to get the Codex completely updated and ready for us and, with luck, some new blood. Once Flaim returns, or I have time to refill the idea well, I'll send out a notice, and we will try to get things moving. Just before opening things back up, I will write up and post new ads.

Hopefully, you all will return when we get moving again. If not, I have enjoyed having you with Aereth and hope we stay in touch.

Blessed Be and Best Wishes to All!

~ Stormwolfe



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