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Song Chai

Name Song Xiang Chai

Position Mage (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Xian
Racial Class Menfolk
Gender Female
Date of Birth 12 November 3518
Marital Status Single
Rank Gyfrin (Mage)
Trade Seeker, Scholar (Theurgy Guild)
Aliases / Nicknames Silk Fox: Name given to Song by other Magi of the Theurgy Guild. It has come to be her code name although it is used by most people that know her and is not considered top secret.

Llwyn Sidan: In Heniaith, silk fox is llwynog sidan. Song often uses this as her nom de plume when traveling on Theurgy business.
Craft / Trade Theurgy Guild, Gyfrin

Gyfrin (Mage): In Cymeria, this is a rank and title given to members of the Theurgy Guild that have certain arcane gifts and have completed their training. The most valuable gift for a Gyfrin (literally translates to Mystic) is that of a seeker or those with extreme arcane sensitivity. As most are considered to have completed training to the level of mage, they are often referred to as Theurgy Mages. Gyfrin is both a rank and title.

Although not technically scholars, most Gyfrin are highly educated in arcane theory and legend. They have studied arcane languages extensively so that they can recognize arcane texts when they see them. When not questing for Shards or other arcane artifacts, most Gyfrin work as teachers or as assistants to various Theurgy priests and priestesses.

Gyfrin earn one of the highest wages within the Theurgy as their duties often put them into dangerous situations and requires travel. In addition to paying expenses and providing a substantial wage, the Theurgy provides either a stipend for housing if the Gyfrin has family and does not wish to live full time at the Sanctuary or, if they do reside in apartments within a Theurgy Sanctuary, their food and housing is free.

Note: In the Cymry Old Tongue, Gyfrin literally translates to “mystic”. Over time, however, it has come to mean Mage and is almost exclusively used by the Theurgy Guild.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Sanctuary
Region / Province Harkania March
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Snowvale Village
City Dinas Ulchedir (Harkania)
Residence / Lodging Sanctuary, Mt. Cysegr

Song has a room at the Theurgy Sanctuary on Mt. Cysegr (cysegr is Heniaith for sanctuary). Her room include a sleeping area that she has curtained off with beautiful silk tapestries, a small sitting area and a fireplace where she can prepare meals though she normally eats in the main dining hall with her fellow Guild mates. A small bathing chamber is shared with three other rooms that radiate out from it. Each quad also has a community reading and sitting area, but Song also has a small space set aside in her room.
Original Birthplace Zen Fox Inn, Aquitaine

The Zen Fox is located on Aquitaine's border closest to Tynar-Dazûr. Although Song spent the first twelve years of her life in Aquitaine, it seems rather distant to her now.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 2"
Weight 110 lbs.
Hair Black with natural blue highlights; Song's hair is sleek and as black as a raven's wing. It thick and straight, worn long, usually hanging to Song's hips. Like many active women, she often wears it in a long single braid or coiled on top of her head. Due to being braided so much of the time, when worn loose, the ends tend to wave or curl slightly.
Eyes Dark Brown / Black: Eyes are such a dark shade of brown that they appear black. They are large, almond shaped and set at a provocative slant like all of her father's race. Her eyelashes are medium length, but very thick. Song’s eyebrows are dark and naturally arched, following the shape of her eyes.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Song is petite to small in build but carries herself well and with a proud grace that can make her seem larger than she is. Though relatively light in weight, it is almost all work conditioned muscle so she is stronger than her appearance would indicate.
Marks / Scars Scars: Song does not have any pronounced scars although she has her fair share garnered from training accidents and fighting as needed.

Body Art: Has a small henna colored tattoo on her inner right wrist. It is the Xian symbol for life and her father tattooed it on her before sending her out of Aquitaine.
Style Although current information on Xian fashion is hard to come by, Song favors the mode of dress that she remembers from her father and that she has observed during her travels as a mage. She favors short kimono-style tunics with wide sleeves and form fitting leggings when she is traveling on Theurgy business. Song normally wears a form fitting undershirt beneath the tunic so she can shed it should it prove a hindrance. When at home or on duty at Sanctuary, Song favors the full-length silken robes of her father’s people.
Character Looks Like Natasha Liu Bordizzo from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny


Personality Traits - Quiet, soft spoken
- Confident, self-assured
- Serene
- Strong willed
- Can be over confident
Personality Song is a quietly confident woman. Growing up within the Theurgy Guild gave her a certain assurance of manner that makes her stand out from other women in her age and class. Song is confident in her abilities as a Mage for the Guild and in her knowledge of arcane powers, though she possesses none other than the sensitivity to the esoteric herself.

Song Chai spent a period of her youth conflicted due to the religious beliefs she was raised with versus the beliefs of the Chimera and her Mage training. It was a difficult period for her, but over time, she realized that the nature of magic was not inherently evil, but often those that sought to use it were...or sometimes the magic had been corrupted by corrupt individuals and it passed this to its user.

