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Josephine Mercer

Name Josephine Francine Mercer

Position House Manager

Second Position Primary Character

General Information

Aliases Jo - Short for Josephine, those close to Jo are allowed to call her by her shortened name. Those who do not know her have the tendency to assume she is a man based just on hearing her nickname. This has lead to many a person being confused (and sometimes a little angry) when they realize she is a woman.

Josie - The more personal version of her name and used by family.
Gender Female
Birthdate 11/19/1850
Age 25
Marital Status Single
Residence Blackbird Lodge
Double L Ranch (aka Lost Lake Ranch)
Kalispell, Montana Territory

Formally of:
San Francisco, California

Birthplace: Boston, MA

Physical Appearance

Height 5"5'
Build Small
Hair Color Blond, long and hangs clear to her waist. Naturally curly
Eye Color Green


Employment Lost Lake Ranch (Double L)
Position: House Manager

Details: The house manager at Lost Lake Ranch has a variety of duties, but the two primary ones are as governess and nanny to the two Harper children and as teacher to the children - if any - of the ranch's employees. Additionally, she has to coordinate the household staff, supplies, menus, and meals (there are a couple of women that share the cooking chores).

See Lost Lake Ranch for details on household staff.
Professional Skills During her years at St. Agatha's and the Sisters of Mercy Convent, Jo has nursing and medical training under her proverbial belt. She can tend to most minor wounds and illnesses with ease and a gentle hand. She also helped in the orphanage at St. Agatha's and found that she loved working with young children.

After she completed school and returned home to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, Jo had a hand in running the household during her sister's absences.


Self Defense Jo was raised as a well-bred lady and has never had any sort of skills or fighting training. However, she is enterprising and quick to think on her feet.
Hobbies & Interests Art
Music - Jo loves music in all its forms. She is exceptionally skilled in playing both the piano and the violin.

Personality & Traits

Character Traits Intelligent
General Personality Some might consider Josephine to be a spoiled little brat if they are witness to her more private conversations. She may, in fact, be a little spoiled, but the truth is that she's quite unhappy at the moment. She has been pulled out of her home, away from her friends and romantic pursuits to take a position as a nanny and housekeeper on a ranch in Montana. She tries to stand her ground, especially with her older half-sister but almost always backs down when she realizes it's useless to continue pushing.

She is a warm and kind-hearted person who honestly does care about the people around her. Jo is also quite intelligent and well educated as she was sent to good schools during her learning years. She loves music and has trained for many years on the piano and violin and enjoys sketching in her free time.

Josephine was brought up to be a proper young lady, which means there are topics of conversation she finds uncouth. She does have a temper but is usually pretty good at keeping it reigned in.


Father Franklin Hartwell Mercer - Deceased (1858). Jo was raised primarily by her mother and had minimal contact with her father. When Evelyn died, Jo's custody was signed over to her older half-sister Harriet. Franklin Mercer was killed in a duel by gunshot.
Mother Evelyn Anne Mercer - Deceased (1860). Jo adored her mother and when she became sick, her body wasting away, she was devastated. It soon left Jo motherless at age 10.
Sister(s) Harriet Gene - Harri, as Jo calls her, is Jo's older half sister. They share a father but not a mother. When Jo's mother died, Harriet arrived at the estate so that she could legally ensure Jo's part of the inheritance. Jo's uncle, her mother's brother, ended up signing over full custody to Harriet, who then moved Jo's across the country to San Fransisco. Jo loves her sister because they are family but she does not like her very much most of the time.

Friends & Foes

Friends To be determined on Game Play
Foes To be determined on Game Play

Personal History

- 1850 -
Jan to April: Franklin meets and charms a lovely young Boston heiress by the name Evelyn Thomas.

April 1850: Evelyn discovers that she is pregnant with Franklin's child. When her parents learned of the news, they were disappointed and ashamed of their daughter. They forced, by shotgun, Franklin to marry their daughter. Marriage does not tame Franklin's wild ways.

November 19, 1850: Josephine Francine Mercer is born, a healthy baby girl who was loved from the second she was born, by her mother anyway.

- 1850 to 1858 -
Jo's childhood years are fairly basic for a child her age and social class. She was raised by both her mother and a nanny who helped educate her until she was able to attend school.

- 1858 -
Evelyn receives news that her husband, Franklin, has been killed in a duel in New Orleans. Jo was only eight at the time and had very little contact with her father during that time.

- 1860 -
Jo's mother, Evelyn, dies after a long battle with a terrible sickness that caused her body to waste away. Jo's sister, Harriet, arrives in the legal capacity to ensure that Jo receives her fair share of the inheritance. When Evelyn's own parents died in 1855, they left the entirety of their estate to Evelyn's brother, Johnathon. Johnathon was unable to keep H.G from securing the young girl her share and ended up signing over custody of Jo over to her half-sister.

Harriet moves Jo across the country to her home in San Fransisco and enrolls Jo in a convent school up in Sacremento, St. Agatha's. The convent was home to the St. Agatha's Sisters of Mercy order who were renown as a nursing order as well as for the school they operated.

