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Kaelan of the Singing Deeps

Name Kaelan of the Singing Deeps

Position Crown Prince of Tynár-Darzûr

Personal Information

Race Dwarrow
Racial Class Stoneborn
Gender Male
Date of Birth 12 Day of Harvest Home (September), 3120
Marital Status Committed Relationship
Title Prince of the House of Helvar
Rank Crown Prince
Trade Arcane Smith, Future Ruler of Tynár-Dazûr
Other Titles Kaelan of Burning Hold (minor title used as alias when travelling incognito)
Aliases / Nicknames Tharvin (Soul of Steel) - his ‘true’ name, only known to his family, (birth parents, brother) and only used by them and if so rarely.

Kaél (nickname amongst his closest friends).
Craft / Trade Holdings: The holdings of Burning Hold are classically associated with the Crown Prince title. Being responsible for them is as much about teaching the young Prince to manage a typical dwarven hold with Mines, Hammers and Crafters, as it is about setting an independent income. Burning Hold’s Mines are iron mines, and Burning Hold produces fine steels. Kaelan has successfully managed this estate since he ascended to the title at the age 160. Had his brother already done well in managing the hold, Kaelan saw it expanded and the production of special arcane steels (moonsteel for example) added to the Hold.

Craft: Arcane Smith. Having the arcane talent and an inclining towards becoming a weapon’s smith Kaelan was trained to become an arcane smith. (The dwarven royal house is expected to excel at a craft, or lose the respect of their people who are superiorly craft-oriented.) Kaelan was apprenticed with Narvi of Dwenderholm’s Gate, spend 300 years as a journeyman and recently passed for a Master of the craft.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Burning Hold
Region / Province Depending on the needs of the Kingdom, Kaelan will either reside in the surface Province or the Homeland of the Deeps.
Country of Residence Tynár-Dazûr
Town / Village Burning Hold resides just beyond the famed Watcher's Gate.
Residence / Lodging Tar-Virdál: The Fortress of the Snows

The fortress of the Snows rises high above Tar-Virdál, the dwarven surface capital. A powerful building of thick, high walls, seven rings and a central keep that was built to withstand heavy sieges, the Fortress of the Snow was built by King Asutri after it’s predecessor had been raised by the Seven Nation Army during the Great Dwarven Wards.

Shar-Tal-Nor: Singing Deeps Palace

Also known as the Palace of the Flame, the underground palace is a marvel to behold. From afar the entire building looks like it was shaped in the form of one burning blossom. It is also called “Singing Deeps” because it has the strongest link to the ancient deep and the deep stone. Inside it’s walls dwarrow can truly hear the deeps sing and feel the slow moving of Aereth’s bones in the stone beneath them.
Original Birthplace Kaelan was born in Singing Deeps Palace, inside the dwarven underground capital of Shar-tal-Nor. Like many dwarrowdam his mother descended to one of the deep caverns, which are considered to link to the roots of the world, to give birth ensconced by the Deep Stone.

Physical Appearance

Height 4’11 - exceptionally tall for a dwarrow, though some people claim that King Asutri actually mated with a Cymry and thus there is some trace of big folk blood in Helvár’s line, hence their tall statures.
Weight 140 lbs- Dwarrow are heavier than menfolk due to their dense musculature and Kaelan is a prime example for that. For his own species he falls in the category “well built” but average, except for being tall.
Hair Kaelan’s hair is of sable shade with a few pale streaks in it already, those come less from age but from working in the spellforge. He wears his hair in a long mane and usually open with a few braids that signify his rank and family, said braids can also be used to swiftly tie his hair back when he sets to work in a forge.
Eyes Dark blue with silvery specks, like all deep-born dwarrow his eyes take a hue of stone - of very dark lapis with silvery lines.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Amongst dwarrow Kaelan would be considered to be of regular built – broad shoulders, strongly muscled arms and a solid body spell what dwarrow are – children of stone, cut from rock, tough and indestructible.
Marks / Scars He has a number of scars, most of them received in battle, some reminiscent of particularly dreadful encounters (the Wyvern bite in his side for instance), though none of the scars are prominently visible.
Style Kaelan wears his long hair usually open with several braids signifying his House, Rank, Family and betrothed status. One of the braids commemorates his dead brother Askíl. When not preparing for battle, (where he would wear heavy plate armor), Kaelan usually wears chainmail armor and feels exceedingly unsafe when forced to not wear any armor in a formal setting. (He does not feel that unsafe while working in a forge, but then he could not feel unsafe in a forge either way.) His regular apparel is chainmail armor, brigandine and above that a dwarven leather coat. He prefers the dark blue color of his House to other colors, but goes for greys and browns when travelling.

