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Aramil Moonshadow

Name Aramil Moonshadow

Position Mage (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Cymry
Racial Class Chimera
Gender Male
Date of Birth 05 June 3521 (29 yrs)
Marital Status Single
Rank Sentinel
Trade Mage, Warrior
Craft / Trade Bowyer/Fletcher
While Aramil is issued a stipend while questing for the Theurgy, he will supplement it with income from repairing and constructing bows.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Mynydd Cysegr (Mt. Sanctuary)
Region / Province Harkania
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Wayhaven
City Dinas Ulchedir
Residence / Lodging The Theurgy keeps a room at Sanctuary for Aramil, but he also maintains a small bungalow in Wayhaven paid for by his bowyer business, not far from his parents's home. It is a simple affair, mainly a single room with basic furnishings. Enough to be comfortable and to study away from Sanctuary.
Original Birthplace Aramil was born in a modest home in Wayhaven, two days ride from Sanctuary. The town is mainly a farming community, though there are commercial businesses in the town square, and a Guard garrison nearby. The town sits near a strategic high road intersection on the way to Sanctuary.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 175 lb
Hair Long, platinum blonde, held back in a short plait to keep it out of his face. When he is home, he will let it hang loose, only tamed by a simple circlet.
Eyes Brown with flecks of gold.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Thin, wiry
Marks / Scars A few here and there from sword sparring that haven't quite healed right. The most severe of which is across his left thigh.
Style While on the road he keeps it utilitarian with earth tones and straps and pouches where needed. If he is at home in Cymeria, he will opt for more elaborate robes appropriate to his social standing. Overall, he will adopt the local norms in an attempt to blend in when staying somewhere for an extended period.
Character Looks Like Austin Butler as Wil in The Shannara Chronicles


Personality Traits Stubborn
Personality Stubborn
He will lean on his sword training before any detailed tactical analysis. This can often get him into trouble. While it worked well as a Guardsman, out on the road things can be more fluid.

When he puts his mind to something, he can be quite effective. When not running headlong into battle, he can creatively analyze the situation and figure out possible solutions.

It is difficult for him to trust on first meeting. Part of this is due to his upbringing, but also due to his education where he focused on the dangers of the hinterlands. That said, he can and will learn to trust.

Aramil often assumes leadership of a quest or group. Especially if he has a personal stake in it. He can and will work under others, but it will take a strong personality.

When he is new to a group and/or is not the leader, he will remain quiet and simply observe, putting his voice in when needed, but concisely. He can easily relax when danger is not imminent.
Mannerisms Aramil will often sharpen his sword when sitting still for an extended period. If he is simply relaxing, he will lean deeply into the chair. His walk is determined and confident, though soft. His hand is nearly constantly upon his sword hilt, even when peace-tied. When wanderlust hits, he can be fidgety and will pace, a contrast to his usual relaxed demeanor.


Education Aramil's basic education was provided by his mother. While much of it was magical in nature, she did diversify with sums, history, literature, and other subjects as much as she could.

His Guard training is combat-related where he learned hand-to-hand defense, swordsmanship, horsemanship, and ranged weapons. Aramil additionally spent 7 years in Theurgy training to become a Sentinel. Once reaching Journeyman, he was ready to Quest. Further training and rank increases would be completed on his own.
Languages Heniaith - Reads, speaks poorly
Gaelic - Fully fluent
Saesneg (English) - Fully fluent

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility As part Sidhe, Aramil is highly dexterous. He walks with a sure foot and purpose, especially when on a quest. At home he can relax and practically melt into a chair. In combat, his fluid movements have been described as "dancing."
Expertise Aramil is a fair horseman, basic swimmer, and an excellent swordsman.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Aramil possesses the high level of combat training provided by the Cymerian Guard. He is skilled with the sword, shield, and hand-to-hand combat. This skill has also been supplemented by Theurgy Sentinel training. He does not utilize armor beyond simple leathers, preferring to rely on his own dexterity to dodge blows. Sometimes this does not work to plan, as evidenced by his scars.
Weapons Sword
A master swordsman. He prefers using his sword in conjunction of a shield, but is skilled with the sword alone. His preferred blade is a longsword but can easily adjust to a rapier or smaller blade. Broadswords are more difficult for him simply due to the weight.

Mediocre skill level. He knows how to use it, and can hit a target, but he is not very good.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Race
Arcane Rank Journeyman
Affinity / Nature Wood, Trees
Arcane Abilities Wood Manipulation
Aramil can alter the length and bend of dried wood. This is especially helpful in his bowyer trade. If the wood holds any life in it (sap), then the wood resists the manipulation. Under extreme effort, he can warp living wood. The amount of alteration possible is inversely related to the size of the object. A stick is easier to bend than a door.

Tree Reading
Aramil can "read" the trees, in that he can gain environmental information by watching the swaying of trees. This is beyond natural knowledge. The information he can get includes estimated fauna population and behavior, and the nature of the forest itself.

Wish-level healing from his Sidhe heritage. He doesn't have any training to hone the skill, but can, in emergencies, fully heal a minor wound or stabilize a more severe one.

