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Brychan Emrys

Name Brychan Emrys

Position Marshal of Harkania (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Cymry
Racial Class Chimera
Gender Male
Date of Birth 13 November 3480
Marital Status Single
Rank First Marshal
Trade Soldier
Aliases / Nicknames Brych (p. Brick) although his name is pronounced Bry-can (y = long I)
Craft / Trade 1st Marshal, Commander Stormholm Garrison

Brychan has over 50 years of experience in the Cymerian Guard and earns a good wage.

Gambling: Brychan enjoys the toss of the dice and supplements his pay by dicing and other gambling contests. He is good enough to know when to stop and never gets in over what he can afford.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Stormholm Caer Garrison
Region / Province Harkania
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow
City Dinas Ulchedir
Residence / Lodging Marshal's quarters at Stormholm Garrison
Original Birthplace Maridunum, Harkania

The village of Maridunum is a small seaport layover and fishing town located at the border of Harkania and Coedwig March. It is on the Harkania side of the border, nearest neighboring village is Avalon in Coedwig.

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 170 lbs.
Hair Golden Brown: Brychan’s hair is a deep golden brown, thick and wavy. The more fanciful of his lady friends has likened its color to sunlight on leaves. Brychan stopped seeing her soon after.
Eyes Hazel (Green-Brown): Brychan’s eyes are green-brown hazel but lean more toward the greens. They are framed by long thick golden brown eyelashes and brows of a slightly darker color than his lashes. They are oval in shape and wide set.

Physical Description

Build / Stature 1st Marshal Brychan Emrys is a tall, fairly distinguished looking man. He is of medium build, still quite trim and leanly muscled.
Marks / Scars Tattoo: Celtic swirl on the inside of his right wrist; usually covered by his bracers.

Scars: Carries the usual variety of scars from training and battle injuries. None are overly noticeable.
Style Brychan is almost always clad in a pristine uniform and shined footgear with the appropriate weapons and other accessories. When not in uniform, he prefers comfortable riding leathers or the full traditional kilt of Cymeria.

When on duty, he tends to wear his long hair pulled back in a clubbed braid or ponytail.
Character Looks Like Gerard Butler


Personality Traits - Practical
- Brilliant military tactician and commander
- Loyal and inspires loyalty in others
- Strong and honorable character.
- Highly intelligent
- Cunning card and dice player.
- His gruff exterior can put people off.
- Can be too self-reliant.
- Once his mind is set on a course of action, he is very stubborn and determined to get his way.
- Is a tad chauvinistic.
Personality Brychan’s basic personality falls somewhere between laid back and uptight. He is, in general, good natured with a pleasant demeanor. He is neither overly extroverted or overly introverted. He has aspects of his life that he prefers to keep private and confidential while being quite open about other things. How and with whom he shares things is dictated by the situation and the who.

He often comes off as terse or gruff, but that is his normal manner. He actually possesses a keen sense of humor although it tends to be expressed as sarcasm. Despite this gruff exterior, Brychan truly enjoys life.

In most regards, Brychan is a very practical and pragmatic man. He is a good leader, though not as charismatic as some in his position, he still inspires loyalty in his troops. He is not prone to anger, although he does have a temper, he tends to keep it in check. Still, most of the men and women under his command prefer to stay on his good side.

Brychan considers himself career military with no time for a wife and family, although he does have two grown children from a casual liaison many years before. He has kept in touch and been a decent father to them. At this stage of his life, Brychan feels certain he will never meet that one woman that would make him consider settling down for life.
Mannerisms Seems to be somewhat terse and gruff although he is well spoken. Brychan tends to not say more than he needs to and is known as a man of few words.


Education Brychan can read and write and is something of a math prodigy which, no doubt, is one reason he is really good at managing his finances and at dicing.
Languages Saesneg (English): Brychan believes the common trade tongue, Saesneg, is just fine for his, and everyone else’s, needs.

Heniaith (Welsh Gaelic): Knows a smattering of the Dryad Old Tongue

Celtic Gaelic (Scots Gaelic): Fairly fluent in the native Cymerian language.

