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Oréas of Moonhunter Pride

Name Oréas of Moonhunter Pride

Position Morrighan (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Wyr
Racial Class Chimera
Gender Male
Date of Birth 12 March 3407
Marital Status Lair Bond
Title Tidehunter (2nd in Command of the Ravens)
Rank Thane
Trade Raven, High Level Courier, Warrior
Other Titles Weaponmaster (honorific of the Wyr for an accomplished former warrior).
Aliases / Nicknames Windrunner - name of his wolf form

Oréas of Stormhunter Pride - changed clan name used inside the Ravens
Craft / Trade Officially: Morrighan; High Level Courier for House Stormdanovich

Unofficially: Raven

Oréas is listed as a member of the Morrigan (i.e. Harkanian High Guard) and as a high-level Courier allowing him to come and go from the High Lord's court and have access to the High Lord without question. Mikhael found it amusing to assign a Raven to the Morrigan.

Being the second in command of the Ravens, Oréas is responsible for many of the day-to-day operations of the network of eyes and ears the Ravens comprise. His cover as courier and one of the Morrigan makes it easy for him to bring messages and reports to the High Lord and no one wonders at all if courier of the High Lord is seen in a remote place, or even abroad. To outsiders, spies and other curious noses, the view is encouraged that Oreás is indeed the Raven leader (and no one wonders if he is seen a lot talking to the spokesperson of the Wyr), it is a ruse that serves to lure enemy spies or assassins the wrong direction.

Oréas still takes on especially dangerous assignments for the Ravens, especially retrieving critical intelligence from highly dangerous lands. His wolf shape might not travel as fast as a bird Wyr, but is all the more common in many countries of the North.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Stormholm Caer, Echo Hall (Caer Draenár)
Region / Province Caer Draenár, Harkania March
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow Village
City Dinas Ulchedir (Harkania)
Residence / Lodging Echo Hall*, Caer Draenár

*See Gero Nightunter of Dawnrunner Clan for details.
Original Birthplace Oréas was born in the war-camp situated in the Hunter’s Ravine on the Amber Islands. Like many expecting mothers his mother chose to make her lair near the Wellspring of the Golden Rose.

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 160 lbs.
Hair Heavy black hair, worn long, either open or tied back for practical reasons. Once wet his hair tends to curl a lot.
Eyes Very dark blue-violet, under some light they appear almost blue, while in lesser light the violet tinge becomes visible.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Oréas is of medium frame, but well muscled. He moves swiftly and precisely, there is strength in his stride, that some of his friends compare to his wolf form.
Marks / Scars Oréas has a few prominent scars, remains of old wounds, reminders of past battles. A long slash along his neck being the most visible - a scar his own father gave him in battle.

Tattoos: A Wyr life-tattoo on his left forearm depicting the Moonhunter.
Style Oréas usually dresses practically, and most of the time wears either leather armor or a chainmail shirt underneath a tunic. The latter serves to hide the fact that he rarely parts from his armor. When on a Raven mission Oréas dresses as whatever is necessary to blend in, though he is more likely to chose a lowly role over a distinguished one.
Character Looks Like Karl Urban as the character of Ghost in the movie Pathfinder.


Personality Traits - Very loyal
- Fierce courage
- Protective of friends and homeland
- Willing to do almost everything for Lord and Land
- Can be hard bordering on ruthless when it comes to achieving a mission
- Does not know when to quit.
- Deep down Oréas carries doubts, that stem from his father’s legacy
Personality Oreás is a warrior and protector through and through. Raised to the Iron Code of the Wyr, he cannot imagine a life that is not dedicated to others. After coming to Cymeria Oreás found his confidence anew and slowly outgrew the doubts Khadair’s legacy had burdened him with. He is fierce to ruthless when it comes to protecting the homeland he has come to love. When Cymeria’s royal house is threatened, he sets aside any bounds or morals - their protection is something that is a matter of personal honor to Oreás. Oreás is stongly emotionally tied to House Stormdanovich, he considered Mathias something of a friend, loved Kimber fiercely and almost reveres Mikhael. It is never smart to badmouth any of them in front of him. Oreás still carries the shame of failing to save Kimber in D’hassa.