Kaelan keeps his beard still short, a sign of his continuing mourning for Queen Ria and as a mark of shame for his own failing to save her.
Character Looks Like Richard Armitage as Thorin in the Hobbit Movies


Personality Traits - Strong-willed,
- Good leader
- Does what is right over what is appreciated
- Intelligent and thoughtful
- To lead from the front
- Incredibly stubborn
- Is sometimes too trusting
- On occasion make decisions from the heart, not the head
- Able to hate and love in equal measure
- Very able to hold a grudge
Personality Kaelan is often compared to his grandfather Rowan, a dwarf he never met as Rowan died years before he was even born. What people most often compare is their temper, as Kaelan is calmer, less heated than his father, but more passionate when it comes to a cause he believes in. While he too is skilled in negotiating with strangers, he does so with less grumbly temper than his father and sometimes with less passion. Because while Kaelan believes that negotiations can solve many problems, he also believes that sometimes you have to stand up and fight for what is right. That there are moments where all negotiations lead to a foul compromise. Kaelan sometimes detests searching for a workable compromise as opposed of what is right.

Kaelan also firmly believes in choices and that each person has the right to make their own choices, even if those choices are foolish or will result in death. “A man’s life is his own, and no one shall say what he is to do with it.” Is a quote by him.

Many believe that this view comes from Kaelan’s compassionate side, for Kaelan will go out of his way to help when he sees someone in need, he will risk his life for others without even thinking, and he will always defend those weaker than himself, fighting the battles other’s can’t. These are HIS choices and he does not want to debate them.

One committed Kaelan can be incredibly stubborn and not easy to sway from his choices. His compassionate side also has an opposite one, for Kaelan can hate as much as he can love, and he is a dwarrow to hold to a grudge once his anger is roused.
Mannerisms Kaelan’s demeanor is proud, confident and so forceful that he often makes other people forget that he is *short* by their standards. He knows who he is and where he stands, thus he enters most situations with that confidence at his back.

Kaelan has a deep bronze voice, which is pleasant to hear. His speech is less grumbly than that of other dwarrow, but can be just as direct if he feels someone needs to hear something in clear words that leave no room for interpretations. When speaking Aeldish Kaelan speaks with a typical dwarrow accent.


Education Kaelan was much less a case of joy for the royal tutors than his younger brother. While willing to learn and study, he also had very stubborn inclinations about themes and topics, he wanted to know more off, and once he set his mind he was not easily deterred.
Languages Drûkar (native)
Saesneg (English): taught from childhood on, almost fluent but has a pronounced “dwarrow” accent, (roughly comparable with West Irish accent)
Luminar: Kaelan speaks only basics of this tongue, though Falún is fluent and will easily help his brother out when necessary.
Letanum: fairly good, better in reading than speaking it.
Heniaith: Kaelan only knows singular terms and words of the old speech, most of them are alternate names of materials, stones or metals, or terms for specialized methods in working metal that are hard to translate.

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Kaelan moves typical dwarrow style, firmly grounded on the earth, movements somewhat heavier than those of menfolk, and always closely linked to the firm roots of the Earth beneath his two feet. Underground Kaelan moves with the surety of someone at home in the deeps, he has an innate sense of balance and lightning-swift reflexes, when the slightest crack or noise announces an immediate cave-in. Above ground he is much more careful, often adopting a ducked, alarmed stance without noticing it.
Expertise Like many dwarrow Kaelan has a very good balance and is good in climbing stone and rock. Kaelan can swim, but his skill lends itself more to diving through drowned tunnels, using his hands to find his way or pull himself along than to swimming in surface waters, which he deeply mistrusts.

Kaelan is a proficient horseman, preferring a strong and reliable to steed to the fast runners his brother adores.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Kaelan was trained mainly by Dvalin of Deepsilver Crossing, excelling quickly at the typical arts of dwarven warfare. While he uses a sword - as do most of his house, contrary to other traditions - he is well able to use axes, hammers and other dwarven weapons as well.
Weapons In spite of many dwarrow preferring axes Kaelan fights with a long sword, the blade was not made for a dwarrow and is almost a one and a half hand blade for him. The black blade he wields he received as a young dwarrow from a stranger who’s life he saved in the mountains during a wyvern attack (the very same wyvern fight that gave him the scars in the side). The stranger refused to tell his name or what his errand was that had brought him to the dwarrow borders, but when he departed he gave Kaelan the black sword as a thanks and memento of their meeting. Kaelan hopes to this day to see the stranger again. The blade is named Shadowbreaker.

