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Hawke Windwalker

Name Hawke Windwalker

Position Cmdr. Morrighan (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Celt
Racial Class Menfolk
Gender Male
Date of Birth 30 June 3515
Marital Status Married
Title Reolwr Caer Eyrie
Rank Ryndar
Trade Commander of the Morrighan
Other Titles Lord Caer Eyrie
Aliases / Nicknames Gwalchan Gealdun: The name Hawke went by when he spent time with Thoreson’s brother Dougal to learn about the activities and purpose of the Henwr’hurdd. He had to use the alias because of the Guild’s strict separation from normal Cymerian society. Some people unfamiliar with their purpose consider them nothing more than a society of bandits and brigands and the members of the society are fine with that perception.
Craft / Trade Commanding Officer, Morrighan (Cymerian High Guard)

Hawke has income from the generous pay earned by the Morrighan as well as income generated by his estate Eyrie Keep.

Traditionally, the Ryndar is chosen by the reigning High Lord prior to the Ddyrchafael. The Ryndar undergoes a ritual called the Quickening that takes place as the same time as the Ddyrchafael (Ascension) of the High Lord. It instills and releases arcane abilities in the Ryndar that are almost an exact replica of the High Lord’s thus making the Ryndar the Land’s check and balance against the High Lord ever running amok with power.

Also, the Ryndar should be someone the High Lord trusts implicitly as he literally holds the High Lord's life in his hands. Therefore, the Ryndar is often chosen from amongst the High Lord’s childhood companions as long as he / she meets the criteria of being one of the most elite, if not the most elite, warrior in the land.

While there is no onus against women in the service, the position of Ryndar is traditionally male.

Upon taking his oath, the Ryndar is granted a substantial landholding that is his over and above his service to the High Lord or previous service to the Cymerian Guard.

Other Income

Hawke receives a substantial additional income from his cut of the profits of a smuggling operation that has been running from Stygia to Cymeria for the past several years since his time spent with his uncle. Dougal assigned Hawke to set up some sort of enterprise to prove his worth to be inducted into the guild. Hawke contacted some Stygian smugglers and by connecting them with some Cymerian smugglers on this side of the Stygian border there began a lucrative and steady flow of Stygian Black Lotus. The flowers are used mostly in several medicines in Cymeria but also is used in social situations by people as a euphoric and mild hallucinogenic. Stygian Black Lotus is not allowed to be taken from Stygia and is considered a religious ceremonial item.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Stormholm Caer
Region / Province Harkania
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow
City Dinas Ulchedir
Residence / Lodging Stormholm Caer

While Stormholm Caer is Hawke's primary residence and has been a second home to him since early childhood. He shares apartments in the caer with his wife, Anastasiya. Hawke also has a residence at Harkanus Gaer, the massive fort and stronghold in the foothills below Daranau Eira.

Caer Eyrie

Upon his Quickening to Ryndar, Hawke received the same land and materials as did all of the Thanes brought into service in the Morrighan (High Guard). Hawke’s Eyrie is located in a pristine mountain valley not far from Stormholm. The valley contains a deep lake and several rills running from the surrounding mountains. The access can be easily defended and reaching it with a large enough force to be threatening by other routes would be difficult to impossible.

Original Birthplace Hawke Windwalker was born and raised in the family estate, Carreg Mur (Stone Wall) which lies in the Highlands of Harkania just outside the village of Duskhallow. Carreg Mur has been the hereditary seat of House Windwalker since the end of the Interregnum (2050).

Harkania March is the oldest settled region of what is now Cymeria. According to legend, it is where the Chimera landed after the fall of Atlantis. Harkania holds many hidden secrets and wonders waiting for the unwary to stumble upon them. There is a feeling of great age and wonder about the land of Harkania which is transmitted to all that dwell there and even visitors to the region sense something of its great age.

