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Kerowyn Snowspirit

Name Kerowyn Snowspirit

Position Mrenhines of Cymeria

Personal Information

Race Wyr
Racial Class Chimera
Gender Female
Date of Birth 14 January 3294
Marital Status Lair Bond
Title Mrenhines (fmr. High Lady of Cymeria)
Trade Hunter, Guardian
Other Titles Lady: Honorific used by many and persistently used by the Wyr of Caer Draenár.
Aliases / Nicknames Snowspirit: The name of her Dire Wolf form.

Kerowyn Stormdanovich: Wedded Name

Kerowyn of Ghostwalker Pack: Wyr Name

Kerowyn Snowspirit: As she is no longer the High Lady and has formed a lair bond with Oreás of Moonhunter Pride, Kerowyn is known by her given name and her Dire Wolf name. She chose this as it follows the first name and surname conventions in Cymeria.
Craft / Trade Hunter: As one of the older Wyr in the valley, Kerowyn helps provide meat for the tables. She has no need of an income as such although her stipend from Stormholm is set aside for her.

Guardian: Kerowyn helps see to and raise Wyr fosterlings brought back from Coldrock Island by the Vanir.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Stonefall Cottage
Region / Province Caer Draenár, Harkania
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow Village
City Dinas Ulchedir
Residence / Lodging The valley, Caer Draenár is also known as Dyffryn Taranau Rhewi, the Valley of Frozen Thunder, the name is closely linked with one of the Thunder Snow’s great falls that comes down at the far end of the valley. The valley, while seemingly remote, is not half a day’s march from Stormholm Caer, but the steep and narrow path that leads there is hard to find, and even harder to climb.

Stonefall Cottage is a lovely, single story home with a large sleeping loft located next to a wide rill or creek that flows fast over a small fall of rock. It is built of local valley river stones although it does have smooth wooden floors. Its most noticeable feature is the huge covered front veranda that serves as an outdoor living and dining area. Stonefall is in a forested area of the valley, a slight distance from the main settlement, but not so far Kerowyn will not hear a summons or that it discourages others to visit her.
Original Birthplace Avalon, Coedwig March, Cymeria: Avalon is a small coastal village that lies along the border between Coedwig and Harkania March.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Hair is silvery white in color, shot through with strands of darker gray and black, but not enough to be considered salt and pepper. It is worn long and is of a fine, straight, silky texture. Contrasting sharply with her silvery hair, her brows and lashes are very dark. If seen in her Dire Wolf form, her hair is the exact color of Snowspirit’s fur.

Kerowyn’s pack, the Ghostwalkers, all have snow white to silvery gray hair as adults, usually by the age of twenty. However, most were born with smoky colored or black hair, except for Kerowyn and Kimber, her only son.
Eyes Blue: Kerowyn’s eyes are wide-set and a deep shade of blue that lighten a bit in her wolf form. The irises have faint golden flecks and they reflect a gold colored sheen when she is in her wolf form. She has long dark lashes and naturally arched dark brows.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Kerowyn has a small frame with a slender, willowy build. She has the strong, wiry musculature of a born runner and hunter.
Marks / Scars Kerowyn has a few faint scars, a few from childhood and others from her time in the Cymerian Guard. She has also gained a few more as she is an active outdoorswoman and huntress.
Style Whether home in her cottage or outside in the valley or mountains, Kerowyn prefers to wear comfortable riding leathers in natural forest colors (browns, greens). She will don a gown when visiting her grandson’s court of Stormholm Caer.
Character Looks Like Emily Blunt as the character of Freya in the movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War.


Personality Traits - Personality Traits
- Private
- Formal
- Reserved
- Compassionate
- Protective
Personality Kerowyn is a very private woman and has become something of a solitary one since the death of her mate. Her nature as a wolf is to stay with pack and clan, but her human nature is almost the direct opposite. Though often solitary, she is not a true loner as she takes part in a majority of the activities of the Wyr clans in Caer Draenár. She has also offered her time and her home, Stonefall Cottage, to some of the fosterlings brought from Cold Rocks Island by the Vanir.
Mannerisms Kerowyn has a light, pleasant voice that carries the more subtle accent of a Cymerian lowlander. She tends to use hand gestures when speaking rather than raise her voice for attention.

