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H.G. Mercer

Name H.G. Mercer

Position Primary Character

General Information

Aliases Harriet Grace Mercer (full name)

H.G. (business name and preferred first name)

Harriet (tolerated form of address)

Gracie (used by her late father)

Harriet loathes the use of nicknames, especially in reference to herself. She has a given name and her business name. For those allowed to be on a first name basis with her, those are her preferences.
Gender Female
Birthdate October 7, 1839
Age 36
Marital Status Single
Residence - Temporary Residence -
Bell-St. Regis Hotel
Kalispell, Montana

H.G. retains the lease on a suite at the Bell-Regis, a hotel recently built to accommodate the increase in travel and sight-seeing to the region.

- Primary Residence -
San Francisco, California

H.G. inherited one the Painted Ladies of Haight-Ashbury from her mother. The townhouse was built in the 1850s.

- Birthplace -
San Francisco, California

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Build Small
Hair Color Dark Auburn

H.G.'s hair is such a dark shade of auburn that it appears black. There are strands of pure red running through it that pick up the sunlight. Her hair is waist-length, thick and wavy.
Eye Color Gray

H.G.'s eyes are a light gray with flecks of blue and green. The irises have a pronounced black ring around them which makes the color appear lighter.


Employment - H.G. Wells & Associates -
Position: Owner, Attorney

There are no associates other than H.G.'s long-term friend and watchdog, Alistair Fang.
Professional Skills - Eidectic memory for numbers, figures.
- Math prodigy
- Attorney, CPA

H.G. has an ability to recognize numerical patterns quickly. This skill is often utilized when she is investigating businesses and individuals for fraud.


Self Defense - Hand-to-Hand Combat -

H.G.'s friend and mentor, Fang, has taught her the martial arts of his homeland. She is proficient and can, if necessary, defend herself quite ably. As a lone woman in business for herself, Fang insisted she be able to take care of herself.

- Weapons -
While she understands their necessity, H.G. really dislikes guns. She prefers knives and carries several. H.G. is an expert with throwing knives and fighting blades. She owns an exquisite sword given to her by Fang. She, of course, does not carry it often.

H.G. most often wears two small throwing knives tucked into spring-loaded wrist sheathes. She also wears a thin, double-edged push knife tucked into a neck sheath (worn beneath her jacket in the back).
Hobbies & Interests - Art
- Fast Carriage Horses
- Sailing
- Social Occasions

Personality & Traits

Character Traits - Strong
- Extremely intelligent
- Cold, aloof, distant
- Sarcastic
- Honorable
General Personality H.G. speaks in a light, delicate voice with a cultured accent that almost sounds British. She moves with a graceful elegance in keeping with her petite build and stature. She tends to fold her hands primly when speaking to keep from using them to talk. H.G. is rather formal in her mode of speech, rarely using contractions, slang or colloquialisms.

Most people view H.G. as cold, distant, and aloof which is reasonably accurate. She has had to develop a tough skin to make her way in her chosen profession. She does not speak in the coy manner of most women of her age and upbringing. H.G. is forthright, direct, and her honesty is often harsh.

Harriet Grace Mercer finds losing her temper distasteful; therefore she makes a determined effort to never do so.

Once she takes on a client, which she rarely does without researching them thoroughly, she will complete the job unless she finds she's been deceived.

- Style -
-- Clothing
H.G. is not a fashion maven, but she dresses stylishly and well. She has a strong preference for deep jewel-tone colors (burgundy, dark red, emerald green, deep blue) and, occasionally, black. She has a marked preference for gowns with cleverly tailored split skirts and with long sleeves or with tailored jackets that have long sleeves. H.G. will not wear high heels as she feels they impede movement plus they make her back hurt.

-- Grooming
Harriet Grace has a distinct distaste for being unkempt or dirty. If she has traveled to see a client, she insists on having time to bathe or, where pull showers are available, showering. She wears very little makeup as she dislikes its feel on her skin.

H.G.'s prefers to wear her hair styled in an up-do suitable for the occasion.


Father Franklin Hartwell Mercer (deceased)
Details included in Personal History.
Mother Winnifred Winslow Mercer (deceased)
Details included in Personal History.
Sister(s) Josephine Mercer (half-sister)
Nickname: Jo
Mother: Evelyn Mercer
Father: Franklin Hartwell Mercer
Other Family H.G. can only hope that her father has not left a string of children, legitimate and otherwise, in his wake.

Friends & Foes

Friends Alistair Fang (1845 to Present): Frank Mercer met Fang while in England. When Frank's wife was killed and he retained sole custody of his daugher, Fang stepped in to raise her. Fang is H.G.'s most trusted friend, ally, and associate.

Personal History

Personal History - October 7, 1839 -
-- Harriet Grace Mercer born to Franklin and Winnifred Mercer at their home in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, California.

- 1839 to 1844 (a. 0-5) -
H.G.'s first five years were relatively unremarkable. She was mainly in the company of first her nursemaid and, later, a nanny. Her mother, Winnifred, was preoccupied with the San Francisco social scene and bemoaning her husband's ever increasing absences from home.

