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Tristan Arrius

Name Tristan Arrius

Position Morrighan (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Wyr
Racial Class Chimera
Gender Male
Date of Birth 31 May 3523
Marital Status Single
Rank Thane
Trade Soldier (Morrighan)
Other Titles Syr: an honorific like Sir and is an acceptable form of address for a Thane of Cymeria.
Aliases / Nicknames Tristan of Skyhunter Wing: Tristan does not use his clan name often as he has had to keep his Wyr identity a tightly held secret. As he learns more of his heritage as a Wyr in Cymeria, he will use the clan name on a more regular basis.

Tris: Shortened form of Tristan, used by close friends and comrades.

Skyhunter: As Tris is, as far as is known, the last of his Wing, he uses the clan name as his eagle name.
Craft / Trade Thane, Morrigan

Master Scout, Tracker, Archer

Thanes are the equivalent of knights. The word thane pertains to rank and title as well as being a designation for the unit. The Thanes are primarily chosen by the High Lord whom they will be serving. It is possible, however, that he will solicit names from his Ryndar or the Seneschal. A man or woman requesting to be considered would be viewed with suspicion. Without exception, Thanes, like their Ryndar, are the most elite warriors in the land.

As with the Ryndar, the Thanes are also granted lands to hold in perpetuity in exchange for their service. Where possible, these lands are granted in the Thane's home March and as near to family lands as possible.

Traditionally, as their primary duty is to guard and accompany the High Lord, Thanes are male. There have been women Thanes in the past, but due to the nature of the service, it is very very rare.

There is no dishonor in declining the land grant and requesting a different boon instead. It is recognized that not every man or woman desires to be a landholder.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Stormholm Caer, Morrighan Quarters
Region / Province Harkania March
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow Village
City Dinas Ulchedir (Harkania March)
Residence / Lodging Stormholm Caer; Morrighan’s Quarters

Unwed Morrighan have the option of living in the wing of the keep set aside for their use. It provides a large, comfortable living area and small but well-appointed private rooms. There is also a bathing chamber. Morrighan living in the barracks can prepare small simple meals (there is a cook area and fireplace for cooking in a corner of the common area) but most take their main meals in the keep’s main dining hall.
Original Birthplace Sarmatia, Aquilonia

Located on the northwest coast of the Sea of Vilayet, just south of the Aquitaine border. This small city-state thrived on the coast of the Sea of Vilayet doing a brisk trade in freshwater fish and trade shipping (barges and deeper water vessels) due to having one of the deeper natural harbors on the massive freshwater lake.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 160 lbs.
Hair Dark brown, worn long with a few braided strands throughout. Gives an unkempt look, shaggy and disheveled.
Eyes Silver grey with a hint of sky blue deep in the center of the iris around the pupil.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Tristan is a good looking man, under all the unkempt hair and scruff. He has a wild and unruly look about him which belies his ordered warrior-like mentality. He is of medium build with a lean and wiry musculature which is in keeping for a bird of prey Wyr.
Marks / Scars He has a pair of inverted chevrons on each cheek; a little known family mark. Only another Wyr may recognize it as an identifier of the Skyhunter Wing.
Style When not in standard Morrighan uniform, Tristan tends to choose comfortably worn hunting leathers with a tall, rolled neck undershirt.
Character Looks Like Mads Mikkelsen as the character of Tristan in the movie, King Arthur


Personality Traits - Brave
- Loyal
- Hard Worker
- Honest
- Forthright
- Slightly Shy
- Lacks confidence in personal relationships
- Trustworthy
- Dependable
Personality Tristan is a formidable warrior, but tends to keep that fact under wraps. He’s not a braggart and doesn’t tend to boast about his deeds, whether victories or failures. He also doesn’t tend to dwell on failings. He takes life as it comes at him, often with a quiet sense of humor. He’s confident in his abilities and he knows his own weaknesses. He has a casual, care free way about him that tends to keep him mostly unnoticed in large groups or crowds which is an advantage when things start to go bad.

He’s a rather cool character when facing off with adversaries. Often his companions have made the mistake in believing he wasn’t truly paying attention or aware of the danger because he tends to remain quiet with his head down as he surveys the situation confronting him.

Tristan wears his hair long and braided in locks throughout; often using the unkempt locks to shield his face and eyes from opponents as he sizes them up. He has a pair of horizontal chevrons tattoo’d on his high cheekbones, the left pair an inverted image of the pair on the right side. He most often has straggly facial hair and appears dirty and sweaty as if fresh from a fight.