Most people, including family, see a quiet, confident and very composed woman yet her presence can never be discounted.


Education Kerowyn is well educated in literature, history and mathematics but she would far rather listen to someone sing or tell tales rather than participate or sit somewhere reading.
Languages Fluent: Heniaith, Wyrvar, Saesneg, Drukar, Xian

Familiar With: Vanisk Tunga, Latinum, Stygian (royal dialect)

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Kerowyn has no mobility issues and is very agile. Her movements are very reminiscent of Snowspirit, her wolf form.
Expertise - Accomplished horsewoman, but prefers traveling in wolf form.
- Enjoys running for exercise.
- Huntress: Kerowyn is a highly skilled hunter in both human and wolf form. However, she enjoys the tracking and chase far more than the killing.
- Swimming: Enjoys lounging in the land’s many hot springs or swimming to cool down in the summer months.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Kerowyn completed the two and half mandatory years of service in the Cymerian Guard and is an accomplished swordswoman and archer. She dislikes hand-to-hand combat and will often change to wolf form to discourage engaging in physical altercations.

Weapons - Katana style swords.
- Hunting bow.
- Long Dagger / Hunting Knife
- Short Dagger carried in boot sheath.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Race
Arcane Rank Passive
Affinity / Nature Arctic Dire Wolf: Kerowyn’s natural second form is an arctic Dire Wolf.
Shape Shifting Arctic Dire Wolf: Kerowyn's alternate form is that of a snow white Dire Wolf. Dire Wolves are larger than the native Highland gray and red wolves of the land, Snowspirit is approximately 5’7” in length and weighs around 130 pounds. Dire Wolves are also heavier of limb than modern Cymerian wolves of comparable size. Another distinguishing feature of the Dire Wolf, both Wyr and wild, are the double upper and lower canines (fangs); four upper and four lower, slightly longer with the rear sets having a more pronounced curve.

The arctic Dire Wolf is not native to Cymeria and is easily distinguished from Cymerian wolves due to its snow white fur. The only Cymerian wolves sporting a white coat are true albinos, the rest are lighter shades of gray.
Arcane Abilities The Wyr are a race of shapeshifters that have two forms, one human and one animal. They are born with this gift and it is passed along their bloodlines, with one of the parent’s forms being passed on to the child. As such there are canine families, cat families, bears and birds. The second shape is inherent to a family, in cases of mixed matches only one shape will assert itself, though it may not be the same for every child. The Wyr do not consider shapeshifting to be an arcane ability. Instead, they regard it as a totally natural aspect of their race.

The only true arcane aspect to their shapeshifting abilities is that their clothing and weapons transform as well. Where they go or if they are merely incorporated into their animal form is not known nor is it much of a concern to them.
Arcane Defenses Other than the natural abilities of her wolf form, Kerowyn has no true arcane defenses. As a wolf, she is a formidable huntress and warrior. Like most Wyr, she can shift between forms rapidly and maintain a battle with both fang and sword or bow.
Weaknesses / Limitations In either form, Kerowyn is as susceptible to injury and illness as any other person of any species or race.

Family Tree

Spouse, Mate or Partner Oréas Windrunner of Moonhunter Pack

Oréas of Moonhunter Pride (3484-Present, 66 years, a. 143): After the Crossing of her beloved mate, Mathias Stormdanovich, Kerowyn retreated from public life, choosing to live in the Wyr valley home, Caer Draenár. Since that time, Oréas has made it a point to seek her out, at first simply to ensure her well-being, perhaps to hunt with her. In time a strong friendship grew between them. More recently, they have started to explore the idea of a formal commitment between them.
Children Kimber Stormdanovich (son)
Born. 25 December 3383, c. 13 October 3539; 156 years old at time of Crossing.
Reigned: 3399 - 3539 (140 years)

