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Laryn Stormdanovich

Name Laryn Stormdanovich

Position Courier (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Cymry
Racial Class Chimera
Gender Female
Date of Birth 9 November 3530
Marital Status Single
Title Lady
Rank Courier
Trade High Level Courier, Cymerian Guard
Other Titles Lady: Formal address.

Gwreigdda: Cymry formal address (Lady)

Ladi: Cymry informal / affectionate title.

Colli: Cymry (Cymry Old Tongue) for Miss
Aliases / Nicknames Rider: Inadvertently given to her by her brother, High Lord Mikhael, when he called out in a hurry for a Courier and didn’t immediately recognize his youngest sister.
Craft / Trade High Level Courier detached to the High Lord’s detail

High Level Couriers handle the highest levels and most sensitive of information. High Level Couriers are usually assigned to specific members of the ruling house such as the High Lord or emissaries and ambassadors that would often handle delicate information. The Seneschal would also have access to High Level Couriers as would the Guard's senior command.

The Courier Corps are non-combatants although they are trained in self-defense. Their primary purpose is the rapid relay of information. Couriers do not participate in combat although they may be deployed as messengers between large deployment commanders.

Couriers are stationed with garrisons throughout Cymeria. They also have their own relay stations as well where they change horses and can rest, depending on the nature of the dispatches they are carrying.

The Couriers can be recognized by their special lightweight version of the Guard's uniform with a Courier Corps patch (image of a running horse) on the shoulder and left breast of tunic. High Level Couriers also carry a special seal or medallion indicating whose service they are carrying dispatches from. Unless permanently assigned to a specific person, they pick up this badge of office when they receive the material they are couriering.

Couriers carry more than information and mail. If it is light enough and small enough to fit in the pouches, they can carry it. It might be a special medicine or ingredients for a medicine that is urgently needed by a physician, etc.

Stormdanovich Holdings

Technically, all the income from the Stormdanovich holdings belongs to the reolwr, the ruler/chief of the House. Each of Kimber and Sonja’s children received a personal inheritance and receive a stipend from the family holdings incomes that is set by Mikhael Stormdanovich, the House’s reolwr. In addition, there are healthy dowries of money, jewels, household items, etc. set aside pending marriage.

Crosswind Stables

Crosswinds is a small stable with aprozimently two acres of land owned by Laryn Stormdanovich. She purchased the land and buildings using her saved stipends from her Courier duties. The main stable building houses ten stalls in total, five box stalls, three tie stalls and two more outfitted for when a new mother horse needed space to labor, birth and tend a newborn foal. It also homed a decently large feed and tack room, which Laryn prided herself in keeping neat and organized. The buildings themselves backed up against a rocky mountainside, though nets had long ago been strung up high above the roof on the mountain itself to catch and small rocks that tumbled down lest they hit the actual buildings. The stable itself opened into two different corrals, one smaller for foal and horses just old enough to take to a lead and the other larger with a few obstacles to aid in training purposes. It was her pride and joy, and in time, Laryn hoped to expand on it or even purchase a larger holding when she became successful in her cross-breeding efforts.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Stormholm Caer
Region / Province Harkania March
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow Village
City Dinas Ulchedir (Harkania)
Residence / Lodging Stormholm Caer

Harkania March is the oldest settled region of what is now Cymeria. According to legend, it is where the Chimera landed at the end of their thousand years of exile in the wake of the fall of Atlantis. Harkania holds many hidden secrets and wonders waiting for the unwary to stumble upon them. There is a feeling of great age and wonder about the land of Harkania which is transmitted to all that dwell there and even visitors to the region sense something of its great age.

The region is mountainous and rugged. Dinas Ulchedir, the largest city in Cymeria, lies at the heart of the area called the Highlands and sits at the convergence of the two main tributaries of the Gwyfal River. The Chimera and the Celts are a strong people, able to survive the harshness of their environment.

Holm: (Old English) an islet, especially in a river or near a mainland.

Caer: (Welsh) a placename element in the Cymry Old Tongue meaning "stronghold", "fortress", or "citadel".