Bow: Kaelan had no interest in archery until the bow proved to be the ideal weapon for Falún, to help him train, Kaelan too learned a good deal of archery. He is a good archer but not as good as his sharpshooting brother.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source N/A
Arcane Title Cafter
Arcane Rank Arcane Smith
Affinity / Nature Fire (racial)
Arcane Abilities Being an arcane crafter Kaelan has learned to merge his mind, his very soul with the metal he works and thusly release his own arcane energies into the material, giving it shape and purpose in the forms of patterns or runes that he sees, as he lets those powers flow into the hot metal. The process is demanding, eating away at the mental strength, soul and very life of the crafter during the process, one misstep may always shatter the soul of the crafter or kill him outright. The process does not always come easily to Kaelan, and sometimes he has to make up for this with sheer strength of will.

He was trained by Narvi of Dwenderholm’s Gate, who also oversaw his creation of his Masterpiece in 541.
Arcane Defenses Racial: Like all dwarrow Kaelan has the stubborn soul which is not easily swayed by arcane means to influence the mind. He does not fully share the extreme physical resistance against harm that most of his people have naturally.

Fire: Being trained in the use of his own arcane fire, Kaelan is also able to “talk” to fire, so he can touch it without being burned, or make it burn all night without sustenance. “Talking” to the fire, is the dwarrow way of describing that skill, and while many crafters have shown an extreme affinity to anything flame, not even the strangest will ever claim that the fire talked back to them.
Weaknesses / Limitations Kaelan is able to work above ground, but it takes more will and focus from him to do so, as being under the open sky limits his sense for the deeps. If he lost contact with the solid earth beneath his feet, be it through being up a tree, lifted into the air or being on a ship, he'd have great trouble to use any of his skills at all. Contrary to Falún who maintains a measure of control much longer.

Family Tree

Spouse, Mate or Partner Betrothed to Solvir of Dwenderholm’s Gate
Father Father: Dargain son of Rowan, King of the Dwarrow: Dargain and Kaelan have a close familial relationship, though they often disagree on many things. Kaelan loves his father fiercely, and will try to protect the old dwarrow from any harm (and Dargain in turn wants to protect the young sprout from the troubles that are sure to come his way.).
Mother Mother: Riá daughter of Rinvár, she died in 430. Kaelan loved his mother with all his heart, and what he remembers strongest of her is her compassion and her deep rolling laughter. As she died giving birth to his brother Falún, he feels a special responsibility for his younger brother.
Brother(s) Falún: younger brother to Kaelan, aged 120. “The last time I have seen Kaelan without Falún was before Falún was even born.” as Kor put it, and it is quite true: the brothers hardly ever separate and are incredibly close. To Kaelan Falún is brother, friend and younger confidante all rolled in one, he could never imagine splitting up or parting ways with him, Falún often provides another perspective to what Kaelan himself sees.

Askíl: Older brother to Kaelan (511), deceased. Askíl died when Kaelan was 160 years old, and as far as the world, dwarven society and everyone else is concerned, he lies buried in the royal crypts. In truth - a truth no one outside Tynar-Dazûr knows and no one in the realm mentions - Askíl joined the Legion of the Dead, after his Uncle Gralfr, who had served there, died. As honor demanded one of the royal house had to join and Askíl was the one to go. In recent years (546 he rose to Command the Legion of the Dead after the Legion lost their commander at the battle of the chasm.)
Other Family Grandfather: Rowan, Son of Asutri and Kaelan’s grandfather had a short life. He successfully negotiated a number of important treaties, among them the one to end the blood-feud, and died rather young in a raid on the dwarrow krypts.

Grandmother: Sofeia, Daughter of Harún. Sofeia is still alive, she survived the tragic loss of her husband, though it took great strength of will to not follow him into the stone. She withdrew from public life to not impact negatively on her son’s reign.
Family Relationships Kaelan has a good relationship to his father, they drew closer together after Askíl died. Their relationship tensed somewhat after the death of Queen Ria. Her loss impacted Dargain severely and it left Kaelan to struggle alone in raising his little brother Falún. Ultimately Dargain overcame the crippling pain and he and Kaelan mended the rift between them.

