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Ynella Penhallow

Name Ynella Penhallow

Position Scholar (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Cymry
Racial Class Chimera
Gender Female
Date of Birth 13 December 3400
Marital Status Widowed
Title Lady
Trade Scholar
Other Titles Arglwyddes (Lady) of Penhallow: This is more an indication of status than a true title. Penhallow is a wealthy estate and as its mistress and technically head of the household (ancient Cymry lines tend to be matriarchal to some extent), it is proper to address her as Arglwyddes.

Ladi Penhallow: Ladi is something of a Cymerian Highlander version of Arglwyddes and is often used as a friendly or affectionate title or greeting.

It would be equally proper to address Ynella as Lady, Lady Ynella, Mistress Ynella or use her surname of Penhallow (i.e. Lady Penhallow).
Aliases / Nicknames Nell: Shortened form of Ynella used by close friends and family.
Craft / Trade Scholar, Weaver

Ynella has no need to work as she receives a stipend from her dowry and her husband if a very wealthy man. However, she believes that idle hands encourages mischief.

She is a well respected scholar and is often contracted as a teacher or to decipher texts for the Theurgy Guild. She is all a locally renowned weaver of robes and cloaks.

While not income generating, Ynella is often sought out to do readings using her Moonsinger abilities. If the person’s need is genuine, she will usually do her best. If she senses anything at all that she considers nefarious, she will refuse her services.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Penhallow Manse
Region / Province Coedwig March
Country of Residence Cymeria
City Dinas Afon (River City)
Residence / Lodging Ynys o Wydr (Isle of Glass), Dinas Afon (River City)
Ynys o Wydr or Ynys o'Wydr (Isle of Glass) is a barrier island that lies just west of the port city of Dinas Afon in Coedwig. The name of Ynys o Wydr, the Isle of Glass originated because, at dawn and dusk, the island appears to float slightly above the sea and shimmered like glass. The island itself is the basis of many legends and tales.

Ynys o Wydr (also Ynys o'Wydr) is solely owned by the Penhallow family and only the great Penhallow Manse occupies the island. A manmade stone causeway leads to the mainland where the rest of the estate lays. The mansion seems to be carved from the island itself. It is constructed of a sand colored stone and laid out in the shape of a U with the front, the bottom of the U, facing out to sea. The interior is a large partially covered courtyard that opens to the causeway. Penhallow is three stories, but does not have a basement. Instead, the ground floor of the long west wing serves as both stable and storage having wide doors opening to the courtyard. The seaward wing, the bottom of the U, is flanked on either side by towers that rise above the top-most story by another two levels. Instead of walls of wood or stone, the top floor of each tower is made of a thick glass. In the past, the towers served as lighthouses. In recent years, a modern tower has been constructed closer to the entrance of Dinas Afon's harbor.

The south (seaward wing), east wing and the two towers serve the family's living space while the west wing, along with storage, has stabling for three or four horses and their supplies.

There are kitchen gardens in the courtyard, but most livestock and other farming is done on the mainland where the Penhallows own a very small farm that is managed by a retainer and his family.
Original Birthplace The Isle of Light (Ynys o Olau) is another of Coedwig's barrier islands further east than Ynys o'Wydr. It is a larger, mountainous island that is home to a hardy sheep with an unusually silken wool. Unlike Ynys o'Wydr, The Isle of Light is settled, albeit sparsely with a very small village having grown up around the estate of the House o'Anwyl.

The town is called Trefy'môr (derived from tref y môr which means town of the sea in Heniaith).