Stormholm Caer is a rocky promontory formed from a massive volcanic plug. Over thousands of years, glacial and climatic erosion led to exposure of the plug on one side, while a long slope of material remains on the opposite side. Such landforms are called crag and tail. Continued erosion removed the surrounding rock while the erosion-resistant plug remained, producing a distinctive upstanding landform and forming a holm in the middle of the powerful river now known as Daranau Afon (Thunder River). Eventually, the level of the river fell creating the craggy outcrop as it is today.

Note: Daranau and taranau both mean thunder in the Cymry Old Tongue. Daranau normally refers to place names while taranau literally means the thunder one hears.

While being built, the massive castle-fortress that seems embedded in the very rock of the promontory took its name from its location and became Stormholm Caer, though often simply referred to as Stormholm.

Stormholm is the hereditary seat of House Stormdanovich. It has stood watch over Harkania for just over 2000 years. The formation on which it rests is impervious to erosion and riddled with caverns and tunnels that were once lava tubes. The land beneath is still geothermally active and the caves are host to a myriad of hot springs and mudpots. The hot springs provide a steady source of hot water to the castle and the volcanic mudpots harden into a nearly impervious material used for facing the stones of the buildings and can be kilned into pots, pans, drinkware and dinnerware. Stormholm Caer also sits above a vast and perennial source of fresh water. A massive river flows through one of the main caverns that sits beneath the castle, is split by a massive granite formation and leaps from the cliffs to fall to Daranau Afon far below. Archways were built over the falls and parts of the keep sits directly over the waterfalls making it appear as if they spring from the very castle. The higher and larger waterfall is called the Great Thunder and the lower one is Quiet Thunder.

The only access and egress from the keep itself is via a series of tunnels, ancient volcanic lava tubes. The keep’s stable and barn complexes take advantage of the massive caverns. There are also numerous hideouts, secret passages and storerooms hidden in Stormholm Caer Caverns. Stormholm Caer uses the caverns for year round storage because of their steady and stable climate.

Stormholm Caer is considered virtually impregnable due to its physical and arcane protections. It has only been taken once in its history and that was from within when House Azarov overthrew House Tsarimov and restored the right rule of the country.

The keep literally watches over the valley below and beyond the foothills, one can faintly see Harkania's capital city, Dinas Ulchedir (Highland City). On very clear days, the spires and towers of Stormholm Caer can be seen from the northern reaches of the city and appears to float above the land. This is actually an optical illusion, a trick of the light and the eye. On the days the hold cannot be seen at a distance, most people believe the High Lord has cloaked it from sight with his powers.


Summerhold is a secondary residence for House Stormdanovich. It is also located in Harkania on a sizable island in Lake Gwynedd. It is the family’s vacation home. The island is the crest of a mountain worn down by eons of erosion and the action of the river and lake on its flanks. As is the predilection of many Cymry, Summerhold is built into the side of a cliff over running water.

There is a roadway to the island, but at a casual glance no one would see it. It lies just beneath the surface of the lake and is the remnants of what was a natural game trail before the waters of the lake rose to cover it. There is also stabling for horses on the shore and several boats. All can be easily secured by the High Guard and a small company of Light Cavalry.
Original Birthplace Harkania March is the oldest settled region of what is now Cymeria. According to legend, it is where the Chimera landed at the end of their thousand years of exile in the wake of the fall of Atlantis. Harkania holds many hidden secrets and wonders waiting for the unwary to stumble upon them. There is a feeling of great age and wonder about the land of Harkania which is transmitted to all that dwell there and even visitors to the region sense something of its great age.

