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Kate Hale

Name Kate Hale

Position Asst. Foreman

Second Position NPC

General Information

Aliases Maiden Name: Kathryn Rebecca Collins

Nicknames: Kate, Katie
Gender Female
Age 60s
Marital Status Married

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Build Petite
Hair Color Silver gray
Eye Color Dark Brown


Employment Lost Lake Ranch (Double L)
Position: Asst. Foreman, Rancher

Kate is skilled in all aspects of ranching and household management. She normally splits her time between managing the ranch house and working as Ezra's assistant foreman.
Professional Skills - Expert horsewoman
- Good shot (rifle and handgun)
- Stock whip (blacksnake whip)
- Knows how to rope, wrangle, brand, etc.
- All around ranch hand


Self Defense Never count Kate out of a fight, especially if she is defending family and loved ones. She is a superb shot with a rifle of any kind and not a bad draw.

Kate's expertise with bullwhips and stock whips is unmatched. She usually carries an 8' blacksnake bullwhip and when working the ranch, a 3' stock whip.
Hobbies & Interests - Painting (landscapes, wildlife, ranch, and frontier scenes)
- Reading

Personality & Traits

Character Traits - Strong
- Wholesome
- Practical
- Honest


Spouse Ezra Herrick Hale
Children Nathan Hale (Nate; eldest son)
Judith Hale (Daughter-in-law; married to Nate)
- Lives on and manages the Hale ranch, east of town.

Nicholas Hale (Nick; middle son)
- works on Lost Lake Ranch, top-hand, assists Ezra

Corinne Hale Seward (Eldest daughter, lives in Texas)
Marshall Seward (Son-in-law; married to Corinne)

- Robert Christopher Hale
- Jonathan Hale (named after John Caleb Harper)
- Victoria Hale

Details on the Hale children and grandchildren will be added as needed.

Friends & Foes

Friends TBD in game play
Foes Anyone that threatens her family or Lost Lake Ranch and the Harper family.

Personal History

Katherine Rebecca Collins was born on a ranch belonging to her family in Texas. After a particularly horrible series of droughts, her family decided to pull up stakes and move north to Wyoming or on to Montana. They sold out and joined a wagon train heading north. Kate quickly fell in love with the train's wagon master, a man by the name of Ezra Hale. They were married before the wagon train reached Casper, Wyoming.

After their marriage, Ezra decided it was time to stop wandering. He and Kate made the decision to move north to the newly opened Montana Territory. They had only been in Hell Gate for a few days when they met John Caleb Harper. He was looking to hire men for the ranch, preferably those with wives who could help with the house. Although Ezra was inexperienced when it came to cattle ranching, his vast store of knowledge regarding the western territories impressed Caleb Harper and he hired him on the spot.

Ezra quickly worked his way up to top hand and then foreman while Kate divided her time between working the ranch and helping Isadora Harper manage the household. All of Ezra and Kate's children were born on the ranch and Kate was there to help deliver Isadora's second son, Shade. Although they now have a nice little spread of their own, Ezra and Kate continue to work for the Harpers at Lost Lake Ranch.

Character Notes

General Notes The Hales have been at the Double L since the 1840s.

Animals & Pets Rain on Dust (Dusty)
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Rose Gray
Gender: Mare
Hands: 15.2
Disposition: Gentle, excellent cutting and stock horse.
Character Concept The character of Kate Hale is loosely based on a combination of Victoria Barkley (The Big Valley) and Kate Crowley (Wagon Train). She is the quintessential woman of the Old West; competent, strong, independent, yet feminine and beautiful.
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