The family estate is Gwyliomôr Dal (literally watch sea hold but spoken as Seawatch Hold in Saesneg.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 145 lbs.
Hair Auburn: Reddish brown with natural shades of red and gold mingled in. Ynella’s hair tends to be a riot of curls and waves and she considers taming it into anything presentable to be quite the challenge. Even when worn in a severe bun or tight braid, it tends to escape its confines to curl about her face.
Eyes Blue Gray: Ynella’s eyes are a deep shade of blue-gray that range in shade from light to dark depending on the colors around her such as her clothing. When using her Moonsinger abilities, they tend to shade more gray than blue, a color that is commonly called Twilight Eyes. Ynella’s eyes are wide-set, large and luminous, carrying a hint of the mystery that surrounds her.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Ynella is medium framed and quite tall for a Cymry woman. Her figure tends to be more athletic than curvaceous. Her limbs are long and leanly muscled due to her enjoyment of swimming for exercise and sailing.
Marks / Scars No significant scars beyond the usual assortment garnered during her training and service in the Cymerian Guard.
Style Ynella dresses for the occasion usually wearing well-made but casual robes and gowns when at home although she is equally comfortable in leggings and tunics.
Character Looks Like Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall in the television series, Outlander.


Personality Traits - Strong willed
- Intelligent
- Rational
- Self-confident
- Fiercely defends her beliefs and convictions
- Articulate
- Can be overly cautious
Personality Ynella's elements are fire and water. Two elements this diametrically opposed should cause deep conflict. In Ynella, however, the two elements come together creating a fiery personality overlaid with the calm coolness of the deep sea.

Ynella Penhallow is a strong woman, highly intelligent and very confident in herself and her powers. Her fiery temperament is held in check, as a rule, by a coolly rational and logical mind. She is not, however, opposed to a heated debate or discussion, usually with her husband.

She can usually see through various distractions and red herrings to the heart of an issue and, while she can fiercely defend her position in a debate, she can do it with a cool logic that belies her fiery nature. She is quite intelligent and very inquisitive.

Often overly cautious, especially in matters involving the Cymry, Ynella often risks losing a vote or support by wavering on when to speak up.
Mannerisms Ynella has a pleasantly clear voice which she utilizes well in both song and speech. Her accent is light and indicative of her education being considered cultured. When speaking, she uses her hands to emphasize the point she is making although her gestures are not large.

In general, she presents herself as calm, elegant and gracious. Unlike many Cymry women, Ynella is confident enough to allow her powerful aura to show to some extent leading many to describe her as a witch. She finds this appellation more amusing than insulting.


Education Ynella has had a formal education and can read, write and do sums with relative ease. She also has extensive knowledge of the arcane.
Languages Heniaith: Ynella is fluent in the Cymry Old Tongue, speaking and reading it with ease. She has also learned some of its archaic dialects and arcane variations.

Saesneg: Fluent

Gullah: Gullah is more a patois than a true language of its own. It is a mingling of Heniaith and Saesneg that developed in the islands and coastal areas of Coedwig.

Drukar (Dwarrow): Reasonably fluent as she often deals with Dwarrow trade delegations in Dinas Afon.

Stygian: Can read Stygian and speak it with some effort, but has only mastered a bit of their complex calligraphy. Ynella has also been taught math and can do complex sums and equations.

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Ynella is a woman of the outdoors and quite active and athletic. She has no limitations on her ability to move and is quite graceful and agile. Ynella has a swinging easy stride when walking with purpose which is her usual mode. She finds strolling tiresome and irksome.
Expertise Swimming: Ynella is an island girl and loves to be in the water. As the temperatures in Coedwig are warm year round, she can indulge her love of swimming in the sea. Additionally, to indulge his wife, Riordan has had a room constructed with one of the first swimming pools in existence. The water is pumped in from the sea and warmed through the hypocaust system that heats the manse.

Sailing and Boating: Ynella could easily captain her own sailing ship. She is an accomplished sailor.

Equestrian: Ynella is a competent and comfortable on horseback, but prefers walking to riding.

Fishing / Shellfishing: Conversant with where to find the best shellfish and where to go to catch the best fish for dinner.

Artist, Weaver: Ynella is an accomplished artist and enjoys painting watercolor seascapes. Some of her work has sold for a decent price although she prefers to give her artwork away to those that genuinely admire it. She is also a skilled weaver and has a steady commission for her robes and cloaks.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Ynella received her weapons and combat training during her two years of service with the Cymerian Guard. She has since maintained this training in a belief that magic is not always the answer for self defense or offense.
Weapons Daggers: Ynella's preferred weapon is a long slender dagger, but she also has a pair of tiny daggers with an almost ice-pick type blade that fit into a pair or ornate silver bracelets.