The region is mountainous and rugged. Dinas Ulchedir, the largest city in Cymeria, lies at the heart of the area called the Highlands. The Chimera and the Celts are a strong people, able to survive the harshness of their environment.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 115 lbs.
Hair Dark chestnut-brown: Many of the Stormdanovich descendants are blessed with rich, thick hair in the reddish and blond tones. Lady Laryn is no exception to her family's genes. Her hair is a deep dark shade of chestnut with natural pale gold highlights and darker rich low-lights. It falls several inches below her shoulders, hitting mid-back. Lighting in Laryn's vicinity may determine what shade her hair appears to be. In low-lit areas or at nighttime, her hair may appear almost black, but in sunlight or the flickering flames of fire-light, Laryn's natural copper, gold and red highlights are clearly seen. It is normally straight with some natural curl and is often styled to match the current fashion.
Eyes Light green: Laryn's eyes are a light shade of green. They may appear to change in shade depending on her mood, or the lighting in the immediate area.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Laryn is a petite woman with a slender and trim form and small build. As a professional courier, this benefits her as the riders need to be able to easily keep their weight low while maintaining strength and health. She carries herself well with good posture coming from years of training in the saddle where head up, heels down is a constant mantra chanted by the riding instructors.
Marks / Scars No inked markings. Laryn does, however, have pierced ears. Over the years since her entrance into the Guard, Laryn had taken on a handful of scars here and there as a result of weapons training and such. She does bear a scar, now much faded, which is hidden just along her hairline at her temple where, as a child, Laryn fell from her horse and hit her head on a rock on the ground.
Style When not on duty with the Cymerian Guard, Lady Laryn is usually dressed in long gowns befitting her station. She rather enjoys the opportunities to dress like a proper lady, considering how much time she spends in her official uniform.

On duty, she bears the same uniform of the Guard with a patch signifying her position as a High Level Courier and her hair is often braided back in a thick plait hanging down her back or twisted around the back and crown of her head.
Character Looks Like Katie McGrath as Morgana in the BBC television series, Merlin.


Personality Traits - Loyal
- Respectful
- Gentle
- Peaceful
- Diplomatic
- Modest
- Polite
- Highly intelligent
- Generous
- Pacifist
Personality Being the youngest of seven children meant that Laryn had plenty of people to look up to and admire as she grew up. Even though she was the baby, Laryn wasn't spoiled or demanding of attention. As a child, Laryn was quiet and modest, respectful of those older than herself and polite toward everyone she came across. She paid attention to her studies and her tutors, giving her a well-rounded education. Laryn is a highly intelligent young woman who uses the gift to serve her family and country. Her talent for languages, both spoken and written, combined with the ability to remember even the smallest details made her an easy fit as a Courier in the Cymerian Guard.

From a young age, Laryn has had a love of horses and has become a highly skilled equestrian. Laryn owns two personal horses, a pure black male and an ivory white mare. She spends much of her free time riding and caring for the horses, even taking on learning for herself the duties of a farrier or a stableman.

Laryn is extremely loyal to Cymeria, Harkania, the Guard and her family (even if they are not very close). She takes her duties very seriously and actually enjoys them. While she appears and acts every bit the lady she was born to be, Laryn is a highly trained and skilled fighter, as are all members of the Guard. She will protect and defend herself and others if needed but does not willingly seek out combat.

If you asked Lady Laryn what she thought her strengths were, she might tell you that she is very loyal to Land, Guard, Family and Lord. She would give her very life for any of them if needed, though she hopes it never fully comes to that.

Laryn's peaceful nature is considered a strength as well as a weakness. She will use all other non-combat methods first in a battle before giving in to physically fighting as she does not want to hurt or kill another if able to help it. This is something that might be exploited by an enemy to her or others' disadvantage.

As a Courier, Laryn’s duties are first to protect whatever documents or parcel she is carrying. This means, if she is forced to flee due to an attack or other combat situation, she will. This also means she must leave behind the guard or guards assigned to her at the time, something she does not care for much at all. She is loyal to her guards and would help defend them if she could.

Like others in her family, Laryn bears the ability to wield the Arcane. However, with a father that abhorred such things and even forbade any teachings in it, she grew up wary and guarded over it. It was not something they ever discussed at home, and though she was barely two years of age when it happened, she knew that her father had actually exiled her brother Mikhael over it. As she grew up, while still frightened about it, Laryn couldn’t help but be curious at the same time. She’s recently taken to thought in whether or not to allow herself to take on proper training in her abilities, or if she should continue to heed her departed father’s will and leave it alone.
Mannerisms Laryn treats everyone with respect, even if she does not agree with something that is said or done by another. She gives great consideration to the manners and behaviors of other races and nations, taking care not to offend others while traveling. She speaks calmly and with warmth, regardless of the situation.


