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Oksana D'Corwyn

Name Oksana Braith D'Corwyn

Position Chatelaine of Stormholm Caer (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Cymry
Racial Class Chimera
Gender Female
Date of Birth 30 July 3509
Marital Status Married
Title Lady of the Hearth
Rank Chatelaine
Trade Keeper of the Hearth
Other Titles Lady D’Corwyn, Lady Winterfell: Winterfell is the name of the D’Corwyn estate in K’harsten March.

Lady of the Hearth, Keeper of the Hearth: The other title for the woman who runs a hold but is not the wife of the hold owner.
Aliases / Nicknames Sanya: Diminutive of Oksana; used by friends and family.
Craft / Trade Chatelaine of Stormholm Caer, Keeper of the Hearth

As the Chatelaine of Stormholm Caer, Oksana earns a stipend as well as food, lodging, and education for herself and her family. Tied into this is her personal wealth which was received, in part, as a dowry upon her marriage with the balance being given to her upon the Crossing of her parents.

Lady of Winterfell

Winterfell is a large and wealthy estate in the march of K’harsten. It lies to the north and east near a convergence of two rivers. The estate is known for producing the Sidan silk as well as a very flavorful coffee.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Stormholm Caer, Winterfell Keep
Region / Province Harkania March, K'harsten March
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow Village (Stormholm Caer)
City Dinas Ulchedir (Harkania)
Residence / Lodging Stormholm Caer

Currently, as the Keeper of the Hearth and Chatelaine, Oksana’s primary residence is the House Stormdanovich keep of Stormholm Caer. This is also where she was born and raised. For details, see Mikhael Stormdanovich's bio.


Winterfell is located in K’harsten March and is the family seat for House D’Corwyn. It is a large working estate that lays near the northern mountains near the fork of a river system. Its primary income is Sidan Silk but also grows a hardy coffee as well.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 153 lbs.
Hair Red-Gold: Hair is thick and wavy. In color, it is a deep reddish-gold, more red than strawberry blond but with true golden highlights. It has a very silky texture and takes curl easily.
Eyes Dark Green: Oksana’s eyes are large, wide set and a deep emerald green in color. Her brows and lashes, although darker than her hair, carry its reddish tint.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Oksana is at the smaller end of being large framed and the upper end of a medium build. She is tall with long supple limbs and an elegant carriage. Like many of House Stormdanovich, she enjoys swimming and reflects the longer, leaner muscles of a swimmer. She has a well formed, tapering figure.
Marks / Scars Scars: Oksana has a few faint scars from a very active childhood and from her two years of training and service in the Cymerian Guard.

Tattoos: Has a small henna colored tattoo at the base of her spine. It is an ancient arcane symbol that means power.
Style Oksana is very cognizant of her position at Stormholm Caer as the Lady of the Hearth (Chatelaine of the Keep). When on duty or tending to her duties under that title, she is usually clad in well made robes or gowns and low-heeled or flat slippers or boots. Dinners that include the High Lord or that are considered formal in any manner at all, will see her clad in the silks and brocades that befit her station. She will also insist that everyone else dress to suit as well.

The rest of the time, Oksana opts for far less formality and chooses comfortable breeches and riding leathers or full, split skirts.

Oksana chooses to wear her hair long although she often keeps it coiled on top of her head in elaborate braids or curls.

Other than her wedding bracelet, Oksana wears little jewelry although she does like jeweled hair pins.
Character Looks Like Renee Russo as the character of Frigga in the Marvel Thor movies.


Personality Traits - Strong
- Intelligent
- Family oriented
- Commanding presence
- Patient
- Formal
- Loving
- Protective
Personality Oksana D’Corwyn is a strong woman who is accustomed to command. She runs two households with ease as well as caring for her children and husband. She is a very intelligent woman and despite her non-nonsense attitude, she is family oriented and well loved by her households.

Sanya does possess a good sense of humor and quick wit although it is accompanied by a somewhat acerbic delivery. She looks at her world with a hint of cynicism and sometimes sarcasm. Rarely, however, does she use it to demean another.

There is a lighter and less formal side to Oksana, one that she rarely displays outside the immediate family.