He has a tendency to mutter comments under his breath, often with a smirk on his face.
Tristan is ambidextrous with a sword, but most often fires his bow right handed, although he eats and uses writing utensils with his left hand. And he loves apples.

Tristan is brave and loyal… and a hard worker. He is honest and forthright. He is a good friend and a good warrior.

He is a bit shy and not always as confident in his personal relationships as he is in his public ones. Although he can be trusted by those who depend on him, he doesn’t always have the same confidence in those around him, although he would like to. But once trust is earned, it is a difficult thing for him to toss aside.
Mannerisms Tristan is rather laid back. He likes to be around friends when not on duty or on a mission. He likes to drink with friends and play knife throwing games and he’s extremely good at it. He talks softly, and not much to most people. If he likes you and trusts you a lot, he will be more conversational. On duty he tends to focus his attention on his surroundings, keeping eyes and ears open and mouth shut for the most part. He is polite and almost knightly. In his heart and soul he is a warrior, but more so, a guardian; a protector.


Education Tristan’s upbringing didn’t tend to open doors when it came to learning the arts of languages, reading and writing. He can get by if needing the basics, but he’s not very worldly when it comes to knowing other cultures. He barely knows his own personal heritage and family culture, but he is not lacking in intelligence. During his service in Aquilonia he was required to learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. His foster father had made sure he already had a working knowledge and had hired a tutor of sorts to school the boy. Arrius figured that in a prolonged situation as they were in, by giving the boy a working knowledge of the same basics the enemy soldiers were educated in would give Tristan an advantage. “Know Thy Enemy…”
Languages Letanum, fluently ; Saesneg (English), fluently

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility Tristan is ambidextrous. He uses his bow right handed, wields his swords and daggers with both and eats and writes, right handed. He is very agile and fights gracefully with either hand, so “wounding his sword hand” does little to slow him down or turn him defenseless. He is a strong and graceful fighter and well-accomplished as a rider.
Expertise Tristan is an excellent and experienced horseman. He was riding horses before he could walk. He is an accomplished fighter in hand to hand battles, and is proficient with a sword and dagger. He is tall and in good physical form, although much leaner than most who wield a sword, he can certainly hold his own in battle. He’s not much when it comes to wrestling, but he is wiry and lithe, he is fast and stealthy in motion. He is a skilled hunter and an expert in the sport of falconry and archery. He often entertains others with his skill at throwing daggers.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills Tristan is a cavalry archer, able to make amazing shots with his reflex composite bow. He uses a Beile Dao Sword and holds true to the style, armor, and weapons of a Sarmatian mounted archer. He has a natural talent for throwing daggers and often entertains the crowd after hours at a tavern with a good game of Daggers. (Like darts, but not).
Weapons - Bows and Crossbows
- Swords
- Daggers

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source Arcane Race
Arcane Rank Passive
Affinity / Nature Griffin Eagle
Shape Shifting Eagle Form: The Griffin eagle is one of the two largest flighted birds of prey on Gaia. [GM will add link to the document on the Griffin Eagle]. Skyhunter’s eyes lean more to a silver gray with only a slight hint of the normal blue of a wild Griffin eagle’s eyes. His crest feathers carry darker striations rather than the pure lighter colors of his natural counterparts.

Size: Body length is approximately 4 feet; tail measures 20 inches; wingspan is 8 feet; talons measure nearly 6 inches.
Arcane Defenses Tristan does not possess actual arcane weapons. Most other races, however, would consider Skyhunter, his eagle form, an arcane based defense as the eagle is massive and can be lethal in a battle.
Weaknesses / Limitations Wyr are vulnerable to injuries and illnesses as are all people on Aereth.

Family Tree

Father Alaksandar Marius (Biological father) Deceased at Age 34, killed in the brief battle between Sarmatia and Aquilonia. Employed until his death by the Arrius family as the Master of Falcons.

Alecto Arrius (Foster Father) Deceased at Age 66

Alecto and Stephania’s only son, Antony, was killed during Sarmatia’s initial resistance against Aquilonia along with Tristan’s father. Arrius adopted Tristan and gave him their surname, hoping it would protect him. They had been very close to his father and knowing Alak had died trying to protect Antony gave them the need to protect his son if they could.

The Arrius family were watched closely, however, and when contacted by a suspected insurgent group, they were arrested and executed for treason, their lands confiscated. Tristan was conscripted into the Aquilonian Legions.
Mother Valentia Athieus Marius (Mother) Deceased at Age 31, died of an influenza type disease.