The region is mountainous and rugged. Dinas Ulchedir, the largest city in Cymeria, lies at the heart of the area called the Highlands. The Cymry and the Celts are a strong people, able to survive the harshness of their environment.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Black (beginning to gray): Hawke’s hair is very dark with strands of silver starting to thread through it, especially at the temples. It is very thick and straight but not coarse. Hawke normally keeps it clipped very short.
Eyes Hazel (blue-green): Hawke’s eyes are blue-green hazel but tend toward the bluer shades. They are deep set and Hawke tends to have what most would describe as a narrow eyed gaze. He has thick dark brows and short, thick dark eyelashes.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Hawke is graceful when walking or running. As a side set of skills when living with Dougal, his uncle had Hawke train with his Xian bodyguard. Hawke doesn’t have the bulging muscles of most blade wielding Cymerians but his body doesn’t lack for power. His physique is more sleek than overly muscular.
Marks / Scars Hawke’s body is like most men who have lived most of their adult life bearing weapons and using them. He has many various scars. Most are minor but a few are more serious and indicate close calls in the course of his adventures. He has had his share of broken bones, scars, and scrapes from a life of riding and fighting.

Medi (September) 3550: Hawke has a scar on both sides of his right forearm where an arrow pierced it during an incident at a Ceremony of Oaths at D’hassa.
Style When not in official uniform, Hawke prefers cloth over leathers. He wears leather boots and forearm guards but otherwise prefers sturdy fabric due to the ease of movement and the quiet they allow for the wearer. Hawke’s personal color scheme tends toward a mix of hunter green and black because of the natural camouflage the colors give. Hawke like most Cymerians prefers to be clean so bathes regularly. He wears his hair shorter than most out of personal choice and his beard is kept trimmed short for the same reason. No handles for an opponent.
Character Looks Like Jim Caviezel as the character of Kainan in the SyFy Channel movie Outlander (2008)


Personality Traits - Dry sense of humor
- Strict disciplinarian
- Duty oriented
- Very focused
- Overprotective
- Cold blooded in regard to killing
- Natural leader
If they stand behind you, Give them Protection.
If they stand beside you, Give them Respect.
If they stand against you, Show No Mercy.

~ Ryndar Hawke Windwalker (personal motto).

Hawke is a very focused individual, some people can mistake that as a grim and stolid demeanor. Can be overprotective of the High Lord, but otherwise exhibits an unusual level of cold bloodedness regarding killing.

Hawke is possessed of a dry sense of humor that can manifest itself at strange times. He has developed a reputation as a strict disciplinarian from the way he performs his duties as Ryndar, however he does tend to keep a loose rein on the members of the High Guard since they are all elite warriors in their own right.

His serious view of his duties occasionally brings him into conflict with the High Lord who understands his concerns but tries to keep from being isolated from the rest of his holdings.
Mannerisms Has a habit of running his fingers in his hair when deep in thought.

Hawke tends to speak in a lower tone of voice. He is capable of commands on a battlefield but prefers a quieter mode of address. Hawke also tends to try to stay out of the middle of rooms and situations. He prefers to be on the edge observing. Hawke dislikes being the center of any attention.

Hawke has two sides to his demeanor. He has learned how to be a social creature, able to interact with most average people with a comment or a drink courtesy of his father and uncle teaching him what it takes to get people to do things without resorting to orders, but there is another side to Hawke, the one he has had longer. He grew up more of an introvert and was never comfortable outside his small circle of family and close friends. That quiet, some say cold, manner makes people uncomfortable and Hawke himself tries not to be that person but he does occasionally find that trait useful if not desirable.


Education Between being the son of the land's head general and best friend to the heir, Hawke had no choice but to pick up an education even if he tried to avoid it when he was younger. Hawke is literate and can speak several languages as well as read and write a good part of the same. As he aged, Hawke soon realized what a weapon knowledge was and its benefits for all occasions. The taciturn swordsman usually makes people underestimate him at an outside glance...usually to their detriment.
Languages Gaelic: Fluent...Grew up surrounded by it.