Overall, Oksana is a patient and caring mother who is very protective of those around her. She is proud of her abilities to organize and maintain households the size of Stormholm and Winterfell.
Mannerisms Most people view Oksana as a very formal and intimidating woman. She carries a strong air of command about her and strangers or those outside the household meet that image first. To her family and those that depend on her within the home, she is known as a caring, if sometimes strict, woman.

Her manner of speech is somewhat formal and reflects both her general personality and her upbringing. Oksana speaks clearly and well, easily balancing being in charge with being gracious.


Education Formal education with tutors and governesses that included reading, writing, math, some science and languages.
Languages Heniaith: Fluent in the Cymry old tongue but not in the arcane variants of the language.

Saesneg: Fluent in the common trade tongue.

Gaelic (Gaeleg): Oksana is equally fluent in the native language of the Celts.

Drukar: Speaks reasonably well, but reads it far better as she has more exposure due to ordering household items and hostessing formal affairs with their Dwarrow allies.

Vanisk Tunga: As Nordheim is the nearest of Cymeria’s allies, Oksana is reasonably familiar with their language although not quite fluent.

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Oksana is a tall woman who moves gracefully and easily. She dislikes being seen to be rushing so her gait appears somewhat languid and leisurely although she covers ground quickly and efficiently. Oksana has no mobility issues.
Expertise Physical Expertise: Oksana is an excellent horsewoman and a strong swimmer. She has also learned basic boatmanship thanks, in part, to the family’s summers spent at Summerhold on Lake Gwynedd. She is also quite good at fly fishing.

Other Skills: Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting, Singing. Oksana is a superb seamstress and enjoys artistic embroidery. She is less adept at crocheting or knitting. She also has a strong, pleasant singing voice and often hums or sings as she works around the keep.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Oksana completed her mandatory six months training and two years of service with the Cymerian Guard. She was quite proficient at hand-to-hand combat and with swords. She has kept herself in trim over the years and would be a strong adversary in a fight.
Weapons When traveling, Oksana carries a slender Katana style sword. The rest of the time, she usually has one long dagger and one short one on her person.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Race
Arcane Rank Novice
Affinity / Nature Ice / Snow: Oksana carries House Stormdanovich’s affinity for storms. Her affinity within that is to lightning, snow and ice. For all her blazing coloring, Oksana is at home in a blizzard.
Arcane Abilities Like all of Kimber’s children, Oksana was given only the barest formal training in the Cymry arcane arts. it was after her marriage to Gareth D’Corwyn that she was encouraged to start learning how to control her powers. Since then, she has studied with Gareth and with a couple of Masters that he has recommended. Oksana has attained the 3rd Degree Novice level.

Required Training: 5 - 7 years

Details: Has been training for five to seven years and could be considered adept at the skills of Enhancing and Controlling. They are now ready to add basic Summoning, Channeling and Directing to their skills. Their affinity is being honed and strengthened although they would still not have the same level of skill and ability as a 4th thru 7th Degree.

Skills Mastered
- Enhance: Enhance with little effort.
- Summon: Summon an aligned element (i.e. their affinity) with little effort.
- Control: Control its intensity.
- Channel / Direct: At the third degree, a Cymry would be able to channel their aligned elements to some extent. Channeling requires - - Controlling, if a Cymry cannot control an element enough to channel it, they cannot direct it.
- Portals: Oksana has been taught how to use portals, but cannot construct them and is not adept enough to ward or trap one. She must have the key for dispelling any such wards or traps or have someone present who can do so.

Oksana cannot summon a blizzard on a hot sunny day in a desert! She can add hail to a rainstorm or increase the size and amount of hail during a thunderstorm. When conditions are suitable, she can manage directing blizzards and ice storms.
Arcane Defenses She can make an ice storm if the conditions are right perhaps even using an icicle in the same manner as a sword or knife.
Weaknesses / Limitations Oksana’s abilities are even more dependent on the ambient weather conditions than other abilities.

Family Tree

Spouse, Mate or Partner Gareth D’Corwyn (m. 1 May 3533 (18 years), a. 82): Gareth is the Reolwr of House D’Corwyn of K’harsten March. He is a tall, robust man with thick prematurely salt and pepper hair and bright blue eyes. Gareth also holds a seat on the Ruling Council (High Council), a tradition in his family. Gareth was badly injured at the Battle of D’hassa and now uses a walking stick.