- 1860 to 1875 -
Jo's time at St. Agatha's was fairly routine, and she found herself interested in medicine thanks to the sisters. She completed her schooling in Sacremento and for a while, even considered taking the Vow and becoming a nun with the convent. Instead, she returned to San Fransisco to Haight-Ashbury, her sister's home. College was considered as well, medical school in fact. However, at the time she was considering applying to Toland Medical College, she was also being courted by Jeremy Fitzpatrick, a young man of some standing. While her courtship itself was not the reason she did not apply, it did lead into why.

- 1875 -
Being courted by Jeremy Fitzpatrick was lovely; he treated her with the utmost respect, and she quickly fell for his charm. Their relationship was soon hot gossip for those in their social circle. News soon reached her sister, Harriet, who quickly sought to end things between her younger sister and her young beau. Jo was too enamored to see the truth, Jeremy was only interested in marrying her money. Harriet intervened, putting her foot down. This only pushed Jo into sneaking out the following night to meet Jeremy at the train depot so that they could run off together and elope. Harriet anticipated such a move and met them at the depot with her aid, Fang.

Jo was forced to depart with her sister, only doing so to keep Fang from hurting Jeremy. She'd just have to figure out how to meet up with him again later. Little did she know that her sister had already worked up a plan to keep them apart. H.G. was heading toward Montana to deal with some clients of hers, and she was dragging Jo along with. It wouldn't be until they were already in Kalispell that H.G. would drop the next bomb, Jo would be staying behind as a housekeeper and nanny to two single men who had recently taken custody of their niece and nephew.

Character Notes

General Notes Josephine's main responsibility is as governess and nanny to the two Harper children. Their guardians are their uncles, Shade Harper and Quentin Cantrell.

Birth Parents: Chance and Regina Harper

William Cody Harper:
DOB: February 11, 1870 (a. 5)
Appearance: Cody has his and Uncle Shade's raven black hair and deep blue eyes. His hair is thick and wavy, he also has dark brows and long, thick black eyelashes.

Personality Details
Cody is a rather shy but loving little boy. Since witnessing the murders of his parents and older siblings, Cody has become very withdrawn and distrustful of adults. He still plays hard and rough, he's all boy in that regard. Cody has inherited his Uncle Shade's temper, and it gets displayed when he feels Nettie needs to be protected. This makes it challenging to discipline his twin sister as the adult administering the discipline might find themselves on the receiving end of a sharp kick to the shins. Cody prefers to follow the rules and stay out of trouble. However, he often finds himself in the thick of it due to following Nettie on her adventures in an effort to dissuade her from them.

Although just beginning to read a bit, Cody is proving to be the more studious of the twins. He is the one that has developed their secret twin-language and comes up with plans for their games. He's quite good at checkers and shows promise as a strategist and tactician. Cody is also very good with horses, showing a natural knowledge and instinct for riding and caring for them.

Regina Antoinette Harper:
DOB: February 11, 1870 (a. 5)
Appearance: Nettie has Regina's beautiful, golden brown hair and her father's light-blue eyes. Her eyebrows and lashes are slightly darker than her hair, but golden tipped which matches the natural highlights in her hair. Nettie's hair is thick and wavy, and she prefers to wear it cut short. She hates being forced to stay still for someone to comb, brush and braid her hair for her.

Personality Details
Nettie is very bold, outgoing, and outspoken. Unlike her twin brother, Cody, she is far from shy. Like her Uncle Shade, Nettie seems to have a talent for finding and getting into trouble. Despite this predilection for getting into trouble, Nettie is very calm and cool-headed. She's also already exhibiting her uncle's extraordinary hand-eye coordination. Nettie's too little to handle a gun alone, but the adults around her have noted she hits what she aims at.

She prefers pants to dresses although she is learning that there are occasions when she has to don a dress. Nettie and Cody roughhouse with one another, but heaven forbid that someone else starts a tussle with one or the other because they will leap to one another's defense no matter the odds. Despite being a tomboy by nature, Nettie is very affectionate and quite happy to curl up with trusted adults for a nap, a story, or just to be cuddled.

Twin Relationship
The twins are very close and exhibit many of the uncanny senses where one another are concerned as other twins do. They almost have a general awareness of one another's location although if there's much distance involved, it'll be just a case of being able to point in what direction someone should look. They do have their own language, and it's not unusual to see them leaning forehead to forehead as if communicating directly mind-to-mind. They aren't, of course, but many adults would say otherwise. Nettie and Cody routinely start and finish one another's sentences.
Animals & Pets Jo has a pair of small songbirds that were given to her as a gift from a suitor and she absolutely refused to leave San Fransisco without them.

Angel is an Albino female, approx 1 year in age.

Blue is a Cobalt male, approx 1 year in age.

She has a wrought iron cage for them that she keeps in the house and a smaller carry cage for traveling.
Character Concept To be added.
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