Mathias Stormdanovich crossed a year prior to Kimber’s 16th birthday. For the year from his father’s passing until age sixteen when he could legally ascend the throne, Lady Kerowyn Stormdanovich and Rytsar Gero of Dawnrunner Clan shared guardianship and regency. Upon his coming of age, Kimber named Gero as his Ryndar. Kimber died of wounds received at the Battle of D’hassa (13 September 3539) although he lingered for some weeks before succumbing and Crossing.
Father Garth of Ghostwalker Pack: Crossed 3539, Battle of D’hassa
Mother Ceridwen of Bloodfang Pack: Crossed 3539, Battle of D’hassa
Other Family Oksana Stormdanovich D’Corwyn: Eldest of the Kerowyn’s grandchildren and married to Gareth D'Corwyn of K’harsten March. They have three children (2 boys and a daughter). Oksana and her husband took charge of the younger siblings when Kimber, and soon after, Sonja, both died. Gareth has K'harstenian estates, but they are well-managed, allowing him to spend a good amount of time in Harkania with his wife.

Oksana is the Chatelaine of Stormholm Caer and has been the maternal guardian of Mikhael’s son, Vasily. Along with Hawke and Anastasiya Windwalker, Oksana and Gareth would serve as Vasily’s regents should the need arise.

Darya Stormdanovich Wyncett: Married to a younger son (Liam Wyncett) of the Warder of Torrenth and resides in Mawrth Torrenth near the capital city of Dinas O'aur. Darya and Liam have five children (three boys and two girls).

Anastasiya Valeria Windwalker: Seneschal of the Cymerian Guard. Married to Ryndar Hawke Windwalker.

Mikhael Kanan Stormdanovich: Mikhael is the reigning High Lord of Cymeria. Kerowyn has a comfortable, somewhat teasing relationship to her only grandson. He reminds her a great deal of his grandfather.

Ekaterina Stormdanovich Karamanova: Married to William Karamanov and resides in Mawrth Coedwig. William is a Cymry shipbuilder and designer. William also inherited a large merchant marine fleet from his father and spends a portion of his time at sea. Katya has developed a deep love of the ocean. Their home is in Dinas Afon. Katya is expecting her first child in 3550.

Elyana Stormdanovich: Training to be a Mage of the Theurgy. She is a natural scholar and scribe and a wealth of arcane knowledge. She is betrothed to a young lieutenant in the Guard who now serves as a Sentry for the Theurgy Guild (Darren Bledri, age 27).

Laryn Stormdanovich (16 years younger): Cymerian Guard, High-Level Courier; recently attached to the High Lord’s service.

Renestrae tyr Vashti
granddaughter; daughter of Lorcan up Gwychellian

Lorcan up Gwychellian
son-by-marriage; b. 1 August 3280; Crossed: 13 September 3539 (259 yrs.)
Former Spouse(s), Partner(s) Highlord Mathias Stormdanovich
Deceased, d. 11.3398, m. 3380; a. 407 at the time of his Crossing
Reigned: 178 years.

Kerowyn was handfasted to Mathias Stormdanovich in 3300 at the age of 86.
Family Relationships Kerowyn is very fond of her grandchildren and great grandchildren but she is not the cuddly granny type. She visits on occasion and welcomes them to visit her in Caer Draenár.

Family History

The ancestors of Bloodfang Pack were one of several that survived the destruction of Atlantis and migrated to Aereth with the Cymry. However, they eventually moved on and settled in Xia. Over the hundreds of centuries that followed as they mingled with the Xian race, their offspring came to have the physical traits of the Xian, marked by the rather delicate features, slanting eyes, and darker coloring. Due to the never ending wars between the Khans of Xia and the constant political unrest, many Bloodfangs returned to Aereth, settling first in Stygia and then moving on to Kothis March and, gradually settling in Coedwig March.

Ghostwalker Pack also came west with the Cymry, but remained in Aereth, eventually settling in Coedwig March. The Ghostwalkers are so named because of their coloring; most are born with very dark, smoky colored hair (more a dark gray than black), but it usually begins to pale and turn gray and then silver white before they reach their twentieth year. Likewise, their wolf-form are arctic Dire Wolves.

