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Clara Redmond

Name Clara Anne Redmond

Position Homesteader

Second Position NPC

General Information

Gender Female
Birthdate 10/12/1860
Age 15
Marital Status Single
Residence Redmond Homestead
Kalispell, Montana Territory

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 2"
Build Petite
Hair Color Dark brown, worn long but she will seldom be seen in anything but braids
Eye Color Brown


Employment Homesteader's daughter.
Professional Skills Reads and writes, excellent with arithmetic. Good with chores,
Cooking, laundry, and farm animals. Can ride a horse.


Self Defense Her father has taught her to load and fire both pistol and rifle.
Hobbies & Interests Voracious reader when she can get her hands on books and has the time given all the work she does at home.

Personality & Traits

Character Traits Highly intelligent, sharp as a needle.
Driven, a hard worker.
Very opinionated, blunt at times.
Solemn, serious.
Family is everything to her.
General Personality Clara showed her smarts at an early age, she was reading already at five, everything scholastic comes easy to her. Her father depends on her for so much around the farm, she has had to grow up quickly. Her work ethic is amazing and be it cooking or laundry or watching over her kid brother, she is diligent and competent about it.

She has her weakpoints, like any other person. Her tongue is sharp and she is way too eager to give anyone and everyone her opinion on things and people. She doesn’t seem to like a whole lot of people. She is still scarred both emotionally and physically by the Indian attack which wounded her and killed her mother. She could certainly use a sense of humor.


Father Aurelian Redmond
Mother Kathleen (deceased)
Brother(s) Wyatt 12.
Sister(s) Catherine (deceased)
Other Family No relatives except back East, they were never close.

Friends & Foes

Foes Indians, any Indians, she hates Indians with a fury.

Personal History

1860 Born to Kathleen and Aurelian Redmond in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

1861-1865 Basically brought up by her mother as her father was off in service during the war. A precocious child, fast learner, with seemingly endless curiousity. In late 1863 she got herself a little baby brother, Wyatt.

1867-1872 Her family lived on a farm where she had a happy enough childhood all the while learning about all that entailed being a woman on a farm. She was a big help to her mother. Kathleen used to remark Clara was a better cook than she was.

Sadly there was another baby, Catherine, which was born in poor health and passed a few months later. They had to move also and their situation became increasingly harder. Finally her father decided they would move out west. Clara was excited, it sounded like a grand adventure.

1873 The train ride from the east out to Chicago was amazing to the girl, she usually kept her face at the window watching all the sights they went passed. For a time they stopped in Minnesota but her father said more and better land could be found further west.

1874 Finally her father pulled the trigger, as it were, taking up a homestead property for a very low price in Montana. This was to be their home from here on in. Work commenced on a cabin but they hadn’t been there long when Indians attacked them without warning. Clara was with her mother helping her wash laundry at the creek. It all happened so fast. The two ran for it at first sight of a grim looking warrior. Clara didn’t get far before she screamed in pain as an arrow sunk into her torso. Down she went. Her mother could have kept going but that was not going to happen. Kathleen saw the Indian raising his bow for another shot and the mother threw herself over the girl to shield her, taking the shaft right in her back.

By the time Clara recovered consciousness, she was in the nearest town in a doctors office, her father and brother at her side. Aurelian had to tell her that her mother was gone. That probably hurt more than the wound, which was misery enough. For awhile it was touch and go when she developed infection but stubborn as always, Clara pulled thru.

Their homestead had been burnt to the ground, everything left behind destroyed or stolen. Aurelian moved on as soon as Clara was cleared to travel. Finally he had a bit of good fortune. He met another homesteader who was leaving for the east as his wife didn’t like it out west. This man already had a property just outside the small town of Kalispell and there was also a cabin up too. Aurelian bought it and was determined to try again to make a home, a permanent home. Clara, who worshipped her father, was ready too. This time they would succeed if she had say so about it.

Character Notes

Character Concept Original
Avatar Hailee Steinfeld from 2010 True Grit