Sword: Ynella is proficient with a sword, but does not carry one unless forced to travel alone into potentially dangerous territory. As a lady of means, she most often hires a group of Guardsmen to act as security.

Speargun: While not traditionally a weapon, Ynella is highly skilled in the art of spearfishing and often carries a small speargun (modified crossbow) which she can use with deadly accuracy. Likewise, she is equally good with short spears.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Race
Arcane Title Witch of Glass Isle
Arcane Rank Derwydd
Affinity / Nature Fire, Ice: Like fire and water, these two elements are rarely found as a dual affinity. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and control to manage both simultaneously.
Arcane Abilities The House o'Anwyl is technically a sept of another of the thirteen ancient pure bloodlines. This has ceased to matter as time has made it more and more difficult to track the pure Cymry bloodlines. Still, members of the House o'Anwyl are proud of their lineage and their children are taught the arcane arts almost from birth.

Ynella is a Derwydd Moonsinger and an archadept when it comes to the use of her arcane powers.

*For details regarding a Cymry Derwydd and Moonsinger’s abilities, please see the Cymry Codex Arcanus.
Arcane Defenses Ice: Can summon water in the form of ice (hail, frozen rain, snow). It will not stop a sword thrust but will slow it down especially if the wielder's arm becomes is pelted by ice or becomes particularly cold. It is fairly effective at slowing or deterring a thrown weapon or one fired from a bow or crossbow. Ynella can also fire a stream of ice daggers by channeling and directing it through an object (usually a sword or dagger). She can do the same thing through her hands, but it seems to lose force when she does so.

Cold Fire: Ynella can create a cold fire and channel it via an implement (usually a staff, sword, scepter, dagger, etc.). The fire will burn those it touches, but in the same manner ice burns. While she can generate a hot flame and use in a similar fashion, she finds it harder to control, channel and direct.

Illusions: As a Moonsinger, Ynella’s illusions - usually made up of elements of ice and fire - are particularly real. She can, if needed, make a person feel as if they are being burned in a freezing cold fire or are trapped in an ice storm.
Weaknesses / Limitations True hot fire is difficult for Ynella to control and channel. Other than that, her abilities are subject to the same limitations as all Cymry.

Family Tree

Children Dafina Penhallow (Daughter, early 30s)

Bronwyn Penhallow (Daughter, late 20s)

Llion Penhallow (Son, late 20s)

Gwlithen Penhallow (Daughter, mid-20s)

Details for Riordan and Ynella's children will be added if they become pertinent to the story.
Father Ifor o'Anwyl (d. 3476)
Mother Madeln o'Anwyl (d. 3475)
Brother(s) Celwyn o'Anwyl (Older Brother, 5 years)
Former Spouse(s), Partner(s) Syr Riordan Penhallow (m. 3450, d. TBD)

The time and manner of Riordan's passing will be determined.
Family Relationships Ynella is a strong woman and has equally strong bonds to her children and late husband. Her relationship with her brother who is now her family’s patriarch varies. He tends to be somewhat dictatorial which annoys or amuses Ynella depending on the situation. He was also highly critical of Riordan’s ambitions.

Before the passing of her parents, Ynella had a good relationship with both and credits them with allowing her the freedom to learn.

Family History

Dŷ o'Anwyl (House o'Anwyl) settled on the Isle of Light (Ynys o Olau) during Interregnum. Prior to that, the majority of the clan resided in the northern region of Coedwig. They withdrew rather than become embroiled in the conflict. Upon settling the island, they found another resident…a small hardy breed of sheep with a particularly silky fine wool. They domesticated the animals and subsequently began trading in their wool which is particularly prized by K’harsten Aeldmiri silk weavers as it can be blended with the silk without degrading it thus making both products go further and strengthening the silk.

Personal History

3400 - 3443

Ynella, the eldest of four daughters with only one older brother, was born and raised on the island. Although her family was descended from one of the oldest arcane bloodlines, they took little care or notice of the various bloodline motivated contentions. They did, however, believe in seeing their daughter trained and educated in the best of Cymry traditions. In between times spent with tutors and mentors, Ynella ran wild on the island, learning to fish and hunt with her older brother, to shear and tend the sheep, and how to comb and weave the wool into fine garments, rugs, and even tapestries. She was also encouraged to explore her artistic nature. One of her tutors taught her the basics of oils and watercolors.