- 1845 to 1855 -
-- July 8, 1845 (a. 6): Winnifred Winslow Mercer dies.
-- August 1845 (a. 6): Harriet's father takes custody.
-- April 1850 (a. 11): Franklin Mercer marries Evelyn Thomas of Boston, MA.
-- November 1850 (a. 11): Josephine Mercer (half-sister) born.
-- January 2, 1855 (a. 16): Returns to Haight-Ashbury
-- January 14, 1855 (a. 26): Starts Wesleyan School for Young Ladies.

On a hot summer's day, while walking home from the park, H.G.'s mother was struck by a runaway freight wagon. Several days later, on July 8, 1845, she died from internal injuries. In early August, Frank Mercer, H.G.'s father swept in from parts unknown to take charge of his young daughter.

Fortunately for H.G., her father's long-time loyal friend, Alistair Fang, was considerably better at fatherhood than Frank was. He took charge of H.G., seeing to it that she was educated, taught her to defend herself, and saw to it that she had the proper chaperones in the form of nannies and governesses. This became increasingly important since her father tended to wear out his welcome in a place very quickly.

While the Mercers were residing in Boston, Massachusetts, Frank Mercer met and became infatuated with Evelyn Thomas, a young heiress. Their involvement leads to him being forced to marry her. In November, H.G.'s half sister was born. Evelyn is kind to H.G. and often cajoles Frank into leaving her with her. However, these periods of stability are brief as Frank is already dependent on his older daughter's math and business acumen to stay afloat.

Shortly after H.G.'s sixteenth birthday, Fang insisted that Frank allow H.G. to return to San Francisco so that she could attend a regular school. Her mother had left her a generous amount of money and the Haight-Ashbury townhouse. H.G. and Fang quickly settled in. Harriet was accepted into the Wesleyan School for Young Ladies where she attended classes.

H.G. graduated at the top of her class and was sponsored by Wesleyan to Calvert University which was renown for its mathematics department.

- 1856 to 1866 -
-- 1856 (a. 17): Begins college at Calvert University, San Francisco (CPA).
-- 1858 (a. 19): Franklin Hartwell Mercer dies (duel).
-- 1859 (a. 20): Moves to Cambridge, Mass. to attend Harvard Law.
-- 1860 (a. 21): Evelyn Mercer dies, H.G. takes custody of her half-sister.
-- 1861 (a. 22): Graduates with a degree in law.
-- 1862 (a. 23): Accepted Mercer & Assoc. first clients.

H.G. begins her classes at Calvert University and is quickly recognized for her brilliance in mathematics and almost unnatural ability to see number patterns. She excels at her studies and enjoys her life at the university. The only stumbling block is when her father arrives, full of contrition and no money.

In 1858, Fang brings her the news that Frank Mercer was killed in a duel over a woman in New Orleans. H.G. is both saddened and relieved. Freed of the responsibility for her father, she focuses on her studies and graduates first in her class with a degree in math and her certification as a CPA. Her professors happily sponsored her to a place at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She was accepted into the College of Law. In 1861, she graduated, again at the top of her class.

With the nation on the verge of war and her young sister to care for, H.G. returned to San Francisco and took up residence in the Haight-Ashbury house once again. There are no slots open at the Wesleyan School that she attended plus the tuition would be hard to make financially with what she had left of her mother's money and what she had been able to secure for Josephine. H.G. enrolls her sister at St. Agatha's, a convent school in Sacramento. The convent was home to the St. Agatha's Sisters of Mercy order who were renown as a nursing order as well as for the school they operated.

By 1862, H.G. was accepting her first clients. One of them was a man who suspected illegal activities in his business but had been unable to prove it. This proved H.G.'s first venture into sorting out a client's legal business entanglements. She found it challenging and fascinating. It also made her a great deal of money in the form of fees and bonuses, putting her on the path to a successful career.

In 1865, the Civil War ended, and H.G. found Mercer & Associates had more clients than they could handle. Her solution was to contract with other attorneys and CPAs to handle the overflow. Although it required that she spend a great deal of time traveling, H.G.'s business flourished.

- 1867 to 1875 (a. 28-36) -
Over the next several years, H.G. continued to expand and build her business. Mercer & Associates became known as the go-to company for corporate and legal business issues, particularly those that involved sorting out criminal activities. The name H.G. Mercer was known in business circles as the person to go to when you needed a corporate assassin.

Character Notes

General Notes Completed high school and law school.

- Languages -
- English (Native)
- French (Fluent)
- Italian (Fluent)

H.G. was sent to boarding school and learned most of the accepted skills for a lady of the period (art, music, dance, embroider), all of which she loathes, except for painting.
Animals & Pets H.G. is a good horsewoman, but her true passion is for harness horses. She keeps a stable of Hackney horses for drawing her personal conveyances. She also has several pacers and trotters as she is an expert whip and loves harness racing.
Character Concept H.G. is an original concept. She is an independent and quite wealthy businesswoman.
Avatar Molly Parker (Alma Garret in Deadwood).