By Kerowyn's time, the Ghostwalker clan had dwindled in numbers. Over the centuries, intermarriage diluted the bloodline with fewer being born having the Wyr abilities as the genetically dominant physical traits. Under pressure from the pack, Garth, Kerowyn's father, sought throughout Cymeria for another wolf pack with marriageable daughters. Another pack, Bloodfang, whose blood was also diluted, heard of his quest and brought their eldest daughter, Ceridwen, out of Kothis March. Though married late in life and literally an arranged marriage, Garth and Ceridwen had several children with Kerowyn being the youngest.

Personal History

3299 - 3383

During a journey to the village of Avalon in Coedwig March, High Lord Mathias was forced by inclement weather to seek shelter at the large estate belonging to Garth of Ghostwalker Pack as there were no inns nearby. It was there that the shy and stunningly beautiful silver-haired daughter of the estate’s reolwr caught his attention. Mathias left Coedwig to continue his journey south, but could not forget the silver haired beauty he had met. Six months later, he returned and offered for her hand in marriage. Kerowyn shyly accepted and, in due course, came to Stormholm Caer as High Lady.

Kerowyn also made the acquaintance of Gero Nighthunter of Dawnrunner Clan and, over time, her friendship grew with him and with the Wyr of Caer Draenár. She still considers Gero a mentor and teacher as she learned much of the history, nature and culture of the Wyr from him.


Kerowyn and Mathias were a happy couple and this delight in one another and their love only grew with the birth of their son, Kimber.


In 3398, after a long illness, Mathias Crossed. Although devastated by his loss, as a Wyr it was not in Kerowyn’s nature to follow him through the Veil. The severing of their marital bond was done in private when she and Mathias said their goodbyes allowing her to grieve his death but not pulling her into death herself.

Their son and the Heir to Cymeria was only fifteen at the time of his father’s Crossing and could not ascend to the throne. Following Mathias’ wishes, Kerowyn and Gero served as Kimber’s guardians and regents for the next year. At age sixteen, Kimber went through the Ddyrchafael and became the next High Lord. Kerowyn retired to Caer Draenár.


Though Kimber’s Crossing after being wounded in the Battle of D’hassa grieved Kerowyn, she knew that he had made the choice best for him. The part of her that wants to believe in the White Road and a continuing journey hopes that Kimber and Mathias are together on that journey.


During the 3550 Gathering in D'hassa at Yr'Meddrodau for the annual Ceremony of Oaths, Kerowyn took part in the blood ritual for the initiation of young warriors. While Kerowyn was not young or a new warrior, she wanted to take that step to seal her bond to the Wyr. She had not taken part in the Battle of D'hassa beyond helping tend the hospital tents and seeing all those that had the need were cared for. Yet a warrior's spirit lurked in her Wyr soul and she followed that call.

Later, when the Black Order attacked the Ceremonies, Kerowyn was not near the actual fighting. She aided in getting people off the lawn and to safety, once again doing what she could to aid those that were injured, missing family members or simply in shock.


Kerowyn’s friendship with Oréas Windrunner of Moonhunter Pride has always been a strong bond. In recent months, they have made the decision to share lairs.

Friends & Foes

Family of the Heart Brithonin: The Keeper is a longtime friend of Kerowyn’s and has come to hold the place of sister-of-the-heart.

Stelciwr: Kerowyn’s most constant companion is a massive red-gold barsk that she found injured in the mountains just outside the valley. She nursed him back to health and set him free, he never left. After awhile, Kerowyn realized he had no intention of leaving permanently and gave him the name Stalker, or Stelciwr in the Cymry Old Tongue. She chose the name due to the barsk’s tendency to follow her at a distance in the days after she first set him free.
Allies & Friends Gero of Dawnrunner Pride (3435 - present; 115 years, ): Kerowyn found herself turning to Gero often in his early days in Harkania to learn about her Wyr heritage. Over time a deep and abiding respect and friendship grew between the two.

Additional Character Info