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Upcoming Plot Points for The Legacy

Posted on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 5:51am by Wade Morgan

Current Episode: The Legacy
*Note: I changed the title from The Legend of Ishmael's Cross to The Legacy because we might not work in the story of the actual legend of Ishmael's gold find in this episode.

Current Day
- Monday, July 12, 1875

There were no other responses to my open scene (For Whom the Rooster Crows). Therefore, we are moving on. To the best of my knowledge, we only have one more scene planned set for this day (H.G. and Quentin ride into Kalispell).

Next Story Events
- Day: Tuesday, July 12, 1875

Scenes Planned
- Hearing (Stormwolfe, Clint)
- Optional Solo posts (Dal, Josephine) for observations and thoughts about the hearing.
- Trial aftermath at St. Regis Hotel and a new threat.

Clint and Stormwolfe will write out the events of the hearing that determines custody of the children and other rulings regarding Chance's and Regina's wills. After the scene is published, Dal and Josephine may writer their observations as solo scenes within 72 hours. I will announcement a have done by date once the trial scene is written and released.

After the hearing, everyone adjourns to the Belle-St. Regis Hotel where Harriet has secured rooms for the night since no one was sure how long the hearing would last. Those that wish to participate in the aftermath scene can join into an open JP that takes place in the hotel's restaurant. During this scene, a Steelgrave or two will stop by their table.

This will likely end this episode.

We are tentatively planning on The Bear as our next episode. Be thinking of events you'd like to see happen for your characters during this episode.


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