Alistair Fang

Name Alistair Fang

Position STC

General Information

Aliases Fang Sūn-Shen (birth name given by Shaolin Monks, Hong Kong)

Fang (name he goes by)

Alistair Fang (name he adopted after death of his adopted father, Baron Justin Alistair).
Gender Male
Birthdate May 18, 1823
Age 52
Marital Status Single
Residence - Temporary Residence -
Bell-St. Regis Hotel
Kalispell, Montana Territory

Fang has rooms at the Bell-Regis that adjoin his employer's.

- Primary Residence -
San Francisco, California

Fang considers the Haight-Ashbury townhouse his primary home, but he maintains an elegant apartment not far away for personal use.

- Birthplace -
Hong Kong, China

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Build Medium
Hair Color Black

Fang's hair is kept short. It is thick and straight, often likened to the pelt of a seal. In recent years, traces of gray have started showing, lending an even more distinguished air.
Eye Color Black


Employment H.G. Mercer & Associates
Position: Mentor, Bodyguard, Troubleshooter, Investigator
Professional Skills - Highly Educated
- Fluent in several languages
- Kung Fu (Master)


Self Defense - Hand-to-Hand -
Fang is a black belt and master of several martial arts. He rarely resorts to using weapons.

- Weapons -
Fang is an expert swordsman and with the use of knives and staffs. He dislikes using guns but is a good shot when the need arises.
Hobbies & Interests - World History
- Languages
- Military History
- Martial Arts (history and styles)

Personality & Traits

Character Traits - Loyal
- Brave
- Quiet
- Intelligent
- Calm


Friends & Foes

Personal History

Personal History - May 18, 1823 -
-- Fang left at a Shaolin temple near Hong Kong.

- 1824 to 1834 (a. 1 - 11) -
-- Educated by the monks and began martial arts training.

- 1835 to 1845 (a. 12 - 22) -
-- 1836 (a. 13): Aids a young British officer during a skirmish.
-- 1837 (a. 14): Adopted by Major Justin Alastair; begins formal English education.
-- 1839 (a. 16): Baron Justin Alistair declares Fang the heir to his estates.
-- 1841 (a. 18): Meets Franklin Mercer in London; becomes friends.
-- 1843 (a. 20): Journeys to San Francisco to bail Mercer out of trouble; decides to remain.

- 1845 to 1855 (a. 22 - 32) -
-- 1845 (a. 22): Frank Mercer takes custody of his daughter after mother's death.

Up until Fang was introduced into Frank Mercer's household, he was content living on his own and enjoying the benefits of having been adopted by the wealthy Baron Justin Alistair of Avonlea. Upon meeting Frank's young daughter, Harriet, all that changed. Knowing that his friend would never stay in one place very long, Fang took on the job of surrogate father to the child. He saw that she was educated, protected and taught self-defense.

- 1856 to 1875 (a. 33 - 52) -
-- 1858 (a. 35): Frank Mercer dies in duel; Fang deals with his killer.

As Harriet grew to adulthood, eventually taking on the care of her younger half-sister, Fang was a constant presence in her life. He loves H.G. as much as he would a daughter of his own and is quite proud of her accomplishments.

Fang serves as H.G.'s most trusted business associate, mentor, and sometime bodyguard.

Character Notes

General Notes - Education -
Fang is highly educated, having attended Oxford where he studied linguistics and history.

- Languages -
Fang speaks several languages fluently including English which he speaks better than many people who claim it as their native first language.
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