Saesneg (English): Mostly Fluent...mostly surrounded by it.

Heniaith: Cymry Old level understanding, not a fluent speaker.

Xian: Fluent...taught by Huo An (Dougal’s Bodyguard and kept in practice by Song Xiang Chai)

Stygian: Fluent...Learned from Stygian smugglers and merchants while setting up smuggling ring.

Vanisk Tunga: to language constantly, plus assistance from Mikhael.

Letanum: Fluent...useful to read documents, interrogate prisoners, overhear conversations.

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Hawke has worked very hard to become a formidable opponent in combat. His chosen expertise is with a sword or daggers but he is also quite adept without weapons. Hawke is naturally left handed but has also trained so as not to have a weak side when in combat. Hawke has the normal basic Cymerian training with spear, shield, and bow but is only middle of the pack in skill with them. Hawke’s preferred ranged weapon is a crossbow, a fairly recent weapons development in Cymeria.

Expertise Hawke is an excellent rider if not the absolute expert some Cymerians have become over time. He is also a fine swimmer and actually enjoys swimming for its own sake and chooses to do so to relax ever since he was a young man.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Between the training of his father and uncle, Hawke is perhaps one of the top half dozen swordsmen in the land. His dagger skills come from Uncle Dougal’s mysterious bodyguard, Huo An. Hawke also began learning The Way of the Fox from Huo An and is actually quite skilled if not anywhere near his teacher’s ability. Hawke keeps in practice with the form by sparring with Song Xiang Chai.

Weapons Hawke owns four personal weapons. The sword, Ravencall and the twin fighting daggers, the Raven’s Talons, were a gift from his father. Thoreson had the three blades forged from a “Skystone” (meteorite). Thoreson suspected the otherworldly metal was special in some way and paid quite a sum to the Dwarrow artisans that crafted the trio. Hawke’s fourth weapon was a sword given to him by Dougal and his bodyguard after his time spent with them. Thoreson considers the sword a “gaudy pirate’s weapon” but Hawke still uses it on occasion and enjoys practicing with it against Song when they use blades for sparring. That sword’s name is Zhan Ren, or “War Blade”.

Ravencall: Total Length: 42”| Blade Length: 2.7” | Blade Width: 1 ⅞” | Blade Thickness: 3/16” | Weight: 3.4 lbs.

Zhan Ren (War Blade): Length: 42” | Blade Length: 31.25” | Blade Width: 1 ⅞” | Blade Thickness: 3/16” | Weight: 2.11 lbs.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Race
Arcane Title Ryndar
Arcane Rank Master
Affinity / Nature Storms: Hawke inherited his magical affinity from High Lord Mikhael Stormdanovich when he was Quickened.
Arcane Abilities See the Cymry Arcane Codex for details on abilities and ethics.

The Quickening is tied to the ascension (Ddyrchafael) of the High Lord’s of Cymeria. It creates or unlocks the magical abilities of non-Cymry. It is done in concert with the High Lord’s Ddyrchafael (Ascension) thus allowing the person being Quickened to inherit the High Lord’s magical abilities.

A Ryndar’s powers are almost instinctual in nature and react in response to arcane threats. If the High Lord is using his powers benignly, the Ryndar’s will not be activated. However, if the High Lord is posing an arcane threat or someone else is using magic as a weapon against the High Lord, the Ryndar’s powers will respond either in concert with the High Lord’s to provide a defense or in opposition if the High Lord has become the threat.

Additionally, the Ryndar inherits the same skill level as the High Lord without having to undergo training although some of the skills still need to be taught. Under normal conditions, the Ryndar’s powers would be considered passive as they only respond to the use of magic by another individual such as the High Lord. The Ryndar cannot summon his powers in the same way that the High Lord and trained Cymry are able to do. This is a countermeasure built into the Quickening that, in theory, would prevent someone from creating an army of Menfolk magic users.

Under normal circumstances, the majority of the Ryndar’s powers fade after the High Lord Crosses although vestiges can remain, such as the sensitivity to the arcane.