House D’Corwyn also have a long tradition of producing powerful Cymry with the unusual affinity to nature (flora and fauna) along with earth rather than to the more common natural elements of wind, rain, etc. They were staunch supporters of the rebellion that overthrew the Tsars and were loyal to House Azarov and later to House Stormdanovich. The D’Corwyns have never openly opposed or supported the Cymry’s use of magic although, privately, they do train in the arcane arts. They simply see no reason to advertise it.
Children Arwyn D’Corwyn (a. 10, b. January 3540): Oksana and Gareth’s first born son, fraternal twin to Alwena.

Alwena D’Corwyn (a. 10, b. January 3540): Oksana and Gareth’s first born daughter, Arwyn’s fraternal twin.

Cai D’Corwyn (a. 4, b. March 3547 ): Second born son.

Aneira D’Corwyn (b. 31 March 3551): Aneira means snow and is fitting for Oksana’s youngest and final daughter who was born during a violent blizzard.
Father Kimber Alwyn Stormdanovich
Born: 25 December 3383; Crossed: 13 October 3539 (a. 156 yrs.)
Ruled: 3399 - 3539 (140 years)

High Lord Kimber Stormdanovich was grievously wounded during the Battle of D’hassa (13 September 3539). He chose to take the White Road a month later at Stormholm Caer in Harkania. Note: Alwyn means great white in Heniaith and was chosen as Kimber already had the fair complexion and near white hair peculiar to his mother’s bloodline.
Mother Sonja Ivanova Stormdanovich
Born: 21 March 3480; Crossed: 21 December 3539 (59 yrs.)

Sonja Stormdanovich, former High Lady, survived her husband only long enough to see her son confirmed as High Lord. The loss of her husband, Kimber, devastated Sonja and the pull of her marriage bond to Kimber was too strong.
Brother(s) Mikhael Kanan Stormdanovich (6 years younger): Mikhael is the reigning High Lord of Cymeria.
Sister(s) Darya Stormdanovich Wyncett (2 years younger)

Married to a younger son (Liam Wyncett) of the Warder of Torrenth and resides in Mawrth Torrenth near the capital city of Dinas O'aur. Darya and Liam have five children (three boys and two girls).

Anastasiya Valeria Windwalker (4 years younger)

Seneschal of the Cymerian Guard. Married to Ryndar Hawke Windwalker

Ekaterina Stormdanovich Karamanova (8 years younger)

Married to William Karamanov and resides in Mawrth Coedwig. William is a Cymry shipbuilder and designer. William also inherited a large merchant marine fleet from his father and spends a portion of his time at sea. Katya has developed a deep love of the ocean. Their home is in Dinas Afon. Katya is expecting her first child in 3550.

Elyana Stormdanovich (18 years younger)

Training to be a Mage of the Theurgy. She is a natural scholar and scribe and a wealth of arcane knowledge. She is betrothed to a young lieutenant in the Guard who now serves as a Sentry for the Theurgy Guild (Darren Bledri, age 27).

Laryn Stormdanovich (21 years younger)

Cymerian Guard, High-Level Courier; recently attached to the High Lord’s service.
Other Family Paternal Grandparents

Kerowyn Snowspirit of Ghostwalker Pack
Born: 14 January 3405, 1st Year of the Deep Kraken (a. 145)

Kerowyn is the dowager High Lady of Cymeria, wife to High Lord Mathias Stormdanovich. Upon his Crossing, she chose to abdicate her title and live with the other Wyr in Caer Draenár. She is an independent woman and not the cuddly grandmother type although she is passing fond of her offspring.

Highlord Mathias Stormdanovich
Born: 21 June 3220; Crossed: 12 November 3398 (a. 307)

Mathias Crossed to the White Road before Mikhael’s birth, but he enjoys hearing the tales of his grandfather. From what Mikhael has learned from reading his grandfather’s journals and hearing the Wyr speak of Mat, he feels he knows him a little bit. It is also apparent that Mathias was well loved and respected. Mikhael hopes to live up to people’s memories of him.