Alaksandar and Valentia of Skyhunter Wing adopted Sarmatian surnames for the safety of themselves and their son.

Stephania Arrius (Foster Mother) Deceased at Age 63
Family Relationships Tristan barely remembers his mother beyond faint images of a delicate and frail woman who spoke in whispers and was very kind and loving. His father, also kind, was somewhat taciturn and gruff. He taught Tristan as much as he felt he needed to know to keep his Wyr heritage a secret, but told the boy little else beyond the fact that Tristan was the last of the Skyhunters.

After the death of his father, Tristan was taken in by Alak’s employers, Alecto and Stephania Arrius. The Arrius family was moderately wealthy and well respected. Although they loathed the invasion and annexation of Sarmatia by Aquilonia, they knew that Sarmatia could not win against the might of Darian’s Legions. To that end, they kept their heads down and protected their employees, property, and beloved adopted son as much as was possible.

Although Alecto was demanding in that he worked Tristan hard, trying to direct his focus to being a laborer and connecting with the land, he never failed to praise the boy’s efforts. Stephania was a bit intimidated by sudden motherhood but also did her best to show the boy that he was loved and valued. Tristan’s relationship to his adoptive parents was giving and loving. Their brutal deaths left deep scars and a bitter hatred of Darian and his cruel Legions. Yet, if nothing else, both his father, Alak and his adopted father, Alecto, had taught him the value of waiting, observing and finding opportunities in which to act. Stephania, however, taught him to not always look backward, but also to look forward.

Tristan carries the memories of his parents in his heart and bids the gods they believed in to watch over them.

Family History

There is little history on the Skyhunter Clan. Alaksander Marius, while a kind man to his family, was very taciturn seeming to prefer the company of his falcons to that of people. This became more pronounced after the death of his mate.

When Tristan was a young boy his mother died from an influenza outbreak during the winter months. He was left to be raised by his father. His father worked as a Falconer for the Arrius family until the war broke out. His father was killed in action while fighting for his country against the insurgence of Aquilonia. His father was a great warrior and had come to the aid of a young soldier, Antony Arrius. Both Antony and Alaksandar were killed in action. The Arrius family took Tristan into their home, feeling a sense of indebtedness to Marius. They gave the young boy their last name in the hopes of hiding him from the Legion of Aquilonia.

Personal History

3523, May 31 - Born in Sarmatia

Tristan was born to Alaksander and Valentia Marius, however, Valentia succumbed to an influenza outbreak when Tristan was three years old leaving him in the care of his kind, but rather taciturn father.

As he got older, Alak taught him the basics regarding being a Wyr but always emphasized that he needed to hide what he was, to not trust that others would not be afraid of him and taught him that Menfolk often kill what they fear. His father also spoke of moving west to Cymeria, to look for other Wyr clans, but his loyalty to the Arrius family kept him in Sarmatia.

Of what happened that brought him and Valentia to Sarmatia, Alak never spoke.

Despite the concerns of the adults about keeping the secret of his Wyr heritage and an ongoing feeling of unease as Emperor Darian I continued to annex other regions, Tristan had a relatively good early childhood. The Arrius family were good people, kind to their employees and very loyal to their friends of which Alaksander was one of their dearest.

3531 (age 8) - Sarmatia is embattled against the Emperor, Ingtarius.

Sarmatia, home of a fiercely independent people, fought valiantly against the Emperor’s forces. The numbers and organization of Darian’s Legions were against them. By the time they were able to organize and mount a concerted opposition force, it was too late. Although defeat was inevitable, small cells of freedom fighters continued to harass and harry the Aquilonian Legions.

3532 (age 9) - Father is killed in battle, Mother dies of sickness, is adopted by Arrius family and hidden from the Emperor. The 3532 battle effectively put an end to Sarmatia’s bid to retain its independence although rebel forces, supported by many of the more powerful families, continued to mount smaller attacks against Darian’s troops.

When Alak was killed in an ill-conceived battle against Darian’s legions, the Arrius family adopted Tristan and gave him their surname.

Another great challenge for Alecto and Lady Arrius was keeping Tristan’s Wyr abilities secret. When Alaksandar worked for them as their Master of Falcons, he had confided in Alecto about this innate gift. The Arrius family, being Falconers, found this to be karmic. They insisted, though, that Tristan should not change his form during daylight hours and only in the secret venue of the forest after dark. This was not meant to be a punishment, but a caring, if not extreme demand to protect the boy from those who would not understand his changeling heritage.