3443 - 3450

Although a brilliant and powerful adept, Ynella, like her family initially chose not to get involved in the political maneuverings of the Mathian Council. She was, therefore, quite surprised when she received a request to attend a meeting of the highly secretive Council. Asked to arrive early, she was greeted by Barrett de Laney, the Council Elder. He then informed her she had been asked to attend because there was a vacancy on the Council that needed filled. There were several contenders for the seat, all with strong backgrounds and bloodlines, but none that were not without questionable agendas. Barrett wanted to introduce fresh blood to the Council, preferably a bloodline without a long history on the Council and who might offer a more rational voice when things became heated. Intrigued, as well as persuaded by the old man’s sincerity, Ynella agreed.

Contention over her nomination was fierce, but in the end, the Council’s inability to come to a consensus won Ynella the seat. After the meeting, she was welcomed by a young man who introduced himself as Riordan Penhallow. The amused twinkle in his hazel eyes sparked a bit of temper in Ynella who determined to refuse any further advances. Within only a few Council Gatherings, however, she was quite taken by Riordan and his passionate, sometimes antagonistic, arguments with the other Council members. At times, it seemed he argued just for the sake of arguing. On a number of occasions, Ynella found herself the one sparking back at him. Council debates turned into quieter discussions and walks along the lake at the Council’s hidden stronghold. When he finally asked if she would consider him as a husband if he sought her family’s permission, Ynella said yes as passionately as she had, in times past, argued with him.

Through the Council and later her marriage to Riordan, Ynella was given further opportunities to train and hone her Cymry skills. One of her teachers was old, blind Barrett de Laney himself whom she came to love as a second father. Early on, he recognized Ynella’s power and saw her as a good match for Riordan. In his own way, Barrett was furthering the cause of the Cymry, just not to one extreme or another as was often advocated by the Council.


In the year 3533, Riordan returned from a shellfish outing with a young man he had found stranded on one of the tiny islands not many leagues from Glass Isle. The young man turned out to be one that Ynella had expected to arrive, but as her visions of his sojourn with them brought mixed messages, she was reluctant to engage with him. She eventually became one of his mentors and a firm friendship developed. The young man was the future High Lord, Mikhael Stormdanovich.

3533 - 3550

Married and settled in Penhallow Manse, Ynella has continued to grow and gain confidence in herself as a woman and an adept. She is one of the Council leaders and while she does not always agree with Riordan, she does love and respect him. Around their home of Penhallow and the city of Dinas Afon, she is recognized as an educated woman of some renown and considered a scholar. Her other reputation, that of a seeress and witch, brings its own rewards and challenges.

September 3550

During the Gathering for the Ceremony of Oaths in D’hassa, Ynella’s skills were put to the test when a young mage from the Theurgy was wounded by a Dark Templar and thus infected with the Shadow Taint. It took all of her skills to draw the taint from him, but she was successful.

3550 - Present

Sometime between the end of the Gathering in D'hassa and the present, Ynella's husband, Riordan Penhallow, died under mysterious circumstances. Details will be added as they become pertinent to the story.

Friends & Foes

Family of the Heart High Lord Mikhael Stormdanovich (3533 - Present): Ynella met Mikhael when he was exiled by his father and wound up trapped on a barrier island near the Glass Isle. Along with her husband, she became one of his arcane mentors and, ultimately, a loyal friend and staunch ally.
Allies & Friends

Adversaries & Foes Manon ap Nuallyn (50 +/- years): Ynella met Manon after she was chosen for a seat on the Mathian Council. Manon, whose arcane affinity is fire and water, recognized a kindred soul in Ynella and, at first, sought her out, seemingly to form a friendship. However, it soon became clear to Nell that the other woman wanted nothing more than to ascertain how adept she was and to keep tabs on her. The two women often clash during meetings of the Council.

Additional Character Info