Queen Ria, Kaelan’s mother and Kaelan were very close, Kaelan loved his mother and he still feels the hurt of her loss. She entrusted him with Falún, his little brother, which was the beginning of the incredibly close bond the brothers share.

Family History

Kaelan hails from the famous line of Helvár, the dwarrow royal House. His family has affected the entire history of his people, and to spell their history out in detail would fill volumes of books. Important echoes into Kaelan’s own life among others were left by several ancestors though: King Ragin, Kaelan’s Great-great-grandfather, an otherwise unassuming King, made a grave misjudgement, which plunged the House of Helvár into a blood-feud with a fierce borderlander clan. The King’s judgement over one borderlander, who supposedly had plotted to kill the King, had been dead and leaving the corpse to the crows. A few years later the true culprit was found it became known that Arvid of Froststeel Crossing had been innocent. The following blood-feud burned hot, abated during the war of the deeps and later returned. It may be ended in Kaelan’s generation if all involved are lucky.

King Asutri Son of Ragin, Kaelan’s great-grandfather was maybe one of the most famous dwarrow rulers of all time, for successfully bringing his people through the wars of the deep and the Trogg incursions. He also forged close ties with Cymeria, due to his friendship with Ilya Kuriakin and assisting him in the end of the Interregnum.

Rowan, Son of Asutri and Kaelan’s grandfather had a short life. He successfully negotiated a number of important treaties, among them the one to end the blood-feud, and died rather young in a raid on the dwarrow krypts.

Dargain, Son of Rowan, Kaelan ’s father and current King of Tynár-Dazûr has been on the throne for almost 600 years now, a ruler and diplomat and a man who forged many a peace and treaty between the warring nations of the world.

Personal History

120 - 141

Kaelan was born as a dwarrow should - deep underground, in the Deep Stone at the very roots of the world. His actual birth occurred probably sometime during (surface world) night of the 20ies to the 21st of the Golden Moon (as the dwarrow call September) and around the middle of the 21st King Dargain stood at the heart of Shar-tal-Nor presenting his newborn eldest son to the people, naming him Kaelan (Flame of the Deeps).

Growing up in Shar-tal-Nor, the Capital of the Deeps, Kaelan grew up in a wonderous place - in caverns so large that no one could see the other end and in a mighty fortress city underground. Being a curious and mischievous dwarfling he set out to explore the marvelous city and the grounds beyond its walls. His constant companions were Bladvila, the son of the Captain of the Palace Guard and Orias, the son of the Captain of the Royal Guard. Bladvila was only a little older than Kaelan, while Fárin was almost 40 at the time. Back then Kaelan did not realise that Fárin had been assigned to watch over them and even after realizing that Fárin had been practically ordered to look out for him, the friendship that had grown between them endured. Together they had many youthful adventures, crossing the Chasm of Echoes and even seeing the River of Flame deep in the belly of the Mountains.


Most dwarflings are not taken from the deeps until they are at least 40 years old, as the Deeps nurture them and some dwarflings fall sick from a wasting disease (the Sky sickness) when exposed to the surface world too early. For Kaelan this period of protection ended when he was only 21 - Zehtar-Ragûn the ancient Hold of Frozen Flame had collapsed in a groundquake and tens of thousands had to be evacuated above ground, while the digging for more survivors continued. Knowing many children amongst those evacuated above, King Dargain send his son up there as well to help getting them settled in the camps outside Tar-Virdán.

For Kaelan the first time above ground was frightening - the bright lights, the perpetual change of weather and the vast emptiness above did scare him, yet he knew he was expected to be an example to others, so he bit down his fears and tried to hide how frightening he found the cold land above. In the middle of the task - getting hundreds of dwarflings settled, many of whom had lost their parents or did not know if their parents would emerge from the deeps again, Kaelan found a source of strength to conquer his fears - he had to be strong for them. This became an ingrained tenet for him in later life.

141 - 431

After the crisis was passed, King Dargain saw little reason to send his son back to the deeps again, instead he kept him in Tar-Vindár for his further education. Kaelan had several mentors, Balan, the old chancellor of the dwarrow, who taught him about statecraft, Dvalin of Deepsilver Crossing, the warmaster who taught him his weapons and warfare, a gruff, yet warmhearted dwarrow, whom Kaelan considers almost family, and Narvi of Dwenderholm Passage - an arcane smith who taught him his craft.