Song is strong-willed, self-assured and almost always very composed. She is soft-spoken and quietly confident in her skills and abilities. She is sometimes too sure of herself, especially on Quests and abhors the thought of failing in an assignment, to the point she can take unnecessary risks to accomplish the Quest. Overall, Song is one of those rare individuals that is so balanced and knows herself so well, there is true harmony within her.
Mannerisms In demeanor, Song is rather quiet, preferring to observe and speak little. When engaged in a subject of interest, however, Song is quite a lively conversationalist with a pretty, lilting voice and a tendency to emphasize her points with elegant hand gestures. She is a woman who is rarely angered by anything and this serenity seems to extend to those around her.


Education As a Mage of the Theurgy, Song is highly educated. She can read and write in several languages, read some arcane texts and runes, and work complex sums and equations. She is gaining a tremendous knowledge on history (general and arcane). Since her position requires travel, she is also learning much in regards to other lands and cultures.
Languages Fluent: Xian, Luminar, Drukar, Saesneg

Reads: Heniaith (archaic and modern)

Learning: Wyrvar, Vanisk Tunga, Latinum

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Song Xiang Chai is inherently graceful to many years of study in the martial arts of her father's homeland, Xia. She is as agile as a cat with superb innate balance. She is also light footed and can run as fast as many men with twice her length of stride. Song moves easily and athletically. Song is predominantly right handed, but due to training, she functions very well with both hands although she finds writing a chore with her left.
Expertise Excellent horsewoman, can swim and is comfortable aboard boats and ships although not an expert sailor.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills As a foreigner to Cymeria, Song was exempt from training and serving with the Cymerian Guard. However, her schooling as a Mage included self-defense skills. She also brought with her a form of hand-to-hand combat taught to her and her brothers by her father. She was already quite skilled when brought out of Aquitaine by Jorth and Jalael. She has continued to train herself and hone those skills even though she had had to blend some traditional hand-to-hand fighting with the discipline of Fúkèsī Zhī Lù (the Way of the Fox).

She has also been trained in swordsmanship, first by her father and then by the Theurgy.

Hand-to-Hand Skills

The Zen Fox is named for a legendary martial arts master in Xia. The story tells of a man who was with the Ancient 7 who had to choose their totem animal and then prove themselves in battle with one another. The greatest among them would be the next Warlord of Xia. Six of the men chose mighty creatures...dragons, eagles, lions, tigers, sabercats and wolves. But the last to choose, chose the fox whereupon the others laughed, stating he would be easily defeated. But fox is clever and quiet and unobtrusive. It can hide in plain sight. The man defeated the six, but declines the title of Warlord. Instead, he retired to the mountains and became the first Grand Master in the martial art discipline known as The Way of the Fox or Fúkèsī Zhī Lù. In the centuries since, the name has been shorted to Zhî Lû.
Weapons Swords: Song chose to train with a smaller sword that is commonly called a butterfly sword. Most often, this type of weapon is used as a pair and in concert with some form of martial art. Song is highly skilled in both.

Throwing Stars: Rather than a dagger or throwing knives, Song carries numerous throwing stars tucked about her person and in her gear. She is highly proficient and accurate with them, even in fairly close quarters. They are made in varying sizes and shapes, some of them even fold and the blades will snap out when thrown. The smallest have sharp spikes and can be scattered on the ground, potentially injuring feet or a horse's hooves if they become embedded in the frog.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Gift
Arcane Title Gyfrin
Arcane Rank Master
Arcane Abilities Song Chai’s gift as a seeker is very passive and there are no physical signs of its existence except for the reaction of some magical talismans, such as the Shards. When near anything of an arcane nature, she simply feels its presence, whether it is a person, place or thing. She can sense the nature of the arcane...dark magic, light magic, or simply neutral.

The ability to sense the nature of an arcane person or artifact is a small measure of defense for the Theurgy Mages as it will warn them of potential danger. For example, if an area has been warded or trapped (such as one of the henges), Song would likely know to avoid it.

