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Kiernan MacCeàrda

Name Kiernan MacCeàrda

Position Healer (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Celt
Racial Class Menfolk
Gender Male
Date of Birth 8 September 3508
Marital Status Married
Title Meddyg
Rank 2nd Marshal
Trade Chief Battle Surgeon, Cymerian Guard
Other Titles Healer: The word doctor is not in use in Cymeria. Instead of saying Doctor MacCeàrda , they would say Healer MacCeàrda.

Meddyg: Cymry Old Tongue word for Medic or Doctor. Most often used in a formal setting.
Aliases / Nicknames Mac: Occasionally used by colleagues and patients at Harkanus Gaer.
Ker: A shortened form of Kiernan used by family and friends.
Craft / Trade Chief Battle Surgeon, Cymerian Guard

The position of Chief Battle Surgeon oversees all aspects of the medical services within the Cymerian Guard. While trained in the basics of combat, those serving within the Guard’s Medical Corps are not considered combatants. The Chief Battle Surgeon is considered a member of the Seneschal’s Command Staff and reports directly to him/her.

Milfeddyg: Kiernan earns additional income from his former profession as a veterinarian.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Harkanus Gaer
Region / Province Harkania
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow Village
City Dinas Ulchedir
Residence / Lodging The Chief Battle Surgeon has a very nice, though modest, home in the residential section of East Fort (between the village, command center, and hospital). The grounds with the house are large enough to house a small stable and a garden. The home itself is large enough for the doctor and his family to live in reasonable comfort (four bedrooms and small bathing chamber upstairs, combination kitchen/living area downstairs).
Original Birthplace Kinlochewe on Loch Gair (aka Kinlochewe on the Gair). The village is situated on the shores of the loch in the northwest region of the Highlands. It is the family seat of Clan Ceárda. Kiernan’s father is the younger brother of the Laird of Ceárda. The region is very mountainous and the loch is famous for its salmon and trout. The family raise sheep and a strong mountain suri (small alpaca-like camelid) as well as the shaggy mountain cattle.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 142 lbs.
Hair Brown

Kiernan's hair is medium brown with lighter streaks. It is worn in a rather shaggy style.
Eyes Brown

Eyes are wide-set, rather large and very expressive. In color, they are a light brown but tend to shade to a lighter, almost golden-brown color. Brows and lashes are dark which only serve to emphasize the unusual color of his eyes.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Kiernan is short in stature for a Highlander, standing only 5’ 6”. He is slender and rather muscular. He has pleasant rather than handsome features and considers himself quite ordinary in appearance. Most people that encounter him tend to smile in response to the merry twinkle in his golden-brown eyes and the hint of a smile always lurking on his lips.

One of Kiernan’s best features is his hands. They are slender and well-shaped without being feminine with long, clever fingers.
Style Usually wears the standard issue Guard uniform with its medical emblem although when not on duty as Battle Surgeon, he dresses comfortably in breeches and shirt with vest or well-cut coat.
Character Looks Like Martin Freeman as Bilbo in The Hobbit movies.


Personality Kiernan MacCeárda is generally known as a kind, considerate and compassionate man who is wise, very intelligent, and has quite a sharp wit, though it is rarely used as a detriment to others. He is a healer by nature and has been since he was a child. He was always the one to find and try to mend an injured bird, wolf, horse or other creature that needed his help. He was the one in the family that would tend his siblings when they were ill, fetch and carry for his mother, anything that needed doing.

Although dedicated to the art of medicine and well-studied, Kiernan is pragmatic in regards to most circumstances. He knows when there is nothing he can do and when it is kinder to allow a person - or animal - to rest in comfort until the end. Cruelty and injustice is the quickest way to get a display of temper from him.

Having been raised with a large and loving clan, friends and family come first with Kiernan. He is a loyal Cymerian and, like most Highlanders, dedicated to the protection of the High Lord’s sovereignty.

Kiernan is a dedicated physician with the natural instincts of a healer. He is very kind and almost always considerate of others. He grieves with the loved ones of patients he cannot save and rejoices with those that he is able to heal. He knows when to be solemn and when to mitigate a situation with humor. Kiernan is loyal to a fault and the epitome of the word gentleman.

