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Adalwin Stahl

Name Adalwin Georg Stahl

Position Doctor

Second Position Primary Character

General Information

Aliases Stahl - Adalwin reacts at once when called by his family name, be it just the name or any prefix attached to it.
Gender Male
Birthdate 12/06/1833
Age 42
Marital Status Single
Residence Place of Birth: Meuselwitz. A small town located in the duchy of Saxe-Altenburg. Adalwin grew up in a nice, respectable house situated right by the market, opposite of the town hall.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Build Medium
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Green


Employment Drifter - Adalwin has taken any work to come his way as he ventured further west. Be it logging wood, treating injured cattle or repairing fences. While his skill as a doctor could have seen him settled a number of times already, he has yet to find it in himself again to stop somewhere for any prolonged time.
Professional Skills Military Doctor - Adalwin held the rank of a Stabsarzt and an Oberleutnant in the Prussian Army. His medical skills have seen regular use in times of peace and war.

Like all officers in the Prussian Army he was trained to use infantry weapons. Though it should be noted that this training on went as far as the Dreyse Needle Gund. Adalwin is not really familiar with the repeating guns of the new world, though he has acquired some rough practice with the types of pistols used here.


Self Defense Adalwin well knows how to use a sabre or a long bayonette knife. He prefers the later, as it allows him a more close-up fighting style that is supported by fists. Good anatomical knowledge often helps him to know where to hit an opponent for maximum effect if he hast to. Adalwin is rather proficient in the use of the bayonette fixed, though that is not something he would go back to, except if forced into a very brutal fight.
Hobbies & Interests Philosophy - Adalwin grew up in a fairly liberal household, and was encouraged to read, think and form an opinion. While this has not brought much luck to the family, he still keeps the love for philosophical thought. The freedom of the mind, the liberty to think and speak as he wishes is one of the few things he truly likes about his new situation.

Medical Knowledge: Being a Doctor is more than a profession to Adalwin, it is a calling. He grew up in an Apothecary household, seeing his father making medicines, researching for other methods in his spare time, it lit a lifelong interest in the medical arts in Georg. While now far from home and regularly out of supplies, he recalls many of the things his father did with simple plants and other substances to produce viable medicines.

Personality & Traits

Character Traits Liberal Mind/Free Thinker - Adalwin was raised in a liberal household, his father often discussing themes or reading books that would question things as they were, support liberties and even call into question the ruly monarchy. Adalwin also saw the consequences of acting on such thoughts in what happened to his father. While he cannot and will not stop to think independently he has learned to keep his thoughts to himself. Die Gedanken sind frei (Thoughts are free) is something he adopted for himself, for there was simply no other option.

Brave - Adalwin has been in a number of dangers and while he is not a man to rush into danger without thinking, he does not shy away from danger either. He will see what needs to be done and then go to do it.

Resolute - A trait Adalwain had to adopt when he rose to the rank of an officer in the Prussian Army. While he had little trouble with his patients before, simply because an order was an order, he was required to command others and occassionally to stand up to other officers who thought their men were already healed.

Disciplined - Adalwin had yet to shake the iron-rod discipline instilled into him during his years with Prussian Army.

Prussian understanding of duty.
General Personality Adalwin is a man of calm words and with a tight reign on his temper. The latter simply a result of long years in the Prussian Army were discipline was enforced with an iron will. He has a quiet smile that easily appears instead of a loud laugh or other more outward expression. His speech is educated, and while his English is well worded, it bears a pronounced German Accent. He tends to use his hands to underline an argument as he speaks, at least when he is in a relaxed situation. If tense, he will stand straight, hands behind his back, eyes directly at the person he is talking to.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Georg Fürchtegott Stahl - 1795 - ? Georg Fürchtegott Stahl was involved in the 1848/49 uprisings in Germany and after being arrested to life long imprisonment for instigating unrest. He was imprisoned in Waldheim Goal and Adalwin has not seen him since that day. While he assumed that he would have been informed of his father's death prior to leaving the old world, he must assume that his father may have died in recent years.
Mother Elisabeth Agathe Stahl neé Stephans. 1802 - 1855. Agathe died in 1855, and while many people said that she died of a broken heart or of the drastically changed circumstances of her family, Adalwin knows she died of a wasting fever that had long plagued her before all the trouble found their family.
Brother(s) Max Fürchtegott Stahl - Max is Adalwin's younger brother and was taken in by a maternal uncle after their father became involved in the 1848 unrest. Their Uncle saw to Max's education and helped him to build a life far away from the reputation of the father. Max now lives in Austria as a well-regarded builder of instruments.
Sister(s) Agatha Maria Alberts - Oldest sister, she was already married when the trouble began for the family. Her husband shielded her from further problems.