Aramil's Sidhe and Cymry halves compliment each other in his magical abilities. This corresponds to his affinity and a higher ability over an average member of his Cymry house.
Weaknesses / Limitations With a lack of training on his Sidhe side, he has trouble focusing the energies. If he is stressed or distracted, his healing ability can backfire and cause more damage.

Family Tree

Father Barrett Goldspar, Step-father

Emenrel (biological father, deceased; see family history)
Mother Dewyn Moonshadow, Gyfrin and Derwydd.
Brother(s) Three younger step-brothers: Barrett (junior), Grant, and Fabian.
Family Relationships Aramil holds a close relationship with his mother, but is distant to his step-father and step-brothers.

Family History

Aramil's Sidhe ancestry isn't known; Emenrel did not share it with Dewyn. Given Aramil's features and the description of Emenrel Dewyn gave, it is thought he has Lervallaine ancestry.

Aramil's Cymry ancestry is easier to trace. He is descended from House Moonshadow through his mother. Moonshadow is a lesser house, mostly of soldiers and tradesmen. Being a house that puts less importance on pedigree, intermarriages were quite common. While the genetics became diverse and healthy, magical ability slowly became more diffuse and uncommon. By the time of Dewyn's generation, it took much study and effort to become a Gyfrin.

Personal History

Aramil's biological parents met on the road. They were adventurers afflicted with wanderlust. His mother, Dewyn, was a Cymry Gyfrin, sent by the Theurgy Guild to recover a discovered shard. His father, Emendrel, was a Sidhe Tarai'cane, tasked to hunt and destroy the Shadow. They met in the hinterlands at a rustic inn, and discovered their common destination. Their romance was whirlwind, lasting the entire three-week journey. In the end, Dewyn had to break it off as she had to return to the Theurgy with the Shard. She did not know it then, but she was carrying a second prize back to Cymeria. Emendrel perished some years later during the Nightmare Without End. Before his death, he passed on a letter addressed to "Dewyn of Cymeria" to a colleague.

Aramil was born not long after Dewyn returned to the Theurgy. She suspended her Gyfrin duties to become a proper mother to this new child. Over time, Dewyn did court and marry a Cymry man, Barrett Goldspar. He wasn't a trained mage like Dewyn, but he was in the Cymerian Guard. Dewyn and Barrett had three more children.

Aramil always felt a little out of place. He did not look like his parents or siblings - his hair was platinum rather than their darker browns, and his features were much more angular. While he did not feel particularly unloved per se, he often was sidelined from the family unit. His mother made sure he was included as much as possible, but his stepfather had a tendency to favor his own sons. Aramil's brothers, being substantially younger, played more with each other than with him.

Aramil had a closer relationship with his mother. As a Gyfrin, she could tell he had untapped magical potential. She helped him develop rudimentary magical skill until he came of age. She even told him of his biological father, and what little she knew of what became of him. Barrett, while distant, did teach the young hybrid how to swing a sword and defend himself. This and other small gestures over the years communicated to Aramil that the man did indeed care, in his own way. When he came of age, they both spoke of Aramil's future; Dewyn of the Theurgy, and Barrett of the Guard. He now had to make a choice.

Aramil chose to take care of his mandatory Guard duty first. He continued practicing his magics knowing that in two short years he would enter the Theurgy. They were minor effects, and nothing that really affected his service. Barrett's training did pay off, however. He quickly mastered the sword, in so far as Guard training offered. The guard is also where he learned his trade. Among the various skills he learned was how to fashion and repair bows and arrows. He found that while he was a mediocre shot, he could make a decent bow. It was enough that he could, under a Master Bowyer, utilize the skill for income. Still, he did not feel at home in the Guard. He would prefer to find a quiet glen to practice his magics than to party it up in the local tavern like his brethren.

When his time in the Guard was completed, Aramil petitioned to join the ranks of the Theurgy, using his mother as a reference. The Theurgy was where Aramil finally felt a sense of belonging. His heritage made him a novelty, and he made friends easily among the initiates. It was a stark contrast with his family and the Guard. He advanced quickly through the initial ranks, earning the prize he wished for - Sentinel training.

For the next five years he was assigned to Derwydd Grenneth, his Sentinel elder. The Derwydd held immense joy in informing Aramil that he "knew nothing", and easily defeating the younger initiate in combat. This only spurred Aramil to work harder to improve himself. Upon later reflection, Aramil would realize this was the entire point. It wasn't until Aramil could handily defeat his Elder did the other sign off on his readiness to Quest. During this time he continued his arcane studies, earning 4th Degree Journeyman

It has been almost a year, and Aramil finally heard back from the Theurgy. An attack nearby was brought to their attention where Gyfrin Song and her Apprentice were unprotected. He was then assigned to see what happened and act as Sentinel for Song. He was thankful for the change of pace. It offered a chance to perhaps learn more about his father and the Sidhe.

Friends & Foes

Allies & Friends Derwydd Grenneth, a few initiates from his Theurgy classes

Additional Character Info