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Hannah Cory

Name Hannah Elizabeth Cory

Position Deputy

Second Position Secondary Character

General Information

Aliases Adoptable
Gender Female
Birthdate March 13, 1846
Age 29
Marital Status Single
Residence Kalispell, Montana
Marshal's Residence, just outside of town.

Hannah was born in Fort Kalispell before it was converted to all military use and the town of Kalispell was settled five miles north.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3
Build Petite
Hair Color Golden Brown

Hannah's hair is a blend of golden brown and blond. She tends to wear it loose and long and although she brushes it frequently, it often looks wild and unkempt.
Eye Color Hazel (green-blue)

Hannah has large, cat-shaped eyes. They are green-blue hazel, tending to be more light green than blue.


Employment Deputy Marshal
Kalispell Marshal's Office
Professional Skills -- Marksman (rifle, bow)
-- Horseback Riding (uses a custom Indian rig)


Self Defense - Hand-to-Hand -
Hannah has had no formal training in the art of basic fighting. She cannot hit as hard as a man, but she is a scrapper and can make her blows count. Hannah is smart. She knows she cannot win in a one-on-one altercation with most men and will go for her gun first.

- Weapons -
Hannah is a good shot with both a handgun and rifle, but she excels with the rifle. She is also a deadly shot with bow and arrow.

-- Rifle: Winchester
-- Handgun: Colt .44-40
-- Longbow
Hobbies & Interests - Horseback Riding
- Reading
- Gardening
- Cooking

Personality & Traits

Character Traits - Intelligent
- Fearless
- Impetuous, but not rash
- Cool in a crisis
- Independent
- Spirited
General Personality Hannah has a lovely, slightly husky voice with a trace of a Montana drawl. She speaks in calm, even tones although she will raise her voice if the situation calls for it.

Most people in and around Kalispell know Hannah and like her for her spirit and fierce independence. They also know they can rely on her to perform her duties as deputy marshal in an objective and fair manner. She is completely fearless, unless there are spiders involved! Hannah is know to be somewhat impetuous, but she is not rash and will look at all of the angles before leaping into most dangerous situations.

- Clothing -
Hannah is usually clad in durable, khaki-colored work pants, boots, and darker tan shirts. When the weather is cooler, she dons a fringed buckskin jacket. Her hat spends as much time hanging by its chin strap as it does on her head. She owns a few dresses, but rarely wears them unless forced to attend church, a funeral, or a wedding.

- Grooming -
Bathing or a shower almost daily is something that Hannah enjoys. She doesn't mind getting dirty in the course of a day's work, but hates going to bed feeling dirty.

Hannah rarely takes the time to do more than brush her long, thick hair, leaving it to its own devices. It tends to look somewhat disheveled.


Father Scott Cory (living, Town Marshal, Kalispell.)
Mother Yvonne Cory (deceased)

Friends & Foes

Friends - Shade Harper -
-- Relationship: Ex-fiancé, initially adversarial.
-- How Long: 1853 to Present

Hannah and Shade were childhood friends and teenage sweethearts. They began dating at the age of sixteen and and planned to be married in the spring of their seventeenth year. While on a shopping trip a few days prior to the planned elopement date, Shade was embroiled in a gunfight and killed a man. He lit out from Montana, leaving Hannah standing at the altar. Over the years, his alleged exploits have continued to taint how she views him.

Personal History

- March 13, 1846 -
-- Born to Yvonne and Scott Cory, Kalispell, Montana
-- Yvonne dies from complications of a difficult childbirth.

- 1846 to 1856 (a. 1-10) -
Hannah's mother died only a few days after she was born. She was raised by a doting father who admits he did not really quite know how to raise a daughter. He had grown up in a house full of boys so tended to treat Hannah as he had his younger brothers. With a natural proclivity to be a tomboy, this suited Hannah just fine.

Although her father made sure she went to school, he was less inclined to make sure she stayed there. Hannah would often slip out a window and take off. She was very smart, but rather indifferent to learning. All she really wanted to do was be with her father. Fortunately, the Cory's housekeeper, Mrs. Rockfort, made sure that Hannah learned some of the basics of being a girl. She also took time to teach her to cook and maintain the house.

- 1856 to 1866 (a. 10-20) -
-- 1853: Meets Shade Harper
-- 1862: Shade proposes to Hannah.
-- 1862: Shade leaves Montana the night before the scheduled elopement.

Hannah met Shade Harper when he was sent to the Catholic school in Fort Kalispell. They formed a rather tempestuous friendship based in a large part on their shared dislike of authority. By the time she was sixteen and Shade seventeen, a fiery friendship had turned to an equally fiery romance. Shade proposed to Hannah early in 1862. Hannah's father refused permission for them to marry. He told them that if they felt the same way in a year or two, he would reconsider. Ever impulsive, Hannah agreed to elope with Shade when he returned from a scheduled trip to escort his future sister-in-law to Missoula for a final round of pre-wedding shopping.

Shortly before they were due to return to Kalispell, Shade was embroiled in a gunfight with a man who had attacked Regina. It was clearly a case of self-defense, and there were numerous witnesses, so no charges were brought against Shade. Still, the man's brothers vowed to get Shade and anyone that got in their way. Shade made the decision to leave the territory. Unaware of the events in Missoula, Hannah arrived at the place where she and Shade had agreed to meet. She waited an entire day before coming to the realization that he had left her standing at the altar.

Upon hearing what had happened, Hannah tried to understand Shade's reasons for deserting her, but she was desperately hurt by the fact that he made no effort to contact her. As things happen, the news of her planned elopement leaked out and Hannah began overhearing sly remarks about her relationship with Shade. With humiliation heaped on top of her hurt feelings, love turned to hate. Over time, as news of Shade's exploits as a gunfighter filtered in, Hannah convinced herself that she had been fortunate that he had left. She felt that she had learned a valuable lesson and dodged a bullet where Shade Harper was concerned.

- 1866 to 1875 (a. 20-29) -
-- 1866 (a. 22): Takes job as Deputy Marshal

In 1860, Hannah's father became marshal of Kalispell, leaving her to tend their small farm on her own. Although her days were busy, she was still restless and felt rather unfulfilled.

Marshal Cory was wounded in a shootout during a robbery attempt in 1862 that required a few weeks of rest and recuperation. With the aid of a posse that she formed, Hannah brought in the shooters and saw they stood trial. The town council asked her to stay on in her father's place until he could recover and return to work.

Once Cory was able to return to his duties, he offered his daughter the job of deputy. She accepted and has been quite happy in the job.

Character Notes

General Notes Graduated high school; can read, write and do basic math.

Languages: English (native), smattering of French (learned from Canadian travelers)
Animals & Pets - Horse -
-- Name: Ringo
-- Breed: Appaloosa
-- Age: 8
-- Hands: 15.3
-- Disposition: Ringo is a spirited gelding, but relatively well mannered.
Character Concept Former love interest and local tomboy.
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