Oréas carries the shadow of his father’s legacy within him, not just Khadair’s dark deeds that he witnessed, or was even ordered to assist, but also the very literal legacy of the blood. Khadair received powerful gifts from the Great Machine and chose a mate of similar strength, gifting Oreás with an almost unstable legacy. Oreás found stability after his warrior initiation, and he believes to this day, that it was Nighthunter’s blood that brought the fire inside him to some kind of peace. Still, there are nights when the nightmares about his father return, and he seeks out the closeness of his friends to get through the dark spell. There is very little Oreás truly fears, his greatest fear is becoming a monster of the kind his father was.
Mannerisms Oréas is direct in speech and manner, as long as he is allowed to be himself, if necessary he can assume a role, pretend to be a different kind of warrior and hide what he thinks. If he does, he likely comes across a grumpy or stoic. Oreás has one trait of his second from that can come across strongly in his human form: the ability to sit absolutely still and watch for prolonged periods of time. It happens mostly when he is watching someone or something.


Education When Oréas came to Cymeria he was barely able to read and write, due to his upbringing and early life, it is a skill he only picked up during his time in Cymeria. He speaks Saesneg, is reasonably able to understand the old tongue, he picked up enough Letanum and some other dialects during their wandering years and expanded that knowledge later in life. His native tongue is the language of the Wyr.

Oreas is by no means a scholar, though he remembers things he once learned well enough. He relies on Scyrane and other comrades for true scholarly knowledge.
Languages Wyran (native tongue) - fluent

Saesneg - fluent (bilingual)

Letanum - fluent, tendency to lower expression over high speech

Speaks several tongues and dialects that were spoken around the regions of the Inland Sea in past decades, he picked them up during the wanderings.

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Oréas is not as agile as a cat Wyr would be, his movements are more solid, but underneath it lies a much more powerful endurance.
Expertise Oréas is a reasonably good horseman, though he prefers to run on his own four paws when given the choice. He is a good runner in both forms, an agile climber and deft swimmer. His love for being outside and not sitting still shows in the way he moves about.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Growing up in a war camp and under the eyes of a demanding father Oréas learned to fight, to use weapons and basic tactics from childhood on. He was trained Wyr-style, using both forms as a weapon, and using anything else available as a weapon when necessary.

After opposing his father and joining the Nighthunters, Oréas learned more about the style of shadow-warfare, of traps and night attacks, of hit-and-run tactics and most of all how to use deception and fear as weapons.

After coming to Cymeria he entered compulsory service with the Guard and remained in service for many decades beyond his basic duty. Learning Cymerian warfare was first a challenge for Oréas, and he earned a reputation for being fierce, due to him having zero compunctions when it came to fighting and killing. Yet, having once learned an iron discipline as a child, he swiftly managed to balance both traits, the demands of restraint and his will to do whatever it took to accomplish the mission, making him ultimately a successful soldier.
Weapons Oréas weapons of choice are the longsword, throwing knives and spears. He can fight with sword and shield, but prefers to use a blade only, to swiftly switch from right to left hand, or use a dagger in the other hand. His arms are equally strong and while not fully ambidextrous he is fairly close and expanded his natural skill through training. When it comes to ranged weapons he prefers the Wyr hunting bow, but will use the crossbow whenever it seems the wise choice.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Race
Arcane Rank Passive
Affinity / Nature Wolf
Shape Shifting Oréas’ Wyr form is that of a huge black wolf, named Windrunner. Windrunner has thick fur and his coat is black from tip to toe without any lighter patches. If someone were to ruffle through his chest fur, they would find a number of scars that stem from Oréas jumping into a trap during their wandering years.
Arcane Defenses Oréas is the direct descendent of someone who went to the great machine, and her gifts are passed on to the children. As such he has a certain sense for someone shadow-touched being close or approaching, this sense is not precise, it is more of a feeling, the echo of the drum ringing out in the distance. When very close Oréas might be able to smell the traces of shadow, but only in wolf form.

Otherwise he inherited the unusual strength and size of his wolf form, along with a certain lust for hunting.

Family Tree

Spouse, Mate or Partner Kerowyn Snowspirit of Ghostwalker Pack; relationship is still forming, but both are beginning to consider it a commitment.
Children Khanduras of Moonhunter Pride (son): Khanduras was born shortly before Aira and Oréas split up again, their parting was mutual and expected. He remained with his father because they both were wolves. Khanduras recently underwent the Wyr Blood Initiation and serves in the Cymerian Guard.
Father Khadair of Moonhunter Pride: Khadair is assumed to still be alive on the Amber Isles, though most likely chained to the Stone Chair. His exact fate is unknown.
Mother Taringaile of Echosinger Clan (deceased)
Former Spouse(s), Partner(s) Oréas shared a mutual relationship with Aira of Forestsinger Clan, which resulted in a son, who was raised by Oréas after he and Aira realized that it was time “for the Hawk and the Wolf to hunt separately again.
Family Relationships Oréas knew his mother only for a short time, before she fell in battle. His father raised him and while their relationship was close at first, Oreás grew exceedingly estranged from Khadair the more he became erratic. Torn between the loyalty another close friend still showed the unstable Wyr leader and his own judgement, Oreás finally chose to oppose his father.

