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Quentin Cantrell

Name Quentin Aloysius Cantrell

Position Troubleshooter

Second Position Primary Character

General Information

Aliases Q, Quen, Quent (used mainly by Jess Harper)
Gender Male
Birthdate May 7, 1839
Age 36
Marital Status Single
Residence - Current Residence -
Blackbird Lodge
Double L Ranch (Lost Lake Ranch)
Kalispell, Territory of Montana

- Former Residence -
Carlton Hotel
Executive Suite
San Francisco, California

Birthplace: Charleston, South Carolina

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Build Medium
Hair Color Black

Quentin's hair is black and thick. He wears it very short, but that does not keep it from trying to wave and curl slightly.
Eye Color Hazel (green-brown)

Quentin's eyes are green-brown hazel. It depends on the light and his mood as to whether his eyes appear more green or more brown.


Employment Troubleshooter
Double L Ranch (Lost Lake Ranch)
Kalispell, Montana Territory


Personality & Traits

Character Traits - Intelligent
- Suave, Charming, Debonair
- Ladies' Man
- Calm, cool-headed, especially in a crisis
- Strong sense of justice
- Loyal
- Doesn't hold a grudge, but will get even.
General Personality Quentin Aloysius Cantrell was born into the genteel life of the aristocracy of the Southern United States and a way of life that would all-to-soon come to an end.

Being fair and honorable was more than mere words to the Cantrells, and they imparted both traits to their son. Quentin was also taught that there were very few circumstances that merited being crude or impolite. In all his dealings, Cantrell keeps those two virtues in mind.

Cantrell is seen as a suave, debonair man, must like the stereotypical southern riverboat gambler personality. His genteel manners cover a spine of pure steel marked by never backing down from a confrontation. He also developed a reputation as the quintessential ladies' man.

Although gaining his trust and respect is not easy, once given, Quentin is loyal to a fault. Holding a grudge is not his style, but trailing someone for months to get justice for wrongs to him or those that he calls friends is.

Quentin is calm, cool-headed and very intelligent.

Quentin has a deep voice laced with thick South Carolina accent. His southern drawl seems to add to his ability to attract the ladies.


Children William Cody Harper (Nephew, Ward)
Nickname: Cody
DOB: February 11, 1870 (a. 5)
Parents: Chance and Regina Harper

Regina Antoinette Harper (Niece, Ward)
Nickname: Nettie
DOB: February 11, 1870 (a. 5)
Parents: Chance and Regina Harper

The twins, Cody and Nettie, are the youngest of Chance and Regina's children. Nettie was not with the family on the trip to Missoula. She was kept home due to illness. For some reason, Cody was left alive.

Jess Harper, Chance's younger brother, was designated as the children's guardian and trustee of their estate should anything happen to Chance and Regina. The Judge, knowing of Jess's dicey past, decided to designate Quentin as the children's co-guardian and co-trustee.
Father Charles Cantrell (deceased)
Mother Claire Devereaux Cantrell (deceased)
Brother(s) William Chance Harper (brother-in-law)
Nickname: Chance
DOB: 01/05/1837; DOD: 06/02/1875 (a. 38)
Wife: Regina Beth Harper (m. 06/05/1862)
Sister(s) Regina Beth Harper
Nickname: Reggie
Husband: William Chance Harper (m. 06/05/1862)
DOB: 04/05/1845; DOD: 06/02/1875 (a. 30)
Maiden Name: Cantrell

Regina Cantrell was the daughter of a wealthy Charleston, South Carolina family. The Cantrells and Harpers were long-term business associates and friends with the Harpers doing most of their east coast shipping business with the Cantrells. In 1861, with the winds of war stirring, Regina's parents sent her to stay with the Harpers in Montana, hoping to keep her safe from the pending conflict.

She and Chance Harper fell in love almost at first sight. They were married a year after she came to live with the Harpers. Reggie also fell in love with the ranch and Montana in equal measure. It was Regina's efforts that took the ranch from a modest paying concern to a one of the best in the country.
Other Family Lilah Beth Harper (Niece)
Relationship: Niece
DOB: 03/01/1867; DOD: 06/02/1875 (a. 8)

Josiah Grant Harper (Nephew)
DOB: 05/02/1865; DOD: 06/02/1875 (a. 10)

Friends & Foes

Personal History

Personal History - May 7, 1839 (a. 0) -
-- Quentin Aloysius Cantrell born to Claire and Charles Cantrell.

- April 5, 1845 (a. 6) -
-- Regina Beth Cantrell (younger sister) born.