Maternal Grandparents

Garth of Ghostwalker Pack (Crossed 3539, Battle of D’hassa)
Ceridwen of Bloodfang Pack (Crossed 3539, Battle of D’hassa)

Vasily Tregarth Stormdanovich (a. 5): Nephew; son of Mikhael Stormdanovich and Morgelyn Tregarth

Renestrae tyr Vashti: Cousin; daughter of Lorcan up Gwychellian

Lorcan up Gwychellian: Paternal uncle; b. 1 August 3363; Crossed: 13 September 3539 (176 yrs.)

Lorcan, High Lord Kimber’s brother, was killed at the Battle of D’hassa in the same engagement where Kimber was wounded. Lorcan was a member of Ryndar Gero’s High Guard. Despite the sorrow over his father’s death, Mikhael also felt the loss of his outgoing and high-spirited uncle.
Family Relationships To Oksana, her relationship to her House Stormdanovich family is a work in progress and it is a work she is modeling on the warm and open family relationships of her family-by-marriage, House D’Corwyn. Since taking on the mantle of guardian to her youngest siblings and the title of Chatelaine of Stormholm Caer, Oksana has been mending the broken fences of Stormdanovich sibling relationships. It is not a task to be accomplished overnight but she is patient...and determined.

Kimber and Sonja Stormdanovich were not intentionally cruel or aloof from their children. None of their children could doubt they were loved. The fact was that the High Lord and High Lady of Cymeria set the affairs of the Land first and foremost. When added to an almost all consuming love for one another, there was little room for anyone else.

Sonja was a devoted and protective mother with each child until the next was born. The sole exception was her son who, though she loved Mikhael, was handed off to the care of nannies and attendants early on. Sonja loved her children but was enraptured with babies and adored presenting Kimber with each new child as they represented her physical bond to the man she loved to the exclusion of everything else in her life.

Oksana grew to understand a great deal about her parents as she aged, but as a very young child, she often found herself resenting her younger siblings and feeling jealous and possessive of her mother’s time and attention. By the time she reached her teens, however, she had matured enough to be accepting of the relationship her mother needed from her and began finding fulfillment in being the maternal figure to her younger siblings. It was Oksana who was most often available for her younger sisters to turn to and, in time, she became closer to them than Sonja was.

This stood her in good stead when she found herself the guardian of her youngest sisters after her parents Crossed and she took on the job of running House Stormdanovich for her brother. The years spent as the Chatelaine have brought her and Mikhael closer, but it was the advent of his small son, Vasily, into the household that has increased her bond to him.

Oksana would describe her relationship with her father as chilly. Although Kimber doted on his tiny daughter initially, as she grew older and her behavior issues manifested, he became more stern and then more aloof. Distance seemed the best option to Kimber who was not inclined to be a disciplinarian. In time, it became avoidance. By the time Oksana was old enough to control her tantrums, the damage was done and the most father and daughter could manage was being polite to one another. She loved Kimber and had no doubt that he loved her, they simply had no idea how to be with one another.

In the eleven years since the Crossing of her parents, Oksana has become a strong central figure for the Stormdanovich clan and a beloved mother in her own right. Whatever resentment she felt toward her parents has faded as she matured leaving her with the determination to never allow that situation to develop within her own family.

Family History

See Mikhael Stormdanovich's bio.

Personal History

30 July 3509: Oksana is born to Kimber and Sonja Stormdanovich at Stormholm Caer.

3509 to 3514 (a. 0 - 5)
Oksana spent her first two years as the spoiled and beloved first child to the High Lord and High Lady of Cymeria. As the only child at that time and with no other young children in the family since both Kimber and Sonja were only children, she gloried in the attention of the adults around her. This changed almost overnight when Sonja became pregnant with her second child and after the birth of her sister, Darya, Oksana found herself relegated to the children’s rooms.

Not knowing how else to deal with or address these changes, Oksana misbehaved and acted out on a regular basis. The terrible twos became the terrible threes, fours and fives. Fortunately, her immediate caregivers understood the reason for the child’s tantrums and administered discipline when and where needed in a kind yet firm manner. Although the more senior of them would offer advice and counsel to her parents, it seemed to change little in the household.