Family History

Oréas clan name has become famous and infamous due to his father Khadhair of Moonhunter Pride. Once a great leader in the war against Gul’durak, Khadhair became a tyranical despot over some of the Wyr population, resulting in a gory civil war. His courage as well as his ruthlessness are remembered among the Wyr, and while many will not speak of him openly, there also is the silent understanding that they all hope Khadhair’s strength with hold out, now that he is tied to the stone chair - for if his will fails before the last day comes, the multi-corporeal beast may be be freed.

Personal History

306 - 328

Oréas is the only child of Khadair of Moonunter pride, born during the war against Gul’durak, he grew into a warrior in his own right, during the civil war. Increasingly unhappy with his father’s tyrannical rule, Oreás secretly helped those trying to flee him, and silently considered killing his own father. Before he could try something desperate, he helped Brithonin and Reva to escape the warcamp after their father Eomarc had been executed. Brithonin convinced him to come with them and join the Nighthunters. In their leader - Nighthunter - Oreás found a mentor and a leader he could respect.

328 - 336

When the Ghostwall fell Oreás considered remaining on Coldrocks Island, because he carried too much of the legacy, but Gero’s request he come with them, made him join the journey across the world.

336 - 539

After coming to Cymeria Oreás first felt, that he might not be trusted, that he should not be allowed to stay, because of his past. It was Mathias’ friendship who encouraged him to stay, and find out that he could be different than his father. The loss of Mathias’ grieved Oreás greatly and he threw himself wholeheartedly into the service and protection of Mathias only son. While Kimber was a man as different from Oreás as possible, Oreás loved and respected him for his wisdom and gentle understanding. Failing to save Kimber in D’hassa is a shame he carries to this day. After he learned how grievously injured Kimber was, Oreás wasted no time on his own injuries, to search for solutions. He considered using the Wyr rite of sharing strength, but knew that the rite never had such powerful effect. He went as far, as seeking out the head of the Magi and asking him if they had any rite, method, blood-magic whatever, that could transfer his life energy to Kimber. The mages were quite horrified by the very thought and it needed Nighthunter’s interference to sort the situation.

539 - Present

Ultimately Oreás accepted Kimber’s passing and joined Gero in the founding of the Ravens, if not for that he’d have remained a warrior serving House Stormdanovich. In the years since he has come to revere Mikhael, because he not just a leader but a supreme warrior.

Friends & Foes

Family of the Heart Oréas has no other blood family, but he considers Brithonin, Tyrean and Scyrane to be his family. He also considered Reva a sister, until she fell in D’hassa.
Allies & Friends Mathias Stormdanovich (deceased): Mathias was the first Dryad Oréas ever met and he was a man Oréas greatly admired. They became friends over the years and Mathias’ friendship helped Oréas to make peace with his past. When Mathias took the White Road, Oréas could not understand such choice, but threw himself into protecting his son all the more fiercely.

Kimber Stormdanovich: while Kimber was much unlike his father and in many ways a man as different from Oréas as there could be, Oréas admired him greatly. His loss at D’hassa is something that Oréas still struggles with.

Mikhael Stormdanovich: Mikhael is a warrior that Oréas respects and a leader he admires. The way Mikhael turned around the fighting in D’hassa won him Oréas respect. Since helping to built the Ravens Oréas has worked more closely with Mikhael and come to revere him.

Gero of Dawnrunner Clan: Mentor, friend and comrade-in-arms, Oréas and Gero share a long history that reaches back to Oréas earliest childhood.

Kerowyn Stormdanovich: Ever since Mathias’ passing and Kerowyn’s subsequent retreat from public life, Oréas has made it a point to seek her out regularly. At first simply to ensure her well-being, but in time a friendship grew from that.
Adversaries & Foes Darius Ingtarius of Aquilone: Most hated archenemy. Oréas hates Darius with a passion and if he could hurt or harm him, he’d do so and gladly.

Additional Character Info