- 1845 to 1856 (a. 6-17) -
-- Attends Charleston's Philips' Academy (private school)

Quentin had a childhood typical of a young man born into the upper echelons of Southern society. He learned the etiquette required of all young gentlemen. Quentin attended one of Charleston's premier private schools for young men where he was a good student but easily bored when studying subjects that he had no interest in.

- 1856 to 1860 (a. 17-21) -
-- West Point (4 years)
-- September 1860: Regina sent to live with Harpers.

Upon graduating from high school, Quentin spent a few months kicking around, trying to decide what he wanted to do. He had no interest in the family's shipping business, prompting his father to put a time limit on him for finding something he wanted to do and making his own way. It was almost by accident that he wound up at West Point when a family friend nominated him.

Although the military was not his first choice, Quentin did surprisingly well, excelling at the challenging curriculum. He graduated in the top one-percent in his class.

With the deterioration of relations between the northern and southern states, Quentin's parents decided to send their daughter to live with family friends in Montana, well out of harm's way.

- 1861 to 1865 (a. 22-26) -
-- The Civil War.

Cantrell heard about a unit being formed called Hampton's Legion. He traveled to Charleston to enlist and due to his West Point Education was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Cavalry that made up part of the Legion. In 1862 the Cavalry was combined with other small units and designated the 2nd South Carolina Cavalry where they served with Hampton for the rest of the war. The Battalion saw action in most of the major actions of the Army of Northern Virginia from Second Manassas through the end of the war. Cantrell showed skill despite his age and ended the war as a Major.

- June 5, 1862 (a. 23) -
-- Regina marries Chance Harper (Kalispell, Montana).

- May 5, 1865 (a. 26) -
-- Josiah Grant Harper (nephew) born.

- 1865 (a. 26) -
-- Civil War ends, Quentin moves west.

At the end of the Civil War, with his home destroyed and no family left except for Regina, Quentin moves west and settles in San Francisco. California allowed him to be within a respectable distance of Montana for visits home with his sister and her growing family, but still in a city that was a hub of society and culture. Except for modest sums of money ensconced in hidden accounts, the Cantrells had lost everything. One of Quentin's goals was to rebuild the family fortunes.

- 1866 to 1875 (a. 27-36) -
-- March 1, 1867 (a. 28): Lilah Beth Harper (niece) born.
-- February 11, 1870 (a. 31): William Cody Harper (nephew) born.

Shortly after settling in San Francisco, Quentin met up with an old friend who had pulled out of the South right before hostilities broke out. He offered Cantrell a generous finder's fee to locate his former partner who had absconded with the bulk of his fortune. Quentin discovered a talent for locating people and things. The military had taught him tactics and persistence. He was also quite skilled with firearms, another major business asset in the West.

Over the next several years, Quentin's reputation for getting jobs done grew. He billed himself as a Troubleshooter. Cantrell's work ranged from prisoner escort to bodyguard.

- June 2, 1875 (a. 36) -
-- Regina, Chance, Grant, and Beth are allegedly massacred by Indians. Only Cody survives.

Quentin receives word that his sister was killed while returning with her family from Missoula, Montana. She, her husband and their two older children were allegedly killed by Indians. Quentin heads for Montana where he learns that Chance and Regina had named Chance's younger brother, Jess, as the children's guardian in their will, as well as the trustee of their estate. However, the family's attorney was moving for custody of young Cody, citing Jess as not suitable, if even still alive. Quentin manages to get a temporary injunction on the proceedings but has a finite amount of time in which to locate Jess Harper.

Character Notes

General Notes - Education -
English, French (Both Fluent)

Graduated West Point Military Academy.

Quentin is well read, can write quite eloquently, and is good at math.

- Chance Harper's Last Will and Testament -
Despite a tradition mandated by their great grandfather, Josiah Harper, and perpetuated by Caleb Harper, Chance chose to leave half of the Harper ranch to his younger brother. Jess was also named as sole guardian and trustee for Chance's children, the only survivor of which were the five-year-old twins, Cody and Nettie.

- Judge Mandrell's Ruling -
In the best interests of the children, Judge Robert Mandrell set aside some of the dictates of the will. He stipulated that the twins' other uncle, Quentin Cantrell, would share guardianship of them and management of their extensive business interests. The judge also added a requirement that the two men hire a suitable woman to help care for the children stating that he would personally review the arrangements in six months' time.
Animals & Pets - Horse -
Name: Paladin
Gender: Gelding
Age: 4 years
Breed: Spanish Mustang / Colonial Quarter Horse
Color: Buckskin
Hands: 16
Disposition: Spirited, calm, well-mannered.

Note: Quentin bought Paladin from the Sherman Ranch for the trip back to Montana in the opening story.
Character Concept Pernell Roberts (Adam Cartwright from Bonanza.