Louise-Marie Talfurter - younger sister of Adalwin, she married shortly after the family problems began to escape her parent's house and reputation. Her subsequent marriage was unhappy.
Other Family Adalwin has various relations in Germany, as far as he knows none of them left for the new world.

Friends & Foes

Personal History


Adalwin is born in Meuselwitz. His father is the well respected local Apothecary.

1838 - 1842 - Volksschule Meuselwitz

Adalwin attends the regular Volksschule (Elementary) schooling, though his family is already set on seeing him into higher education.

1842 - 1849 - Gymnasium Altenburg

Adalwin receives a well-rounded education at the Gymnasium in the capital of the duchy. Learning Latin, Greek, Math. He is a good student, always encouraged by his father who's dream it is to see his son attend university and become a Doctor. Adalwin's older brother was planned to inherit the Apothecary shop and as such was to study in that field.

1848 - 1849 - The March Revolutions

With the liberal revolution of 1848/49 Adalwin's father, a convinced liberal, could not sit at home and read the papers. He became actively involved, actually becoming a major leader in their small duchy, until the entire revolution was cracked down upon and he was arrested. In later 1849 he was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment.


With their father imprisoned and much of the family possessions confiscated, the Stahl family was practically ruined and whatever hopes Adalwin's father had held for him became dust. There was no chance for him to go to University, simply because there was no money and in the small duchy no one would even thinking of hiring or apprenticing him, simply because of what happened with his father. So Adalwin chose to start over totally, he sought and received permission to leave the duchy permanently and went into Prussia where he joined the military. His high education, willingness to serve for a lifetime and prior experience earned him a place to be trained and educated as a Prussian Army Doctor.

Adalwin was trained at the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Institut in Berlin, the Prussian military's medical-training institution.

1866 - Dano-Prussian-War

The seven weeks war, may have been a short affair, but the battle, especially the battle of Königsgrätz brought heaps of work to the Doctors and surgeons in the field. Adalwin later received a commendation for his actions there.

1870 - The Franco-Prussian War

This war is mostly in Adalwin's memory for the problems with the fast moving logistics, seeing that their field hospital never ran out of supplies, while they were constantly on the move, from one battle, one advancing to the next.

1871 - Autumn - The Death of One Man

The Events of Autumn 1871 are nothing Adalwin easily discusses nor did he ever fully account those days to anyone. The facts are that Adalwin had an argument with a Major of noble birth about the fact that the Major had systematically been abusing a younger doctor in Georg's responsibility. Adalwin and the Major had two pronounced loud discussions of the subject, the latter being broken up by the colonel of their entire Regiment Oberst von Butler himself.

After the young surgeon committed suicide, Adalwin and Major von Rohe had a third argument which almost ended in a duel, had Georg not been of bourgeoise origins. One night later the body of Major von Rohe was found near Havel River in Potsdam. While no one could prove that Adalwin had anything to do with the man's demise, the suggestion was strong and he had no convincing proof where he had been that night. Colonel von Butler summoned him, telling him directly, that he'd be hanged if arrested and judged. Strangely Oberst von Butler left him three days to get away, before taking any action in finding the man responsible.

Adalwin did not waste those three days and by that time was far from Potsdam and on his way to the Netherlands from which he began his journey to the new world.

1871 - present

While he could have stayed east, seeking work as a Doctor, Adalwin did not find it in himself to stay still. Not just because he found the east coast states as stifling as he had found his old homeland at times, the events had shattered something in him. A part of his own self-image died and by dying woke the old dreams of his childhood of travelling and seeing far-off lands and wild people. "If I am a vagabound I might as well do as vagabounds do." he told a man who offered him help, as he set out west.

Character Notes

Animals & Pets - Horses -
Name: Wilhelm
Nicknames: Kaiser, His Majesty
Gender: Gelding
Age: 7 years
Hands: 16.2 hands
Breed: Spanish Mustang
Color: Bay
Color Details: Wilhelm is a brown-based bay with black mane, tail, and stockings. His coat color is not uniform as it tends to pattern from brown to reddish-brown depending on the time of year. It is more uniformly brown in the winter months when his winter coat comes in. In summer, it is a darker brown with reddish tints. Like most Spanish Mustangs, his winter coat tends to be very shaggy and his summer coat tends to be slightly coarse.

Disposition: Wilhelm is rather mean tempered and due to his rough appearance and battle scarred coat which no amount of grooming can improve, he is considered to be rather ugly. His bad temper likely arises from being old when caught and broken. It is unlikely that much time was taken to gentle him, leaving him about half-wild.

Adalwin received the gelding from its former owner a year ago after saving that man's leg when it was almost crushed under a tree. While many people find the horse grumpy, Adalwin likes him as he is. He calls the big gelding His Majesty or Wilhelm (Like the German Emperor) according to mood.
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