The loss of his mother came as a deep cut into Kaelan’s life. He was 310 at the time and had accompanied his mother to Wildriver Hold where a disease had broken out. Queen Ria was with child, but that did not hinder her to go there herself to see that those in need were well taken care of. On her way back to the capital, halfway across the pass of Echoes she felt contractions, her child was coming early. Alone with only her son and Kór, her personal guard, for help, things looked dire especially as the weather was taking a turn for the worse, an early November storm was hitting the mountains.

In the hastily set up makeshift camp, Ria was in Kor’s hands, and while Kor certainly was a skilled battlefield healer, he was not exactly a midwife. Nevertheless, they fought, they did all they could and they almost did it. By midnight Ria’s son was born and it seemed a cruel irony that she would bleed to death in the hour after. In dying Ria swore Kor to not follow her into death but protect her newly born child.

As the storm finally abated and a pale autumn moon rose above the cold mountains, Kor placed a fragile looking baby boy into Kaelan’s arms - as the only family member present it was his duty to name the child. He chose Vaelan (Falcon of Winter) as the ‘true’ name and Falún (Son of the Storm) as the common name.

Through the events Kaelan felt a deep responsibility for his little brother, not allowing himself to be pushed out of his raising. Especially when Falún proved to be very fragile, falling sick a lot. In the beginning there was serious doubt if the child would survive at all, and things did not look up when Falún became a toddler. He was very often sick and remained weak. Kaelan had returned to the Deep Stone to help taking care of him as much as he could, and in that time was often seen, carrying his weak little brother through the halls of Shar-tal-Nor. Many people say that those years changed Kaelan, made him calmer and quieter, taught him patience.

431 - 441

When Falún was almost 10 he took another terrible spell and at the same time Kaelan was called to Tar-Vindár by his father. Seeing that things could hardly get worse Kaelan took Falún with him, against the protestations of the nursemaid and several others, to his surprise Falún started to get better once they were on the surface.

This startling discovery proved true: up on the surface Falún recovered within days and was far more healthy than ever before. Ever since the brothers were rarely seen separate, which brought about a number of dangerous and outright terrible risks for both of them. With Kaelan approaching maturity, he had more and more duties to take care off, often forcing him to travel, as the brothers would not be parted, it meant that Falún would travel with him, which was not without dangers.


The first of those situations happened in 451 when Kaelan had been sent North by his father to investigate why there was no word from Darkflame Hold in the Northern regions. He travelled only with Falún and Kor, who had taken up the duty of protecting Falún. When they came to the Pass of Icewinds, they found an empty settlement, no people, only empty homes and vague traces of fighting. Investigating the disappearances Kaelan tracked down a band of slavers that used an ancient broken artifact to capture their victims. Taking down the slavers put Kaelan to a harsh test, especially with not being able to sending his brother to safety. Between himself and Kor they managed to pull it off, but it was only the first of many situations.


Only three years after a warband led by banished Aquilonian noble tried to seize the goldmines in the northwestern Ringwall mountains. Troops had already been marshalled and were marching from the passes, but until they arrived the region was on its own. Organizing the miners, workers and quarrymen Kaelan came up with a clever strategy to slow the mercenaries down: a guerrilla-style war, making the most of their advantage in terrain. It was highly risky, and each time they engaged the Warlord’s forces the risk grew. With Falún being only 21 at the time, Kaelan faced the choice of either sending him away, to safety, or accepting that Falún’s life would be at risk. In the end the brothers decided that no one could call himself of Helvar’s House who was not willing to bleed for their people, or who was not willing to fight for them. Falún stayed.

The following years were restless, the wilds in the East were not quiet anymore and Kaelan spend several years there to fight the creatures emerging from them. He also fought against the Wyverns when they again threatened the Northern passes. There he saved a stranger’s life, a man who never told him his true name but as goodbye gave him the black sword. The Deeps too seemed more restless than usual because several underground holds came under attack and Kaelan was called to fight the creatures of the deeps more than once.


In 526 Stone-Troggs began infesting the Eastern Mountains and the Dwarrow had to fight them off, resulting in a 2 year long campaign and three major battles. When Kaelan, Falún and Dvalin returned to the capital in 529 the news of the world were dire indeed - Mal’essa had invaded Aquilone, the fragile peace along the Inland Sea was shattering. Within the year Aquilone had defeated Mal’essa and the next ten years followed the greatest spree of conquest the world had seen in a long time, one by one the smaller nations fell before the conquest and King Dargain began to link more closely with the nations allied with the dwarrow, to be ready when the time came.