Family Tree

Father Soon Young Chai: Living, mid-50s

Soon Young Chai was a wealthy, successful merchant marine in Xia. With the coming of the newest Khan, however, he found his position becoming more and more dangerous and unstable. He made the decision to exile himself from Xia, loaded a great ship with the majority of his wealth and sailed for Aereth. In a succession of moves, he established himself in Aquilonia. On a business trip to Aquitaine, he stopped at a nice tavern and inn where he met the innkeeper's beautiful daughter, Olivia, and fell instantly in love. Without hesitation, Soon liquidated his assets around Aereth, married Olivia and settled down to a wealthy innkeeper's life. In time, he purchased the establishment from Olivia's father, set him up comfortably and remodeled the inn adding a small tavern that served dishes from his native Xia as well as beer, mead, and wines.
Mother Olivia Desmond Chai: Living, wife of Soon Young Chai and co-owner, patroness of the Zen Fox Inn and Tavern.
Brother(s) Song has two older brothers who are alive and well, settled farms near the inn. There was also a younger sister who died of fever as an infant.
Family Relationships Song was always close to her father and brothers, but once her arcane abilities manifested, her mother literally could not bear to be in the same room with her. Naturally, this hurt the girl and in response, she lashed out. After her father sent her away with the Theurgy Mages, she was bitter and angry. In recent years, fences have been mended and, when safe, her brothers and father sneak letters to her. She will not risk sending letters to them but if she hears of Ravens or Dwarrow traveling to the vicinity of the Zen Fox, she will send word.

Family History

Soon Young Chai was a wealthy, successful merchant marine in Xia. With the coming of the Khan, however, he found his position becoming more and more dangerous and unstable. He made the decision to exile himself from Xia, loaded a great ship with the majority of his wealth and sailed for Aereth. In a succession of moves, he established himself in Aquilonia. On a business trip to Aquitaine, he stopped at a nice tavern and inn where he met the innkeeper's beautiful daughter, Olivia, and fell instantly in love. Without hesitation, Soon liquidated his assets around Aereth, married Olivia and settled down to a wealthy innkeeper's life. In time, he purchased the establishment from Olivia's father, set him up comfortably and remodeled the inn adding a small tavern that served dishes from his native Xia as well as beer, mead, and wines.

Olivia presented Soon with two sons and a daughter. Another daughter was born, but died in infancy of the fever.

Personal History


The daughter was named Song Xiang Chai. Song was a comely child with a promise of future grace and elegance when at some twelve years in age, two strangers came to stay at the Zen Fox Inn. As was usual, Song was helping out by carrying clean towels and linens up to the private suite the two strangers requested. A serving girl had just left their meal when Song arrived. Immediately, the woman stiffened, watching Song closely, but she said nothing other than giving the girl a coin for her efforts and thanking her very kindly for bringing up the clean bed linens.

It was winter and the brother and sister, as Song learned they were, wound up having to extend their one night stay due to inclement weather. Three days later as the snows finally let up, Song was helping the pair pack for their departure when a gemstone slipped from the woman's hand. Instinctively, Song bent to retrieve it, but stopped before handing it to the woman, Jalael. The dark green gem was glowing from within. Song knew she should be terrified and should summon her parents, magic was anathema to Aquitaine. But, she was not frightened, she was intrigued.

Jalael gently took the stone from the child, thanked her for her help and, along with her brother Jorth, sought out Soon Chai and his wife Olivia. The conversation lasted for hours with the final outcome being that Song's parents entrusted her to the two strangers. Soon had converted to the Cult Luminaris, but he was not about to allow his daughter to fall into the hands of the Templars. He could easily give service to the religion for the sake of his wife and children, but not at the expense of them. Olivia, on the other hand, while devastated upon learning her beloved Song held magic in her soul, she was also terrified of her. Song was old enough to understand that she was no longer safe in Aquitaine and might be a danger to the entire family.

During the long journey, which involved fleeing first into Tynar-Dazûr to evade pursuit, the Sentry and the Mage took time to tell Song of their home, where they were taking her and why. Much of it was hard to understand, but they were kind and patient and Song knew they were her salvation.

At long last, after months of travel, they reached the Sanctuary of the Theurgy Guild. Jorth and Jalael introduced Song to the High Elder who was charmed with the quiet child although he was concerned about introducing her into the Creche as she was older than most children raised within the walls of Sanctuary. This concern came up in a meeting with High Lord Kimber. He immediately consulted with his wife and they insisted the child be brought to them. She was only a couple of years younger than their son and nearly the same age as another of their daughters.


Song settled readily into the household. In order to train, Song spent a great deal of time at Sanctuary where she had a private room rather than living within the Creche. During the routine breaks allowed in order to let the children relax and just be children, Song returned to Stormholm. She missed her blood family, but was kept so busy with her education and training that this soon faded as she blended into her new life.


After completing her apprentice and journeyman levels, Song was granted the rank of Mage as she held the gift of a seeker. Though she now had her own room in one of the Sanctuary quads, Song was often at the Stormholm Caer to visit or bring reports and news from her journeys. There was also the lessons in the Way of the Fox to be given to the reigning High Lord.

3533 - Present

Song has continued to hone her gift and enjoys her life as a Mage. She has since trained incoming mages, one of them being Brán of Coldshade Heights. She has also taken on the role of information gatherer for Gero’s Ravens bringing back tidbits of news she has garnered in her travels.

Friends & Foes

Allies & Friends Brán of Coldshade Heights: Ally and friend. Song was originally Brán’s mentor, but in recent years they have been partnered as a team.

Additional Character Info