3513: The birth of Anastasiya was inadvertently the beginning of a change in Oksana’s behavior. While too young to be truly cognizant of why it happened, the fact that Stasya displaced Darya in their mother’s affections seemed to ameliorate the worst of Oksana’s tantrums. Now, she had an ally in misery and for awhile, Stasya bore the brunt of her older sisters’ dislike.

3515 to 3520 (a. 6 - 11)
By age six, although still not a little angel, Oksana had calmed down considerably. She was old enough that her caregivers could explain some things to her and thus gain cooperation rather than tantrums. Oksana was also old enough to want to know why her new baby brother had not displaced Anastasiya in their mother’s life. Initially, the answer that it was because he was the son and Heir and must, therefore, walk a different path sufficed. It would be many years before Oksana understood that while Sonja loved her son as she did all of her children, she was not particularly comfortable with him nor did she really like him. One day, Oksana would realize that it was because her mother felt as if she had given birth to her father’s replacement and that was not something she could accept.

The steady discipline of chores and studies helped channel Oksana’s energies which in turn affected her behavior.

3521 to 3525 (a. 12 - 16)
Oksana continued maturing and growing into a strong yet gracious young woman. Instead of being distant and aloof like her parents, the fortune of kind and loving caregivers, led her into a different direction. As each subsequent child displaced the previous one, Oksana became their maternal support system. Also, as he aged and settled into her teen years, she became closer to her mother. In later years, she would regret not taking her parents to task more in regard to their familial attitudes, but at the time, a strong sense of her place and respect for them kept her silent.

3526 to 3531 (a. 17 - 22)
At age sixteen, as required by Cymerian law and tradition, Oksana reported to the Seneschal for her six months of training and two years service in the Cymerian Guard. Her behavioral issues were long behind her but the discipline of the Guard and service to her people steadied her even further. Had she not been the eldest child and brought up with a duty to be fulfilled in that regard, it is likely Oksana would have sought out a career in the Guard. She enjoyed living in the regimented environment and the camaraderie of the other Guardsmen.

During her time in the Guard, she became acquainted with Gareth D’Corwyn. She first met him when he served as her unit’s training commander. Later, she was assigned to his patrol unit and found he was a pleasant and jovial man who enjoyed spending time with those under his command. Though forty years her senior, Oksana and Gareth gradually developed a friendship.

3527: Oksana completed her service with honors and returned to Stormholm Caer where she was ensconced with her mother’s Ladies. As Sonja found the task of arranging household affairs rather onerous and tasking, Oksana stepped in and soon the Keeper of the Keys and other household staff were seeking her out as she stood a better chance of getting the answers they needed from her mother. She also found herself, once again, being the advisor and maternal figure to her younger sisters, a chore that she now found she quite enjoyed as it gave her an opportunity to become closer to them.

3532 to 3537 (a. 23 - 28)
During the years of her Cymerian Guard service and after, Oksana’s friendship with Gareth D’Corwyn continued to grow and flourish. He was the middle child and, as such, had often felt some of the alienation from his parents that she had. Despite only having the middle son’s prospects, Gareth’s suit was approved and when Oksana turned twenty-three, he formally requested her hand in marriage.

1 May 3533 (a. 24): Oksana and Gareth are wed. The first weeks of her marriage are marred by a quarrel between her younger brother, Mikhael, and her father that results in her brother’s six year exile. The only news she would receive of Mikhael’s well-being is from household gossip and occasionally from Anastasiya and Hawke Windwalker who remain close to him despite his absence.

3534 to 3539 (a. 25 - 30)
Life as Lady D’Corwyn opened new vistas for Oksana. Gareth is was a skilled soldier but he was best known for his talents in the realm of diplomacy. Within two years of their marriage, Gareth was serving as High Lord Kimber’s Ambassador at Large. Gareth was in no rush to have children so for the first years of their marriage, Oksana traveled with him on his various assignments. She also found herself exposed to a completely different point of view regarding the onus on magic that she had been taught to fear and hate by her parents. The D’Corwyns neither denigrated nor exalted the magical heritage of the Cymry, but they did feel that not teaching their heirs its ethical use was inviting a repeat of the Interregnum. Understanding that teaching magic to Oksana would put her at odds with her parents, Gareth encouraged her to simply read the texts and begin learning the history of their people.