Vanisk Tunga: Due to Harkania’s proximity to Nordheim, Brychan has had enough exposure to the native language of the Vanir to get by if he has to make himself understood.

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Generally athletic and in good physical shape. He tends to expend the minimum amount of energy to accomplish any physical goal. This is not due to laziness. It is part of his overall nature to be as economical as possible, even in his physical movements.
Expertise Brychan has an eclectic range of physical skills including, but not limited to: long distance running, fishing/shellfishing, boating, swimming, variety of equestrian skills, blacksmithing, tramping (likes to explore the land wherever he is).

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Like all native born Cymerians, Brychan reported to the Cymerian Guard on his 16th birthday. After completing his two years of service, he was offered a promotion and further training (including basic education). He has 54 years of military service and training.
Weapons Brychan is highly skilled with all tools of war including, but not limited to: bows, crossbows, swords, daggers, spears, battle axes, shields, war horses.

Most proficient with: Long handled battle ax and shield (Note: He can turn almost anything, including his war cloak, into a secondary weapon or shield).

Carries: Double headed battle ax (Reaper), shield, claymore (Nightfall). Wears the battle ax in scabbard on his back (attached to baldric), sword is carried in a side scabbard.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Race
Arcane Rank Passive
Affinity / Nature Water
Arcane Abilities Brychan is aware that he is Cymry, or at least has Cymry family history, but he is very reserved regarding the Chimera overall and their arcane abilities in particular. He has never held with using magic over muscle. He is far too pragmatic to rely on something as nebulous as an arcane ability.

Does not have any training or controllable arcane abilities. He does exhibit a low-level of the arcane sensitivity, but it is overshadowed by what is normally a purely human psychic gift. He has a sixth sense for impending trouble or danger, nothing more than an extremely heightened form of intuition or sense of something just not being right.

As part of his affinity to water, and again without his conscious control, he can locate water sources by concentrating on a need to find water. He is unaware that this is part of his arcane ability and simply believes it to be part and parcel of being particularly savvy in regards to his surroundings and their geological features.

Family Tree

Children Fionn Emrys (Son, 30s, named for his grandfather): Cymerian Guardsman

Laoghaire MacKenzie (Daughter, late 20s): Married and lives in Cader Idris, Kothis March, husband is a successful byd golau crafter and merchant.
Father Fionn Emrys (d. 3540): Fionn Emrys was born and raised in the fishing/shipping village of Maridunum. He was often gone for long periods with the bigger, longer ranging fishing fleets. While he earned a good living for his family, his absences were keenly felt.
Mother Siobhan Brychan Emrys (3461 - Present): Siobhan is quite elderly, but due to having inherited the Cymry traits on her mother’s side, she is still quite healthy and active. She is now retired and living with Brychan’s sister and her husband. For many years before that, she worked the fishing boats alongside her husband.
Sister(s) Bridget Brennan (3482 - Present, m. Bevin Brennan, 2 children): Bridget and her husband, Bevin, own a small fishing fleet (3 boats). While Bevin handles the fishing business, Bridget, with the help of her mother, runs a tavern and inn called the Ceffyl Dwr (Water Horse).

Bevin Brennan (Brother-in-Law, 3479 - Present): See Bridget Brennan
Former Spouse(s), Partner(s) Leagsaidh MacGhille (b. 3499, 50s): Leagsaidh is not technically family, or even related. However, Brychan has two children with her and has always felt a degree of responsibility toward her. While he does not outright support her, he does aid her with basic living expenses. They are now friends, no longer involved in an affair of any kind.

Family History

Personal History

- 13 November 3480: Brychan and his twin sister, Bridget, born to Fionn and Siobhan Emrys.
- 3496: Reports for his two years of mandatory duty.
- 3498: Retakes his oath to join Cymerian Guard permanently
- 3539: Wounded in the leg at the Battle of D’hassa
- 3539: Promoted to 2nd Marshal and given command of the Stormholm Caer Garrison.
- 3550: CO of the Stormholm Caer Garrison; though long recovered from his knee injury (except on exceptionally cold and rainy days), Brychan has remained at Stormholm Caer Garrison.