Mikhael Stormdanovich visited Tynár-Dazûr during the time that he was travelling after his great argument with his father. At that time trouble loomed at the horizon - a stranger had come to Tynár-Dazûr, a sorcerer who soon would create trouble for the land. He was allied with a Trogg Stone-hag. The dwarrow were severely disadvantaged fighting both, as none of them was able to cast magic or counter their use of the arcane. When it became clear, that the Sorcerer and the Trogg-Hag were after more than just creating some mayhem Kaelan asked for Mikhael’s help and together they traced the steps of their adversary through a Wyvern-Dale, into an abandoned mine and from there down to a long-fallen Thaig in the borderlands. Without Mikhael’s skill to stop both enemies, they might have done gread damage to the dwarven realm

538 - 539

When Aquitaine came under attack in 538 King Dargain offered help which was partially accepted. Dwarven combat engineers and builders helped to keep the Aquitainian fortresses standing and the machines (catapults, pyroballistas, scorpios and cheiroballistas) made a positive difference in the defence. By 539 things heated up when Aquilone invaded D’hassa.

At this point Kaelan felt that the time for talking was over - Aquilone would not be stopped by words or threads, only by blades. He convinced his father to not only marshall a good portion of the dwarrow armies but also call upon all their allies to cast their support with Cymeria. With a heavy heart King Dargain agreed and send both of his sons with the vanguard of the armies marching to Cymeria. With the distance that great hopes to reach Cymneria in a meaningful time were slim, the dwarrow marched day and night, allowing only for the absolutely necessary rest, relying on their sturdy endurance to make it through the rough grounds as they marched to Nordheim and then along the Cymerian Mountains towards D’hassa. Being close to the Aquilonian border they hid their advance best that they could and when the Vanguard reached D’hassa the battle was already in full rage. Highlord Kimber had fallen and his son Mikhail was leading the battle against the enemy, angry thunder rumbled above the field.

The Dwarrow vanguard flanked the Aquilonean forces and engaged, though their main forces had yet to arrive, the sight of a new army entering the field might have contributed to the Aquilonean decision to quit the field. However, before that happened Kaelan witnessed Mikhail fighting King Darian Ingtarius and then leading the charge after the Aquiloneans. He was deeply impressed by this young Lord of Thunder, and what he saw that day in Mikhail he has been reluctant to share with anyone, excepting his brother.

After the battle was over, the dwarrow remained to aid with searching the field for wounded, to assist wherever else they could and simply to project a fierce presence against Aquilone to warn them against any thoughts of returning with reinforcements. Still deeply impressed by Mikhail Kaelan and Falún later, during the Autumn solstice, created a sword for him - a blade shaped for his strengths and powers. Said blade was presented to him in after his Quickening.

The ten years since have been no calmer than the ones before - with the Dwarrow drawing the lines of their alliances closer, they also have assisted their allies in improving their defenses, meanwhile Kalean has been about all of Tynar-Dazûr to identify their weakest spots and find ways to close them.

Friends & Foes

Allies & Friends Mikhail Stormdanovich: Kaelan met Mikhael for the first time, when Mikhael was a boy and his father Kimber visited the mountain home. Kaelan liked the couragous, curious boy and showed him the sprawling underground capital of the dwarrow. Years later, when Mikhael had left his home after arguing with his father, he visited Tynár-Dazûr a second time. And aided them in fighting a grave danger. Not long after Aquilone began to stir and threaten Cymeria.

Arriving at the vanguard of the Dwarrow reinforcements at the Battle of D’hassa Kaelan was witness to Mikhail fighting and driving off the Aquilone forces, the duel with Darian Ingtarius and his subsequent fight against the Aquilonian elite, was something that impressed Kaelan deeply. While he did not share what he saw that moment, except with his brother, he and his brother later used the chance to forge a special sword for Mikhail - a blade that complimented his powers and that echoed what Kaelan saw in Mikhail. The sword was presented to Mikhail after his Ddyrchafael (p. thri-ca-fa-el; nou: ascension).

Dvalin of Deepsilver Crossing: Warmaster, friend, protector and honorary Uncle to Kaelan, the gruff old warrior is one of his closest friends and most trusted comrades. Dvalin was also Kaelan’s weaponsmaster and had some hand in the training of Falún.
Adversaries & Foes Most of Kaelan’s foes are beings from the vast underground realm, like the King of the Troggs. Still he reserves a special dislike for the Emperor of Aquilone.

Additional Character Info