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Site Rating Updated

Posted on Wed Dec 6th, 2017 @ 6:59pm by Wade Morgan

Our RPG Rating has been updated and expanded! We still frown on excessive profanity, sexually explicit scenes, and gory violence just for the sake of writing gore.

Please read our Rules for details on the new rating. For your convenience, they are also printed below and links can be found on this site's main page.

Sagas of the Wild West RPG has a voluntary rating based on the RPG Rating System.


Language (L2): Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations. Please refrain from using sexually explicit language. Remember to self-rate your character’s language based on the situation he or she is in.

Sex (S2): Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations. This RPG is not about writing smut or porn. When they start removing their clothes, it is time to fade to black! We are all adults and know how Tab A fits into Slot B, we do not need it written out in detail. Let the readers imagine what comes next. If you cannot survive without writing detailed sexual content, contact your writing partner and write it off-site.

Violence (V2): Explicit violence is permitted. Gunshot wounds are bloody and ugly. Describe the violence and injuries in enough detail to let the readers visualize it. Do not go overboard with it. Give the readers some room to imagine it for themselves.


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