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Godwyn Ivanovich

Name Godwyn Ivanovich

Position Guardsman (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Celt
Racial Class Menfolk
Gender Male
Date of Birth 15 March, 3532
Marital Status Single
Title Guard
Rank Guardsman
Trade Guardsman, Cymerian Guard, Stormholm Garrison
Craft / Trade Godwyn is a guardsman stationed with the Stormholm Caer Garrison. He earns his living by protecting and training to protect Stormholm, its inhabitants, and the people of Cymeria.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Stormholm Caer Garrison (Barracks)
Region / Province Harkania March
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow Village
City Dinas Ulchedir (Harkania)
Residence / Lodging Stormholm’s Garrison is housed within the Keep’s walls and consists of common rooms, war rooms, barracks, training grounds, courtyards, dining hall and kitchens. There are also armories, storage, bathing chambers, etc. The Garrison is almost like a keep within a keep as all their needs are housed within its walls.
Original Birthplace Being born in Duskhallow Village, Godwyn grew up literally in the shadow of the great castle of the Cymerian High Lord.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 135 lbs.
Hair Light brown, worn short for ease of management under his helmet.
Eyes Light blue, with a wide eyed look that gives the impression of being perpetually surprised.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Godwyn is relatively thin and small, despite being wiry and strong for his size. The smallness of his stature is somewhat exaggerated by his armor, which even though it is properly fittd gives the impression of being a size or two too big.
Style Godwyn, not having much money to draw on besides his guard pay tends to wear his uniforms more often than not as they will be replaced if worn out. He does own some of his own clothes, though these tend to be simple and plain, favoring earth tones and greys.


Personality Traits -Loyal
Personality Loyal: Godwyn is very loyal both in an abstract way to his country and High Lord and in a more personal way to his family and those that he has fought beside.

Curious: Godwyn, while not well educated, is very inquisitive and likes to learn new things, so long as it doesn't involve too much reading.

Deferential: Growing up in the merchant class, Godwyn knows his place and will instinctively defer to authority and his social betters.

Nervous: Godwyn has a tendency to worry and can be quite imaginative when doing so, coming up with almost outlandish worst case scenarios.

Shy: Godwyn is not very good with making friends or meeting people. He much prefers to keep to himself where possible. He will make exceptions though for those that have shown themselves to have his best interests in mind.
Mannerisms Godwyn's tenancies towards shyness, worry, and to defer to authority tend to give the impression that he is awkward and meek. He has a bad habit of gesturing excessively or fidgeting when nervous. However when called upon he can find his voice and his courage to deal with others.


Education Godwyn has received a very basic education thanks to the insistence of his mother. He can read and write, but only just barely. He is capable of the basic sums that were present in his father's ledgers, but does not truly understand mathematics. He has had almost no exposure to topics such as literature, the sciences, history, or philosophy.
Languages Saesneg (English): Fluent

Gaelic: Knows basic words and phrases.

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Godwyn is about average both in his speed and level of coordination. He is right handed and does not have any particular mobility issues. With more training his abilities here could grow.
Expertise In addition to the basic every day skills of his people, Godwyn was raised in his father's harness maker's shop and so has a good deal of knowledge and experience working with leather and creating both practical and decorative leather work.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Godwyn has received basic guard training and so is competent with military riding, the care and wearing of armor, and the use of swords, shields, spears, and crossbows.
Weapons All basic guard weapons including swords, spears, and crossbows. Of these Godwyn favors the crossbow, but knows how to use close in weapons should the need arise.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source N/A
Arcane Rank N/A

Family Tree

Father Adair Ivanovich - A successful harness maker living Duskhallow Village. His work is of very high quality and his business has flourished providing tack and harnesses to the Stormholm garrison as well as the locals.
Mother Ailsa Ivanovich - Ailsa is mostly a house wife, though she does occasionally help with the tasks of her husband's trade. She insisted that some of their money be used to provide a basic education to their children.
Brother(s) Hagan Ivanovich - Godwyn's older brother, he completed his mandatory service with the guard a few years ago and returned to work in his father's shop.
Sister(s) Rada Ivanovich - Godwyn's younger sister. Only 13 years old she has just begun to learn the tasks expected of her to run a household.
Family Relationships The Ivanovich family is close knit and caring. The family though generally defers to Adair as the patriarch, and believes that father knows best. They are quite traditional with the men handling the family business and the women managing domestic affairs.

Family History

The Ivanovich family has lived in Duskhallow Village for several generations and have worked as harness makers going back even further than that, with the trade passing from father to son. While they have always been reasonably successful they have never managed to amass a great deal of wealth or renown.

Personal History

3532 - 3544 - Godwyn had a fairly typical boyhood, growing up in his father's shop and playing with his siblings. His mother insisted that he be taught to read and write, though he never truly took to it.

3544 - 3549 - At the age of twelve Godwyn began his apprenticeship under his father to learn the trade of harness making. Where Godwyn was indifferent to reading and writing he proved very able in the various leather crafting skills required by his profession.

3549 - Present - At the age of seventeen Godwyn began his mandatory service in the guard. He has been with the guard for a little over six months. He has taken to the training reasonably well, but is at best an average guardsman. With Richard's help he served well at the attack on the Samhain festival, fighting the enemy and helping to tend the wounded.

Friends & Foes

Allies & Friends Richard Coyle - Godwyn met the traveler by chance during the fighting when the Samhain festival was attacked. They fought beside one another then and have become something of a team. Godwyn helping Richard to understand the world he now lives in and Richard helping Godwyn build his martial skills.

Additional Character Info