Arcane Sensitivity: This is the most basic and most intrinsic ability known to exist amongst the peoples of Gaia and, specifically, the Cymry. Hawke’s latent ability for this talent was released and enhanced during his Quickening. It allows him to sense the arcane and its nature (good, bad, etc.).

As Ryndar, one of Hawke’s arcane senses is aligned to sensing the arcane well-being of the High Lord which is also intrinsically linked to his general well-being. To some degree, he can sense the intent behind the use of any of Mikhael’s powers. Likewise, Mikhael has a general sense of Hawke’s well-being. This does not mean that they are bonded or linked to such a degree that either man can sense the other’s presence, thoughts, emotions, etc.

The sensitivity to the arcane remains even after a Ryndar’s retirement due to the loss of the High Lord.

Arcane Shields: Can use arcane shields to briefly cloud other sensitives to the fact that he is arcane. This is not a form of arcane self-defense. All the shields can do is to mask what he is for a brief period of time. In the Ryndar, this ability is more passive and tends to act and react when the High Lord actively shields against arcane probing.

Wish Magic: This is the first or lowest level of arcane ability born in the Cymry and inherited by the Ryndars. Wish magic is the unconscious use of the aligned elements. Vestiges of this ability can remain after the loss of the High Lord.

Enhance: Can enhance any of the storm elements with no effort beyond the need to do so. If the High Lord has summoned a rain storm that is threatening flooding, the Ryndar’s need to stop it would call the wind to push the rain away (blow the storm out).

Summon: Can summon any of the elements of a storm or a storm itself. Like enhancement, there are limits at this level. The main one is that all the elements of a storm must be present or there must be storms in the vicinity that can be called.

Create: This skill is harder to use and requires far more energy. The Ryndar can create a storm or any element of a storm. The only caveat is that he cannot create an ice storm in the middle of summer although, if the atmospheric conditions are right, he can create a hailstorm.

Control: The control of his powers is based on the intensity of the powers he is defending against. If the High Lord has summoned a mist, then Hawke would only need a light breeze or moderate wind to disperse it.

Channel / Direct: If the need is present (i.e. Hawke needs to defend against the High Lord or if the High Lord has come under arcane attack) the Ryndar can channel and direct the elements he controls with relative ease although prolonged use is taxing just as all magical use takes a physical toll on the user.

Warding: Hawke was able to learn the elements of creating wards and can use this ability independent of Mikhael’s presence. Mikhael gifted him with a set of four matched throwing daggers that he arcanely charged, turning them into the physical objects Hawke would need to create wards.

Portals: Hawke can use existing portals and ward them, but he cannot build a portal.

Illusions: Hawke can also create illusions but on a somewhat more limited scale than Mikhael. He needs to be very familiar with his subject matter. For instance, he can create an illusion of himself and maybe Anastasiya, but the more elaborate ones are not in his arsenal although he can lend his focus to the High Lord to increase the power of an illusion.
Arcane Defenses Like any Cymry, particularly the High Lord, a Ryndar can use their abilities as defensive measures, but only in the event that arcane measures are being used against them. A Ryndar cannot simply summon magic unless there is a need. His or her magical abilities are designed by the Quickening to either augment their High Lord’s abilities when needed or to defend against him should that need arise.
Weaknesses / Limitations Subject to the same inherent weaknesses of the Cymry adepts. Their magical powers are not an instant on and off type of ability. To generate any working takes varying amounts of time and considerable effort. Depending on the magic used, it can render the user exhausted to the point of collapse. In some instances, it can even kill. Although there has been no documented cases of a Ryndar having to use his powers against a High Lord, it is believed that it would likely kill both of them.

Outside of Harkania, the High Lord’s powers are weaker, therefore, Hawke’s would be as well although as long as they remain within the borders of Cymeria, it is not detrimental. On foreign soil, however, there are noticeable effects that could be life threatening were he to depend solely on magic. Generating workings takes longer, takes more effort or might fail entirely. The physical power drain is enormous.