Tristan was taught a few manual skills; blacksmithing, fishing, iron smelting and a few other small jobs in an attempt to keep him out of sight of the Legions that were always harassing the Sarmatian people in an attempt to identify any holdouts of the old ways. Freedom Fighters.

In an effort to try and direct Tristan’s focus to the land and away from the life of a warrior, he was forced to try his hand as an inn keeper’s helper and a livery worker. But as much as Alecto, his foster father, tried to make a laborer out of Tristan, the boy was driven to follow in his father’s footsteps. Instead of doing his chores, he’d be found out in the hills practicing his skill with his sword or his bow. The boy was an incredibly skilled horseman and keeping him off horses was an unending challenge for Arrius and his wife.

One day, Arrius decided that if being a warrior was Tristan’s destiny then he would do everything in his power to train the boy to be the best he could be. So his lessons officially began. Daily and often under the cover of dusk out in the rolling hills and forests that surrounded their home, Tristan was tutored and taught archery and swordsmanship. Tristan grew to be a strong young man with agility and courage, although often very quiet. While Lady Arrius found his silence to be unnerving, Alecto revelled in the making of a fine warrior who was quick and silent and skilled.

3538 (age 15)- Foster parents executed as traitors to the Emperor, is conscripted into service of Aquilonia against his will.

When Tristan was 15, his foster parents’ home was invaded by soldiers from the Legion. They were accused of treason for having been in contact with an insurgent group. His foster parents were judged and convicted of treason and executed publicly. Tristan was forced to watch, to witness and remember the punishment for treason. Tristan watched… not because he was threatened with punishment if he didn’t… but because he wanted the memory so it would fuel his determination to escape the new regime and fight back someday. After the execution he was conscripted to the Legion and made to serve in the army of his enemies.

3538 - 3540 (age 15-17) - Trained as a Swordsman and Archer

While in their service, he continued his training to become the best fighting man he could be, taking advantage of the strengths of Darian’s Legions. With that focus, he bided his time and welcomed their training and discipline and waited for the day he would turn it all against them. All the while he pretended to make friends and to trust in his comrades in service. He also showed great determination in keeping his Wyr heritage a secret and planned to use his alternate form to someday escape his captors.

3541 - 3547 (age 18-24) - Served as Cavalry Archer in the Legions of Aquilonia.

3547 - (age 24): Escaped from Aquilonia and made his way to Haven, the neutral territory between Aquitaine and Tynár-Dazûr. He used his early training as a livery, blacksmith, swordsmith to earn his way in the new land. Eventually, his natural ability with horses and the falcons kept at Havenskeep was noted.

3548 - (age 25): Promoted as an apprentice to the Head Falconer of Havenskeep where he learns even more about the birds of prey of Aereth. Havenskeep’s mews held not only falcons, but owls and a few prized eagles as well. Mavryn, the Head Falconer, insisted the birds be kindly treated and thus many of them bonded to their handlers. The old man took a liking to the quiet Tristan and found his ability with the birds to be prodigious. As his health failed, he promoted Tristan to the position of his Chief Aide.

3549 - 3550 (age 26-28) - Head Falconer dies of old age and the job/title is given to Tristan. When Mavryn passed away, the Council of Havenskeep promoted Tristan to the position of Head Falconer. It was Tristan who suggested that the birds be used for more than hunting with visiting dignitaries, but be given the job of being the eyes on Haven’s borders to help enforce their neutrality. The Council were impressed with his suggestions and plans and gave Tristan the freedom to begin the program.

Winter 3551 (a. 29)

While out scouting and hunting, Tristan hears the sounds of a battle. Haven’s Law demanded that should someone being pursued by outside forces cross Haven’s borders, all pursuit must cease. The pursuers could sue for extradition, but must not violate Haven’s neutrality. Going to investigate, Tristan finds a woman being set upon by soldiers of Aquitaine. Without hesitation, he goes to her aid.

Learning that the woman is Wyr and is desperate to get back to the mysterious Cymeria that his father occasionally spoke of, Tristan decides to see that she gets home.

Friends & Foes

Adversaries & Foes The Knights Templar of Aquitaine

Emperor Darian Ingtarius I of Aquilonia.

Additional Character Info

Notes / References Note: Tristan has not yet joined the Morrighan, but to save bio alterations later, we have already set the bio up as one of the Morrighan of Cymeria.