Kiernan has more than once risked his life, and subsequently those set to guard him, rather than lose a patient. He will put himself in harm’s way to save a cat or a dog and has often been told that he needs to see the circumstances and not just a person or creature that needs him.
Mannerisms Kind, compassionate and gentle with a pleasant quiet voice.


Education Kiernan is very well read. He studied with the Physician’s Guild in Dinas Ulchedir for several years so is well educated also. He is a quick study with languages and has learned a smattering of most common tongues so he can converse, at least on a basic level, with most people that might come under his care. Kiernan has a lively mind and an active imagination. He is routinely sought out by the children of his village for stories. He has also developed an interest in the burgeoning art of fiction writing and seeks books to read for pleasure as well as his collection of medical texts.

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility As a trained physician and surgeon, Kiernan is very dexterous. He moves quickly and economically and has very steady and graceful hands.
Expertise Although Kiernan is not an outdoorsman in the normal sense of the word and actively avoids sports activities, he is a superb horseman. Kiernan also, having grown up by Loch Gair, is a good swimmer and actually enjoys taking his pipe to the lake and relaxing with a fishing line.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Like all Cymeri, Kiernan reported for his two years of training and Cymeria Guard Service when he turned sixteen years old. Although he did well with his training and has maintained a basic weapons proficiency, Kiernan is not a warrior. He carries a sword that has been especially crafted for his smaller stature, but he will only draw it as a last resort for his own defense or to defend others.
Weapons Kiernan usually carries a large walking staff which he can use for defense and does so, quite ably.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source N/A
Arcane Rank N/A

Family Tree

Spouse, Mate or Partner Sorsha Clacher MacCeárda (m. 3543): Kiernan met Sorsha at the Battle of D’hassa when he removed an arrow from her thigh. Never thinking to see the young woman again, he was very surprised when, two years later, she came to the fort’s hospital looking for him. She wanted to thank him. He was so tongue-tied, however, she took pity on him and pretended she had come to get a cut on her hand seen to. Afterward, she prodded her father into contacting Kiernan’s father and suggest he walk out with her (prelude to courting).

They married in 3543 and Sorsha soon presented the ecstatic Kiernan with the first of two children, a daughter they named Laire. They also now have a three-year old son they named Bruce.
Children Laire MacCeárda (d. age 5, b. 3545)
Bruce MacCeárda (s. age 3, b. 3547)
Father Royce MacCeárda
Mother Coira MacCeárda
Brother(s) Padraig MacCeárda (Eldest brother, 8 years, w. Sineadh)

Ranulf MacCeárda (Older brother, 6 years, w. Delysa)

Tyree MacCeárda (Younger brother 5 years, Guardsman, w. Kailyn)
Sister(s) Euna Siosalach (Older sister, 4 years, married the heir to Clan Siosalach)

Maidie Talmhach (Younger sister, 10 years, married to Rory Talmhach, Guardsman)
Other Family Laird Bryce Ceárda (p. Uncle, Clan Chieftain)
Lady Aileen Ceárda (p. Aunt, wife to Bryce)
Family Relationships Close knit and loving family relationships.

Family History

Personal History

3508: Kiernan MacCeárda born in Kinlochewe on the Gair. Northwest Harkania Highlands.

3518 (Age 10): Kiernan begins healcraft training with an Aerscai that lives near the clan hold.

3524 (Age 16): Inducted into the Cymerian Guard. After training, is posted to the Medical Corps and assigned to the Horsemaster.

3539 (Age 31): Is sent to the Battle of D’hassa with his unit. First meets Sorsha of Clan Clacher. The Chief Battle Surgeon notes his skills. After the battle, he requests that Kiernan be sent for additional training with the Healer’s Guild.

3541 (Age 33): Kiernan finishes his initial training and is transferred to the Battle Surgeon’s staff at Harkanus Gaer.

3543 (Age 35): Marries Guardsman Sorsha Clacher.

3545 (Age 37): Daughter, Laire MacCeárda is born.

3547 (Age 39): Son, Bruce MacCeárda is born.