Merasha Poisoning: Like all Cymry, no matter their power level and training, the effects of merasha will disable them. The High Lord has been given the drug so that he would recognize it if it is encountered again and so that he could learn to mitigate some of its worst disorienting and hallucinogenic effects. Mikhael put Hawke through the same training as this knowledge is not transferred via the Quickening.

Family Tree

Spouse, Mate or Partner Anastasiya Valeria Stormdanovich (m. 11 September 3550)

Hawke and Anastasiya have been lifelong friends. Over time their feelings for one another deepened. After a rather long betrothal, they finally had their handfasting ceremony performed at the annual Ceremony of Oaths Gathering.
Children Pending

Merlin Windwalker: A merlin is a type of small falcon noted as a swift flier and skilled hunter of small birds that it can take on the wing. The name was chosen because at the moment of the boy’s birth, a merlin lighted on the window ledge and did not leave until the following morning.

Rhiannon Windwalker (p. ree-an-on, m. Great Queen)

Anastasiya gave birth to twins on 13 October 3551.
Father Thoreson Windwalker (living): Reolwr of House Windwalker and former Seneschal. Thoreson currently serves as the Cymerian Guard’s senior training officer and chief advisor to Seneschal Anastasiya Windwalker. Thoreson also holds a seat on the High Council.
Mother Irina Darrow Windwalker (living): As the Lady of Carreg Mur, Hawke’s mother has many duties beyond being a homemaker and the Lady of the keep. She sees to the needs of those dwelling in and around Duskhallow as well as running the Windwalker home. Irina is an active woman who can often be found in the fields with her working dogs tending to the sheep and cattle or working in the gardens.
Other Family Dougal Windwalker (paternal uncle): Younger brother to Thoreson Windwalker. Dougal grew up harboring a bit of resentment toward the eldest child and the focus that their parents placed on Thoreson. It never turned into hate but he did begin to consciously craft a wilder, less restrained personality than his brother. This led Dougal to associating with some of the more fringe elements of Cymerian society and his eventual connection to the Henwr’hurdd. Dougal always treated Hawke like a son of his own because he himself never truly considered having children of his own and he saw some of the same formality resistant traits in Hawke that he himself remembered when he was growing up.

Various uncles, aunts and cousins scattered through the region.
Family Relationships Thoreson - Hawke and Thoreson love each other but because of the innate formality of Thoreson the two are not the most demonstrative. When growing up and Thoreson was teaching the heir, Mikhael, about the ways of war he tended to lump his son Hawke in as another student instead of as his son. The friction between the two did occasionally flare up but their relationship was still much smoother and less conflicted than High Lord Kimber and his son, Mikhael.

Irina - Hawke’s mother was always the better judge of people than her husband outside of fighting. She saw how Hawke would never be exactly like his father but he would still be a good man. Hawke and his mother were always able to discuss things more in depth than the two Windwalker men were ever able to accomplish.

Family History

Clan Windwalker can trace its origins back to the earliest Celts that migrated from the north and settled in the mountains of Harkania. In time, they became one of the largest and strongest clans in the Highlands. As with the majority of the earliest settlers in Harkania (then known as Hyrkania), much of their property was gained via raids and feuds with rival clans. As the Celts adapted to and was integrated into the Cymry culture, this predilection for raids and sorties became part of the social events called Gatherings.

The name, Windwalker, traces its origins back to the wildlands of the north where clan names were taken or given based on various natural elements or even physical prowess. Windwalker was the name given to a man named Aodh whose fighting style made it appear he was sometimes literally walking on the wind or so family legend goes.

By the beginning of the Interregnum in 1550, Clan Windwalker was well established in the Highlands and the head of the clan was the reolwr (ruler, chief) of the region. This led to numerous clashes with the Tsarist forces and loss of lands and property as punishment. At least two of the clan chiefs were taken and executed as retribution. Eventually, the majority of Windwalkers were driven into hiding in the mountains as they would not vow allegiance to the Tsarimova.