Education Laryn is highly intelligent, able to read and write several languages. She was also gifted with an edict memory, able to recall things she has heard with perfect clarity. She was an eager young child, thirsty for learning. She was also taught how to be a real Lady with proper mannerisms and decent behavior.
Languages Heniaith (Cymry Old Tongue): Fluent in speaking, reading and writing the Old Tongue.

Saesneg (Common or Trade Tongue): Laryn is also fluent in speaking, reading, and writing in Saesneg .

Vanisk Tunga: Laryn can read and write as well as speak the language of Nordheim.

Druzar: Laryn can speak the tongue of Tynar Dazûr better than she can read it.

Shiraan: Language used by the Shyrakhan. Laryn is learning the language but hasn’t had much opportunity to use and become fluent in it.

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Laryn bears all the grace of a woman of her station. She is light on her feet and moves with ease and agility.
Expertise Laryn is a highly skilled, trained and accomplished equestrian. She's loved horses since before she can really remember, even taking to breeding her own.

She is also quite skilled at embroidery and drawing, keeping to both as hobbies in her free time.

With Lake Gwynedd within her family’s property, Laryn was taught swimming, boating and sailing. She loves being in and on the water.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Completed her two and a half years of Guard training and service.
Weapons Due to her service time with the Cymerian Guard, Laryn is skilled in the use of sword, dagger and bow. She carries only a single dagger on her person at any given time. As a Courier, she wears a special lightweight armor while on duty, giving her ample protection without the additional weight. Couriers are trained in hand-to-hand combat, but priority is placed on their ability to evade combat. She does not actively engage in combat. Laryn much prefers to settle physical situations by more peaceful means.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Race
Arcane Rank Untrained
Affinity / Nature Wind, Water
Arcane Abilities Being a daughter of the Stormdanovich family, Laryn bears the ability to wield the Arcane. With the Storms Arcane that runs through her family's blood, Laryn herself was gifted with the ability to draw into the Affinities of Air and Wind, as well as Rain and Water. At the current time, she has not received any training in the use of her Arcane abilities.

(Future Skill) Scrying: Initially, Laryn was not aware of this ability. While observing Mikhael doing a scrying, she realized she could also see something in the water mirror he was using. Once he realized that Laryn possessed the talent for scrying, he added that to her training.

*Note I will add more skills and details to this as game play allows and Laryn receives actual training.
Arcane Defenses As with most Arcane-gifted individuals, Laryn believes in and is bound by The Rule Of Three; As it harm none, do what thou wilt, but whatever is done returns three-fold, good or bad.

She will also use her Arcane Affinities of Wind and Water to her own and others defense but only if she had no other choice as she knows she is not skilled enough in their use. (*this will only happen after Laryn receives training in the Arcane as we progress in game, more details will be added as we go).
Weaknesses / Limitations The Cymry, no matter their level of training, cannot simply wave their hand and perform an arcane act. All of their abilities require a certain amount of ritual and time. They are as vulnerable to injury and illness as anyone else.

Family Tree

Father Kimber Alwyn Stormdanovich
Born: 25 December 3383; Crossed: 13 October 3539 (a. 156 yrs.)
Ruled: 3399 - 3539

High Lord Kimber Stormdanovich was grievously wounded during the Battle of D’hassa (13 September, 3539). He chose to take the White Road approximately one month to the day after he was wounded later at Stormholm Caer in Harkania. Note: Alwyn means great white in Heniaith and was chosen as Kimber already had the fair complexion and near white hair peculiar to his mother’s bloodline.
Mother Sonja Ivanova Stormdanovich
Born: 21 March 3480; Crossed: 21 December 3539 (59 yrs.)