Oksana chose to not only read about the Cymry and their magnificent heritage, she asked to be taught. Rather than keep it secret from her parents, she chose to not discuss it. When asked, she would answer truthfully but never expanded on how much or little effort she was making in that regard.

3537: Late in the year, Gareth is recalled from his post at Havenskeep. Rumors of war had caused High Lord Kimber to start pulling all Cymerians who were officially posted to foreign lands in preparation. He wanted his people safe behind Cymeria’s borders and if it came to war with Aquilonia, they would need every able bodied fighting man and woman they could get.

3539 (a. 30): As war loomed closer, the High Lord and High Lady were spared the heartbreak of having to send all of their children to battle. Oksana was carrying her and Gareth’s first child so Darya was tasked with remaining behind to aid Sonja at Stormholm. Should the battle or subsequent war go badly, it would be incumbent on those left behind to see to the safety of all non-combatants. At only twenty-two years old, Ekaterina was married and would be left to help manage the household and help man Coedwig’s garrison. The remaining Stormdanovich children were too young and would remain safe at Stormholm Caer leaving only Mikhael, who had finally been summoned home, and Anastasiya to go to war.

The Battle of D’hassa was costly in life and in the mental well-being of Cymeria. Gareth sustained a serious injury to his back and leg which would leave him with a limp. Oksana’s brother, Mikhael, also sustained a very dangerou injury to his sword arm. Oksana and Gareth also suffered the loss of his father and eldest brother leaving him the patriarch of House D’Corwyn. Over and above the injuries sustained by her husband and brother, Oksana lost her father and an uncle to the battle. Technically, she also lost her mother to the Battle of D’hassa as Sonja could not survive without her beloved Kimber and followed him within a couple of months of his Crossing.

3540 to 3545 (a. 31 - 36)
In January of 3540, Oksana gives birth to twins, Arwyn, a son and Alwena, a daughter. Shortly after their birth, Oksana petitions the new High Lord, her younger brother, to award her custody of their two youngest sisters, Laryn and Elyana. Her logic was that they needed the care of parents, something he was unable to provide at that point due to his newfound responsibilities to Cymeria. Seeing Oksana’s logic, Mikhael agreed on the condition he be kept apprised of their progress and well-being and that they spend several months of the year at Stormholm. In the end, that proved an unnecessary stipulation as Oksana soon took on the role of Chatelaine as well.

February of 3545 brought another Stormdanovich to Stormholm Caer. Although Mikhael suspected something was amiss with his longtime consort, Morgelyn Tregarth, he was unaware she had born him a son until Hawke Windwalker, summoned to her deathbed to take charge of the baby, returned to the keep with the baby along with the boy’s wet nurse and nanny, a fledgling witch named Ygraine. With no hesitation, Oksana cheerfully added Vasily to her household although she warned Mikhael she would not brook him ignoring his small son’s need for a father. Gareth, affable as always and now serving on Cymeria’s High Council, was equally delighted to add another bairn to the family.

3546 to 3551 (a. 37 - 42)
Oksana’s life continued to be full and productive. She is devoted to her family and husband and finds personal fulfillment in the management of both Stormholm Caer and Winterfell. Over the years, she has continued her arcane studies and training. Having lived with both sides of the question regarding Cymry magic, she is in a unique position to offer sound and sage advice regarding the subject.

On the 7th day of March in the year 3547, Oksana gave birth to her second son, Cai who is a hale and hearty, though mischievous four year old. He is quickly find a soulmate in his young cousin, Vasily and Vasily’s constant companion, Aeonar.

During the Gathering for the Ceremony of Oaths (September 3550), Oksana became aware of the fact that she was once again with child. Recently, she made that first contact common to Cymry women so is aware she is carrying a daughter and that she will be born sometime in the month of March. Oksana is delighted because she though a fall from a horse a couple of years previous that resulted in a miscarriage had ended her childbearing years.

Oksana continues her duties as the Lady of the Hearth for both Stormholm and Winterfell dividing her time easily between the two. Running two households is made easier since Winterfell is in safe hands with Gareth’s younger brother and his new wife.

Friends & Foes

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