Note: Should Brychan become a regularly played character, his bio will be revised.

Brychan Emrys was born on 13 November 3480 to two very hardworking parents in the village of Maridunum. Fionn and Siobhan Emrys. In the early years, before either of the children were born, Siobhan worked the fishing boats alongside her husband. After the birth of her eldest child, Brychan, she settled to working the clam and oyster beds along the shore so that she could be home with her son. Fionn was, at best, a distant father. For most of the year, he was away at sea, often for months at a time. When he was home, though not unkind to his wife and children, he was usually working hard to keep his small fleet of boats in repair. Still, he provided a good living and his family never had to go without. Fionn worked every day of his life until his death from pneumonia in 540.

Even with a mostly absent father, Brychan had a relatively easy and pleasant childhood. The Emrys were not wealthy, but they were financially comfortable. He had assigned chores as he got older, as did his sister, but both were given plenty of free time to play. Siobhan sent both children to be educated at the local school run by Theurgy scholars (Note: This school did not teach arcane subjects, only reading, writing and math.). For spending money, both children helped their mother in gathering the clams, oysters and other local shellfish to sell to the various inns, taverns or the fish market.

It is highly likely that Brychan’s later reluctance to form a permanent attachment or marry was, in part, due to seeing how lonely his mother always seemed to be, although she never complained. He had always assumed he would do his two years of service and return home to join his father’s fishing fleet thus being taken away from a home, wife and family for long stretches of time.

At some point during his early years, Brychan learned that the Emrys family had Cymry blood. He also was told time and time again that Cymry’s arcane powers were suspect and the Emrys family did not acknowledge that heritage. In fact, while often being more intuitive than could easily be accounted for, Siobhan insisted it was not due to ‘Dryad blood, but the second sight which generations of her family had had. Therefore, Brychan grew up rather suspicious of magic on some levels, but mostly just not believing in it as any sort of good alternative to non-esoteric solutions. His voiced philosophy, “A battle ax in the hand beats two wizards in a bush.”

Life does not always go as planned, however, and once Brychan reported for his two years of mandatory duty, he found he loved the military life, the discipline, the camaraderie, and the routine. His decision to reupp at the end of his two caused one of the only true disagreements to erupt between himself and Fionn. For several years, his relationship with his father was strained. Eventually, however, and well before Fionn’s death, they reconciled with Fionn admitting that the life suited his son and he was quite proud of Brychan for serving his land. Brychan’s sister had married by then and Fionn took her husband into his fleet with him, eventually leaving it to his sister and her husband.

After his father’s death in 3480, Bevin and Bridget, with some financial help from Siobhan, bought the Ceffyl Dwr, a tavern and inn in Maridunum. Siobhan lives with them most of the time although she has kept her and Fionn’s cottage by the sea. The tavern does quite well and keeps the two women busy while Bevin is at sea.

Brychan rose through the ranks, if not at a meteoric pace, at least steadily. During these years, he was assigned to various forts and garrisons around the country. While he never lacked female companionship, Brychan avoided forming long-term attachments. The longest relationship was with a woman several years younger than himself named Leagsaidh MacGhille. He even moved her from Kothis March to wherever he was stationed to keep her near him for awhile. Eventually, although they had two children together and he was as good a father as the situation allowed, they ended the romantic portion of their relationship, but remained amicable. Brychan is reasonably close to his two grown children. His son even followed him into military service and is stationed at Bwrdyr Gaer in D’hassa.

Like almost all able bodied men and woman, Brychan served at the Battle of D’hassa where he distinguished himself in the trenches. While recovering from an ugly injury to his left knee, he was promoted to Second Marshal and given command of Stormholm Caer’s Garrison, aka Marshal of the March (Currently, as Mikhael Stormdanovich is both Warder of Harkania March and High Lord, the garrison is located at Stormholm Caer).

Brychan has settled into his command duties at Stormholm Caer. He finds the work equal parts challenging and routine.

Friends & Foes

Additional Character Info