Sonja Stormdanovich, former High Lady, survived her husband only long enough to see her son confirmed as High Lord. The loss of her husband, Kimber, devastated Sonja and the pull of her marriage bond to Kimber was too strong.
Brother(s) High Lord Mikhael Stormdanovich: Older and only brother, Age 35, High Lord of Cymeria
Sister(s) Oksana (Sanya) Stormdanovich D’Corwyn: Sister,41. Oksana is the eldest of the Stormdanovich children and married to Gareth D'Corwyn a Cymry of K’harsten March. They have three children. Oksana and her husband took charge of the younger siblings when Kimber, and soon after, Sonja, both crossed. Gareth does have K'harstenian estates, but they are well-managed, allowing him to spend a good amount of time in Harkania with his wife.

Darya Stormdanovich: Sister, 39; married to a younger son of the Warder of Torrenth and resides in Mawrth Torrenth.

Anastasiya Valeria Stormdanovich: Sister, 37. Seneschal of the Cymerian Guard. Married to Ryndar Hawke Windwalker

Ekaterina Stormdanovich Karimanova: Sister, 33, married to William Karimanov and resides in Mawrth Coedwig. William is a Cymry shipmaker and designer. William also inherited a large merchant marine fleet from his father and spends a portion of his time at sea. Katya has developed a deep love of the ocean. Their home is in Dinas Afon.

Elyana Stormdanovich: Sister, 24; training to be a Priestess of the Theurgy. She is a natural scholar and scribe and a wealth of arcane knowledge. She is betrothed to a young lieutenant in the Guard.
Other Family Paternal Grandmother: Kerowyn Snowspirit of Ghostwalker Pack
Born: 14 January 3405, 1st Year of the Deep Kraken (a. 145)

Kerowyn is the dowager High Lady of Cymeria, wife to High Lord Mathias Stormdanovich. Upon his Crossing, she chose to abdicate her title and live with the other Wyr in Caer Draenár. She is an independent woman and not the cuddly grandmother type although she is passing fond of her offspring.

Paternal Grandfather: Highlord Mathias Stormdanovich
Born: 21 June 3220; Crossed: 12 November 3398 (a. 178)

Mathias Crossed to the White Road before Mikhael’s birth, but he enjoys hearing the tales of his grandfather. From what Mikhael has learned from reading his grandfather’s journals and hearing the Wyr speak of Mat, he feels he knows him a little bit. It is also apparent that Mathias was well loved and respected. Mikhael hopes to live up to people’s memories of him.

Maternal Grandfather: Garth of Ghostwalker Pack (Crossed 3539, Battle of D’hassa)

Maternal Grandmother: Ceridwen of Bloodfang Pack (Crossed 3539, Battle of D’hassa)

Vasily Tregarth Stormdanovich: Nephew, son of Mikhael and Morgelyn, Age 5.

Lorcan up Gwenchellian: Paternal uncle, Crossed at Battle of D’hassa, Sept. 3539
Family Relationships Coming from such a large family, and being the youngest, Laryn isn't as close to many of her siblings as she'd like to be, though she loves them all deeply. Over the last few years, she has grown closer to her brother Mikhael, as well as her sister Staysa. Her sister, Oksana, took over her care after their parents crossed and she bears a deep love, a motherly one, to her eldest sister. She adores her nephew Vasily, though she doesn't get to spend as much time as she'd like with him due to his education and her own personal duties.

There are few regrets in Laryn’s heart when it comes to her family. She regrets not knowing most of her siblings well enough and has started to change that. She also regrets not having the chance to know her mother and father better prior to their deaths. She was only five when they crossed, and actually never saw her father again after he rode off to war. According to her sister, Oksana, Sonja refused to let the younger children in to see Kimber after he was injured in the war and they were also not allowed to attend the Crossing a month later. It is only through stories from her family and those living in Harkania that she’s learned how adored Kimber was among his people.

Family History

The bloodline of House Stormdanovich traces in an unbroken line to the ancient and noble House Azarov. The Azarov could trace their line back to Atlantis - so the legends say. Throughout the millennia, the bloodline has been very powerful and genetically true. Despite intermarrying with other races, the Cymry arcane traits dominated in the offspring. It has only been in the last two generations that Wyr traits have manifested (Kimber Stormdanovich and Anastasiya Stormdanovich, although it appears that Kimber’s ability to shift to the form of a white Dire Wolf (his mother’s pack) was released by his Ddyrchafael).

