Elisabeth Blackburn

Name Elisabeth Blackburn

Position Innkeeper

Second Position Secondary Character

General Information

Aliases Formal - Elisabeth
Informal - Bess
Gender Female
Birthdate 10/13/1850
Age 25
Marital Status Single
Residence Hometown: London, England
Current Residence: Kalispell, MT - White Rose Inn & Cafe

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Build Small
Hair Color Dark chocolate, brown hair normally worn down or in a long braid.
Eye Color Dark brown, boardering black


Employment Employee of the White Rose Inn
Professional Skills Serving
Tending Bar


Self Defense Bess knows how to load a gun, but her aim is not the best.
Hobbies & Interests Practicing using her Colt Sheriff's Model handgun
Knitting everything from blankets to socks for her family
Leisurely walks through the town and countryside

Personality & Traits

Character Traits Affable
General Personality Elisabeth understands her place in this world. She is the daughter of an innkeeper and a scullery maid, nothing more. Dreams of rising above her station are mere fanciful flickers in her imagination that she doesn't dwell upon for more than a moment. Elisabeth has little time for daydreaming anyways; there is always work to be done around the inn and cafe.

Bess is very perceptive to her surroundings and sensitive to feelings of others. She relies on her intuition to tell her if something is amiss or displaced. While she is typically mild-mannered she can become assertive rather quickly depending on the situation. Brawling in the boarding house of cafe will earn an ice cold bucket of water dumped over your head, giving her an unsolicited grope might earn you a slap or a grope yourself, and stealing will get you humiliated in front of the entire pub.

On the rare occasion that Bess has a few moments peace or perhaps a day of freedom you will most likely find her strolling through the town, wandering the markets, or perhaps absorbing the natural beauty of the Kalispell's landscapes. Friends are a fair few and far in between for Elisabeth, but it hardly bothers her. She would rather spend her leisure time watching the pheasants fly in the dusky meadow or listen to the sounds of the nature surrounding her than keep company with a gaggle of women.

Bess is rather amiable and quite confident in herself and her abilities. The usual patrons find her to be sweet-tempered and sociable. She is never insincere but is sometimes pessimistic. If she knows the end is near, she is not going to cry for a white knight to rescue her. It is what it is, and there are some things you just can't change. Not to say that some things aren't worth fighting for, but that there comes a time when you have to be realistic about life.


Father Joseph Blackburn, 48 - Elisabeth's relationship with her father is more of a working one. While she doesn't resent him for the lack of care, she wishes that he'd show her as much affection as he does Sarah.
Mother Róisín "Rose" Blackburn, Deceased - Elisabeth's mother died when she was four years old. Her relationship with her was not memorable, but she does remember her warms hugs and the Gaelic lullaby she used to sing her to sleep.
Brother(s) Connor Blackburn, 30 - Her elder brother is not the hardworking man she once knew. He fell into the wrong crowd and is rumored to be a gunslinger. She no longer looks up to him but must look out for him.
Sister(s) Sarah Blackburn, 22 - Sarah is a thorn in Bess's side. She feels more like her nagging mother than an older sister. Elisabeth has to fight with her to get out of bed, let alone make it, as well properly do her chores.
Nore Blackburn, Deceased - Sarah's twin sister died when from cholera when she was about one year's old. Bess's only memories of Nora is her being quite the petulant playmate.

Friends & Foes

Friends TBD through gameplay
Foes TBD through gameplay

Personal History


Joseph and Róisín, "Rose", became acquainted when she took up a position as a scullery maid at his family's inn. The two were afraid that Rose would be dismissed for being a distraction to Joseph and his work. Yet, they carried on a secret romance until Rose became pregnant. Joseph's family was not keen on him fathering a bastard and reluctantly gave their blessing. The two were married just months before their first child was born.


Elisabeth Blackburn was the second child of Joseph and Rose Blackburn. Her brother, Connor, was the first born, followed by herself, then twin girls, Sarah and Nora. She was raised in her grandparent's inn and learned to appreciate hard work and.


At the tender age of four, more than half her family would become ill with cholera. A total of 616 people would lose their lives to the outbreak, three of which were family members.

The family was full of heartache for the loss of both Nora and Elisabeth's grandparents. The inn had been left to Joseph's eldest brother. Not five years later, Thomas would run the inn into the ground and be jailed for his debts. Without a steady income and the family name tarnished, Joseph took what little savings he had left and moved his family to America.


The journey to America was difficult and filled with more grief. Rose would die on the crossing from England and the rest of the family would arrive during the war between states. Joseph had little hope left and charged ahead with the remnants of his family West. There were rumors of gold and riches to be had in the lands of the American frontier.


In 1860, the Blackburn's settled in the thriving settlement of Fort Kalispell.

With the money Joseph had left, he purchased an older building and transformed it into the White Rose Inn, named for his late wife. The little ten-year-old Elisabeth grew up quickly grew up. The family's solemnity and sorrow faded in the years to come, but they would never be the same. Joseph constantly coddled Sarah and would panic if she did so much as sneeze. Meanwhile, Bess grew older and took on more chores.


When the civilian town of Kalispell was established, Joseph moved his little family and their inn.


Connor has all but abandoned the family, having fallen in with the wrong crowd. Elisabeth spends her days working for her father at the inn. Some days she spends as a barmaid serving the patrons and entertaining the weary travelers, and others she helps with the cooking and the wash. She knows her place in this world and only hopes that one day the inn will be hers.

Character Notes

Character Concept Elisabeth is an original concept that was inspired by the character Bess in Alfred Noyes' poem "The Highwayman".
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