3548 (Age 40): Promoted to rank of Captain and to the position of Chief Battle Surgeon.

3550 (Age 42): Attends the Ceremony of Oaths Gathering as Chief Battle Surgeon.

Clan Ceârda is one of the more prominent clans in northwest Harkania. Their ancestors settled land in and around Loch Gair and have dwelled there for several centuries. As with most Cymerian clans, their wealth is in the land they own and maintain. Clan Ceárda also makes a generous living raising a variety of domesticated farm animals, most notably sheep, suri and the sturdy Highlands cattle. They also have a long and sterling history of service to Cymeria with many of the clans younger sons and daughters remaining in service to the Cymeria Guard after their two.

The clan is one of the first that altered their naming convention to include theMac prefix onto names of the children when they reached legal age to indicate they are of the Clan but not the direct heir. Such was the case of Royce MacCeârda, second born son of the Chieftain of Clan Ceárda. As there were only the two sons, he returned after doing his two in the Guard and settled to tending the land. He married a young woman from a nearby clan and they produced a house full of happy and healthy children. In due time, Royce’s elder brother, Bryce ascended to the role of Clan Chieftain and the brothers worked amicably alongside one another to the betterment of the Clan.

It was into this spirited yet loving atmosphere that Kiernan was born. He was the fourth child in a brood of six and though smaller in size than his siblings, he was a healthy and lively boy. Although he competed with his brothers and sisters in childhood games and adventures, his parents soon noted that Kiernan was more studious and more inclined to sit and observe rather than participated. He was also of a much gentler turn of mind and more inclined to nurturing. When one of his siblings fell ill or was injured in some game or another, it was often Kiernan that tended to them. As he got older, the barns became full of injured farm animals and even injured wild creatures that Kiernan took in to nurse back to health. He seemed to have a knack for knowing what was needed.

With so many children to see settled and into careers, Kiernan’s parents were delighted to encourage their youngest son to pursue a path that might someday become an income generating vocation. At age ten, Royce and Coira met with the local ‘Miri Aerscai and asked if he would consider teaching young Kiernan what could be taught, knowing that some of the Aerscai’s healing gifts were integral to their race. The man agreed and took young Kiernan on as an apprentice. By the time he reached age sixteen, Kiernan was an accomplished healer of veterinarian medicine and could even do some tending to human ailments and injuries.

At age sixteen, he reported to the great fort, Harkanus Gaer, for his two years of mandatory service. Kiernan dreaded the combat training, but looked forward to the overall opportunity to learn. By the end of his training, Kiernan was proficient with sword and shield, but it was apparent he would never be a true warrior. His training officers, however, noted his abilities and assigned him to the Horsemaster. When his mandatory service ended, Kiernan remained with the Guard as a member of their Medical Corps which also included those that specialized in the care and treatment of animals.

In the summer of 539, Kiernan was sent along with his unit to the Plains of D’hassa. The gentle man was horrified by the events of the war, finding himself being required to dispatch more of the noble war horses than he could see. By late in the day, many of his unit were pressed into service as surgeon’s assistants. It was a brutal way to learn the art of medicine, but again, Kiernan’s skill and innate abilities were noted. Two positive things emerged from the battle for Kiernan, he found yet another vocation and met the woman who would someday be his wife.

After Kiernan returned to Harkanus Gaer, the Chief Battle Surgeon requested he be sent to the Physician’s Guild in the city to train. Although he never lost his love of animals and in tending them, he found his niche in alleviating pain and suffering for people as well. In 548, he wed the young Guardsman he had met several years before in D’hassa when he tended a wound she had received in battle. With his lovely wife by his side and their two children, Kiernan continued to rise through the ranks of the Medical Corps and now serves as the Chief Battle Surgeon.

Kiernan’s family includes a great ghostly white forest owl that he found injured and starving in the nearby forest. The bird chose not to return to the wild once its wing was mended although it will hunt for its own meals. Its preference is to remain near the family. The owl’s name is Siaman which translates from Heniaith to mean shaman. He chose the name because of the myths and legends telling of the owl’s wisdom.

Friends & Foes

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