High Lords of Cymeria

Since the age of Matvei, approximately 1300 years ago, the Stormdanovich have held the High Lordship of Cymeria. While others have challenged for the throne on occasion, the Land has, to date, rejected all others in favor of the Stormdanovich.

2001 - 3000: Molaster Waning (Rings Waning)

2070 - 2145 (75 years): Matvei Azarov

Matvei challenges his insane brother, Valentin, to a Duel Arcane and defeats him. Matvei then retired the name Azarov that, until Valentin, had been untainted by the excesses that marked many other Cymry bloodlines. As the bloodline seemed particularly aligned with the power of weather and storms, he chose the name Stormdanovich thus establishing the current bloodline.

2145 - 2435 (290 years): Rhys Mikhael Stormdanovich

2435 - 2645 (210 years): Oksana Stormdanovich

The only High Lady to assume full power due to no male heir. She took a consort to sire an heir but never married keeping the Stormdanovich name-line unbroken. High Lady Oksana was much loved and almost every generation gives her name to the eldest born daughter.

2645 - 3000 (355 years): Rhys Kanan Stormdanovich

Died on the day the Age of Iron ended. There was a regency for one year due to the Heir (Garth Kanan Stormdanovich) being too young to ascend to the throne.

3001 - 4000: Hyborian Age (Current Age / Rings Waxing)

3001 - 3220 (219 years): Garth Kanan Stormdanovich

3220 - 3398 (178 years): Mathias Stormdanovich
Wed to Kerowyn of Ghostwalker Pack of the Wyr. Mathias Stormdanovich was reigning High Lord when Gero of Dawnrunner Clan brought the surviving Wyr to Harkania and gave them the large alpine valley of Caer Draenár on Daranau Eira to settle.

3399 - 3539 (140 years): Kimber Stormdanovich
(b. 25 December 3383, w. 21 September 3539, c. 13 October 3539; 156 years old at time of Crossing.)

Mathias Stormdanovich crossed a year prior to Kimber’s 16th birthday. For the year from his father’s passing until age sixteen when he could legally ascend the throne, Lady Kerowyn Stormdanovich and Rytsar Gero of Dawnrunner Clan shared guardianship and regency. Upon his coming of age, Kimber named Gero as his Ryndar. Kimber died of wounds received at the Battle of D’hassa although he lingered for some weeks before succumbing and Crossing.

Kimber also has the distinction of being the first known Stormdanovich to carry the arcane abilities of both his mother’s Wyr race and his father’s Cymry race.

31 October 3539 - Present (11 years): Mikhael Stormdanovich

Heir: Vasily Morgan Stormdanovich (b. 3545); cannot assume rule until age 16 (19 February 3561).

Highlord Kimber Stormdanovich evaded matrimony and his dynastic duties until the hundredth anniversary of his ascension to rule. During those years, while not celibate, he did not sire any children. By 3483, advisors and friends alike were adamant that he needed to wed and provide the Land with an Heir to the Land. In 3504, Kimber agreed to an arranged marriage with a Cymry noble from K’harsten. With considerable reluctance, the High Lord agreed to start vetting potential candidates for the role of High Lady of Cymeria.

The search for a prospective bride did not yield immediate results. While many of the noble ladies brought forward for Kimber’s consideration were lovely and intelligent women, none of them appealed to his deeper senses. If he were going to spend the rest of his life bonded to a mate, he needed for her to really connect with him. More than that, she needed to be connected to the Land. At last, feeling the search to be futile, Kimber agreed to an arranged marriage. All he requested that it not be too any of the women that had been presented to him to date - and that Gero of Dawnrunner Clan, his Ryndar, make the final choice. By mid-summer of 3500, a name had been put forward, an agreements made and Kimber prepared to meet his bride to be.

On Samhain’s Eve, 3500, Kimber put on a smile and descended to the Great Hall to meet his soon-to-be wife only to fall instantly and irrevocably in love. Sonja Ivanova was a vibrant and startling beautiful woman with hair the color of flame and emerald eyes. For the first two hours after being introduced, the usually glib and debonair High Lord was tongue tied and almost shy. Sonja was barely twenty, eighty years Kimber’s junior, but the age difference soon ceased to matter. The couple wed on Yule’s eve of that year.

