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Robert Cullen

Name Robert Joseph Cullen

Position Gold Miner

Second Position Secondary Character

General Information

Aliases Bobbie or Rob
Gender Male
Birthdate 11/24/1856
Age 19
Marital Status Single
Residence Cabin outside of Kalispell
Born in County Dunn in Ireland, family emigrated to US when he was still a baby.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Build Small
Hair Color Dark brown, quite curly when he lets it grow longer and usually a tousled mess.
Eye Color Green.


Employment He's done a lot of jobs already in his young vagabond life. Currently he is trying his luck at mining for gold, enticed by the Gold Rush stories he'd heard back East.
Professional Skills Manual labor - cutting wood, using a pick axe, various skills involved in menial sorts of jobs.


Self Defense Back East, Robert engaged in a bit of boxing for money. He's been in his share of scraps too so despite his unimpressive physique, he can surprise people when it comes to fisticuffs. He's also tougher than he looks, he can take a punch.

He does own an older model pistol and has been taught how to load it properly. He's even fired a few shots with it at targets with unimpressive results. He can't afford to waste ammo engaging in more marksmanship practice though. It's not like he is going to ever be a gunfighter.
Hobbies & Interests He's on his own and every day trying to stay alive and eek out a time for hobbies and such.

His main interest is make some money!

Personality & Traits

Character Traits Determined - Robert is not a quitter, he has had a hard life but he remains quietly optimistic things will all turn out right, he works hard to make it so too.

Stubborn - He's that in spades, he's not one to give in or give up. At times this can turn into a fault.

Outgoing - He is friendly with a keen sense of humor, doesn't take himself too seriously. Enjoys a good time when he can stumble into one.

Decent - He could have turned to crime but he has retained a sense of decency about him, he's not a saint by any means but overall he would be characterized as a good soul.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Joseph - Deceased
Mother Agnes - Deceased, though as of yet he does not know it.
Brother(s) Liam - Deceased

Ryan - Younger by two years, he ran off and family lost track of him.
Sister(s) Sylvie - Three years older than Robert, she married and lives somewhere in Midwest, he's lost track of her.
Other Family None

Friends & Foes

Personal History

1856 - Robert was born to tenant farmer Joseph Cullen and his wife, Agnes, their third child.

1858- The family uproots everything and risks starting all over in America, landing in New York. Encountering hostility to the Irish and lack of work opportunities, the desperate family moves from place to place.

1861- Becoming more aware of things by now, young Robert sees his father enlist in the Union army for some big war someplace. While it's not much, it's at least a wage. His mother does all sorts of menial jobs to help make due.

1864- Joseph returned home from the army minus a leg and in poor health. Oldest brother Liam started stealing to help the family much to his mother's sadness yet they needed what he brought them.

1868- Joseph died of drinking wood alcohol. Agnes took up with another man right after and Liam decided to leave. He offered to take Robert with him and their mother actually gave her blessing on it. The two boys struck out on their own, heading west for adventure or so they hoped.

1870-They made it as far as Chicago in their slow wanderings when Liam got into some trouble with the law and a judge sentenced him to jail for two years. Robert waited for him having to survive on his own. He did but barely.

1872-Liam was released a few months early due to overcrowding they said and the two young men were back together this time determined to get out of this city and go see the wide open frontier west they kept hearing so many stories about.

1873-The brothers traveled on a wagon train as far as the Dakota Territory, taken along by a traveling merchant to help with his two wagons of goods. Liam

Character Notes

Character Concept Young Irish immigrant trying to make a life for himself on his own. Drifter, jack of all trades, mostly master of none.
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