In 2045, Mathias Azarov becomes the Reolwr of House Azarov. The Azarova, like the Windwalkers, had long ago fallen out of favor with the Tsars but their history of being the High Elders of the land ran counter to thoughts of revolution. This changed with Mathias who felt that the family’s refusal to fight was wrong and even immoral considering they had sworn blood oaths to the land and its people in the past. As the seeds of rebellion was fomented, an alliance formed with Clan Windwalker who could bring a tremendous number able bodied Celts to the fight. With their long history of raiding and clandestine activities, the Windwalkers could also provide other resources...weapons, expertise, armor, food.

In a brilliant maneuver, Mathias Azarov, Illya Kuryakin and their Dwarrow allies were able to lure the armies of the Tsars out of Stormholm Caer to a valley lying a short distance from the village of Duskhallow. The Windwalkers had already taken Carreg Mur, the local Cymry Lord’s castle and were waiting with the bulk of the rebellion’s forces.

As a reward for their aid and loyalty, Mathias Azarov granted them the valley of Carreg Mur and the castle to belong to Clan Windwalker in perpetuity. He also elevated the family’s standing from Clan to House which implies nobility.

Although their loyalty to the Cymry was tested during the Interregnum years and again when y Carthu rose and the backlash against all Cymry began, the Windwalker’s loyalty never wavered. They are a salt of the earth type of people and very pragmatic, trusting cold steel over magic, but they are also practical enough to understand that, sometimes, it takes magic to defeat magic.

Modern Era

Seneschal Thoreson Windwalker was known throughout Cymeria as a hard but fair man. He was loyal to High Lord Kimber Stormdanovich as a military officer and devoted to him as a friend. In 3510, at the annual Gathering for Samhain, Thoreson saw a tall, regally striking woman who took his heart. To his dismay, his aide informed him that Lady Irina Darrow Koslov was married to a powerful Cymry merchant from Dinas Ulchedir. Thoreson resolutely put the woman out of his mind and focused on the business of the Gathering.

As he strolled through the tents late the next evening, he heard a woman’s cry of fear and pain from one of the larger better appointed camps. Forcing his way past the attendants to find the woman he had been taken with the previous day, horribly beaten and her husband standing over her preparing to deliver another blow. Thoreson intervened and challenged Arseny Koslov who was in such a rage he accepted the challenge immediately. Thoreson, mindful of that the High Lord frowned on dueling, sent his aide to summon Kimber to the field.

The fight was well underway when Kimber, his High Guard and a small unit of Cymerian Guard arrived. Upon hearing that Koslov had been prone to beating his wife because she was barren but refused to set her aside because of having to forfeit the dowry, he took Irina under his protection and bade his troops to make sure there was no interference in the meting out of justice by the Seneschal.

Arseny was defeated and arrested. Kimber immediately dissolved the marriage, however, as they felt the situation was Irina’s fault, her family refused to allow her to return to them. Thoreson offered the protection of House Windwalker and a position for her as the Chatelaine of Carreg Mur as his aunt who had served in that role had recently passed away. A year and a half later, they were wed although there was considerable objections from the rest of House Windwalker and its septs due to the fact that Irina was known to be barren.

In 3515, Irina gave birth to their son Hawke. Although she conceived two or three more times, she was never able to carry another child to term leaving her to dote on her only son.

Together, Irina and Thoreson provided a strong, practical and loving home for Hawke and his closest friends, Mikhael and Anastasiya Stormdanovich.

Personal History

3515: Hawke Windwalker born to Thoreson and Irina Windwalker

3515 - 3521: Hawke grows up in the Windwalker Home. His childhood was typical for most Cymry.

3521 - 3531: Hawke begins to be trained by his father in the ways of a Cymerian warrior. To make his task easier because he is having to train the High Lord’s heir, Mikhael, Thoreson puts the two boys together along with Mikhael’s older sister, Anastasiya.