The first few years of their marriage was kept exclusively for themselves and for Sonja to settle into the role of High Lady. The Cymry were graced with longer childbearing years than Menfolk races and they fault no urgency in the matter. In 3508, amidst rumors of the High Lady being barren, Sonja presented Kimber with the first of his children. Oksana was a bundle of creamy pale skin, flashing emerald eyes and red-gold hair. Her resemblance to her mother left Kimber speechless. Two years after the birth of Oksana, the pale haired Darya was born followed two years later by Anastasiya Valeria, whose hair wove strands of gold and near white in with sparks of flame.

In 3515, two years after the birth of Anastasiya, Mikhael Kanan Stormdanovich, the Heir was born, followed two years later by Ekaterina. Nine years later, Elyana was born and five years after the birth of Elyana, Sonja gave birth to her final child, Laryn.

Kimber and Sonja were devoted to one another almost to the exclusion of everything else in their lives. The only exception was Kimber’s undying devotion to Cymeria and his duties to the Land. Sonja, while a good and loving mother, was enough like Kimber for her to feel estranged from her two most difficult children, Anastasiya and Mikhael.

Personal History

9 Tachwedd (November) 3530

Laryn Sonara Stormdanovich was the final child born to Kimber and Sonja and though she was the baby of the family, she was not spoiled or demanding. She was a sweet-tempered and patient child with a thirst for learning. She was as loved by her parents as her six older siblings, and like them, was given into the hands of private tutors, nannies and governess'. Even at a young age, Laryn soaked up information like a dry sponge, absorbing all that was taught to her and locking it away. She took to horses and riding as easily as she could walk, learning to ride by the time she was five years of age. In addition to her regular education, Laryn was taught how to be a lady, well-mannered and respectful, polite to everyone she came across, never treating anyone like they were less than she was simply because she was High-Born into a ruling family.


Young Laryn was in her ninth year when her father, High Lord Kimber Stormdanovich was injured in battle and later succumbed to his wounds, passing onto the White Road. With the High Lord's death, Laryn's older brother, Mikhael, ascended to rule, taking on the mantle of High Lord. It would be only a few months later, December the 21st, that Sonja, already weakened by her final pregnancy with Laryn nearly a decade before, and pining away for her fallen husband, chose to follow him to the White Road. With both of the parents having passed, Laryn's eldest sister, Oksana and her husband Gareth, stepped in as *parents* for the younger girls, taking them into their guardianship, though most of Laryn's care was overseen by the same tutors and governesses before. They stayed in the family's main keep of Stormholm, though traveled back to K'harsten March on occasion as needed.


When Laryn reached her sixteenth year, she was sent into training with the Cymerian Guard as was mandated for all able-bodied men and women. During the first six months of the two and a half years of service, she was trained in all forms of weaponry and hand to hand combat. Laryn's small stature and natural grace and lightness made her an agile fighter. While she became skilled as a fighter, Laryn much preferred more peaceful ways. As her training period came to a close, all of Laryn's skills and attributes were evaluated as were her peers, and it was decided that she would suit well as a courier. It was a good fit, and Laryn very much enjoyed her two years in service. She enjoyed it so much that she opted to continue serving after her mandatory time was over.


Lady Laryn worked hard, never relying on her family name or position to give her what she wanted. Her loyalty, hard work and dedication were noticed and she was promoted to a High Level Courier, well trusted with deliveries of the utmost importance.


Laryn traveled with the others to celebrate the anniversary of the great Battle of D’Hassa. During the gathering, her brother Mikhael was attacked and he was forced to use his strength and ability in the Arcane. While she wasn’t instrumental in the attack at the gathering, it is something she will never be able to put out of her head as it’s made her stop and evaluate herself as a Cymry and the Cymry philosophy regarding magic as a whole.

Friends & Foes

Additional Character Info

Notes / References 9/10/17: Added description of Crosswinds Stable.