3531 - 3533: Hawke joins the Cymerian Guard to begin his mandatory training along with Mikhael.

3335: Hawke graduates from his training and Thoreson orders him to begin travelling around to the other Marches to learn more about the borders of Cymeria. Shortly after beginning his travels, Hawke encounters his uncle, Dougal. Dougal asked his nephew to come with him. He told Hawke that while his father was a good and noble man, there were parts of Cymry society that he did not and did not wish to know about and if Hawke someday hoped to serve the greater good of the land he should not have gaps in his knowledge. Hawke reluctantly agrees and begins what he considers the most unusual time in his entire life.

3535 - 3538: Hawke spends three years with Dougal Windwalker, travelling Cymeria as a member of the secret society his uncle was part of. Hawke learns of places and people he had only read about and heard about from his tutors when young.

3538: Hawke returns home to the partial disapproval but understanding of Thoreson. He had been unhappy when Hawke chose to spend the time with Dougal, but he had come to understand the usefulness. The young man who had left three years prior had been replaced with a different person. Thoreson underneath his disapproval had to admit he liked what he saw even if he worried that his son might have enjoyed the “outlaw” life more than he should.

3538 - 3539: On his return home, Hawke began to resume his duties with the Cymerian Guard. He continued his lessons and learning about command and strategy while assisting his father amidst the growing rumors of a threat from Aquilonia.

3539 - The Battle of D’hassa: Hawke had gone out with Ryndar Gero to fetch Mikhael from his self-imposed exile. On their return they were told about the plans of the Aquilonian emperor’s planned invasion. Hawke and Mikhael then threw themselves into helping High Lord Kimber and Thoreson in planning the defense.

During the battle itself, Mikhael’s mounted force was ordered to make a strike on Darian’s camp in a forlorn hope of turning the tide of the battle which was finally beginning to go against the Cymerians. As Mikhael’s force thundered into the command camp, the troops guarding the area swept in around the mounted Cymry. Hawke and a group of riders dismounted and formed a thin line between Mikhael who was heading for Darian’s tent and the swarming guards. The line of Cymry were facing twice their number. Their stand kept Mikhael from being distracted while he had his face off with the Aquilonian emperor. Once the fight between Mikhael and Darian was finished and the Aquilonians stopped the battle, there were only about one third of the force left that Mikhael had led into the camp still standing. These men are all considered special and were granted dispensation by Mikhael to wear a medallion that was struck days after the battle by artisans using melted swords left by the dead Aquilonians on the field. Each medallion shows a Cymerian sword crossed with an Aquilonian sword in front of a lightning bolt. The back of each medallion has the name of the wearer inscribed and is taken from a list taken right after the end of the battle.

3539: Hawke was chosen by Mikhael to be his Ryndar after Mikhael ascended to the position of High Lord. Hawke has served in this position since that day.

3550: Hawke wed Seneschal Anastasiya Stormdanovich in a ceremony officiated by the High Lord and Oksana D’Corwyn, the Chatelaine of Stormholm Caer. He was also injured in an assassination attempt on his wife at their wedding feast.

Friends & Foes

Family of the Heart Mikhael Stormdanovich (30 years): Hawke has known Mikhael since they were small children and has shared classrooms, military training and getting into trouble with him. Mikhael is his sword brother and while the two men tend to demonstrate their affection by bantering and bickering, their bond of friendship is as strong as if they shared the same blood.

Vasily Tregarth Stormdanovich (5 years): Hawke was the one that Morgelyn called to bring her and Mikhael’s son to safety as she feared calling Mikhael out was a trap. Hawke formed a strong bond to Vasya and now, as his guardian and regent should Mikhael die before the boy is old enough to rule, that love and affection has deepened further. Hawke is also fiercely protective of his nephew by marriage and keeps a wary eye on Mikhael to make sure he doesn’t make the same mistakes with the boy that Kimber made with Mikhael.

Additional Character Info