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Richard Coyle

Name Richard Andrew Coyle

Position Guardsman (Cymeria)

Personal Information

Race Traveler
Racial Class Menfolk
Gender Male
Date of Birth 17 January 1976
Marital Status Single
Rank Sergeant (USA, Earth)
Trade Soldier
Craft / Trade Guardsman, Cymerian Guard, Stormholm Garrison

Currently serving as a Guardsman Trainee at the Stormholm Caer Garrison. Coyle was in an unique position coming into the Guard as he does have many years of military experience, just not on Gaia. Garrison trainees go out with mounted and foot patrols as well as serve as security for the keep. They also continue weapons and tactics training with the Guard.

As a Garrison Guardsman, Coyle earns a good wage, housing, meals, equipment and two horses (a battle stallion and a riding horse).

Sergeant, 75th Ranger Regiment, US Army

SGT Coyle is a professional soldier, so in a nutshell his craft is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy. He has received extensive training to be proficient as a fighter as well as all the secondary tasks that go with soldiering. These include care and maintenance of weapons and equipment, field craft skills such as survival and camouflage, operation and maintenance of communication and other electronic gear, conducting reconnaissance, and planning operations. As he holds the rank of a Non-Commissioned Officer he is also responsible for leading, training, and caring for small groups of soldiers.

Home & Residence

Estate / Hold / Farm Stormholm Caer Garrison (Barracks)
Region / Province Harkania March
Country of Residence Cymeria
Town / Village Duskhallow Village
City Dinas Ulchedir (Harkania)
Residence / Lodging Stormholm Caer Garrison

Initially, Coyle was given guest quarters at the keep, but later moved to the Garrison barracks once he joined the Guard.

Stormholm’s Garrison is housed within the Keep’s walls and consists of common rooms, war rooms, barracks, training grounds, courtyards, dining hall and kitchens. There are also armories, storage, bathing chambers, etc. The Garrison is almost like a keep within a keep as all their needs are housed within its walls.

As a Traveler in Aereth, SGT Coyle has no established home. Currently he seeks shelter wherever he can, sleeping in inns or the homes and barns of kindly strangers when the opportunity is available, sleeping in the field when it isn’t.
Original Birthplace SGT Coyle was born at the Bayne-Jones Army Hospital at Fort Polk, Louisiana. His family was there as his father had been working as an instructor at the infantry training school, the infamous Tigerland, last stop before Vietnam. However The family did not stay there long as Tigerland was shut down shortly after Richard was born due to the war in Vietnam coming to a close. As the Coyle family moved frequently due to the needs of the military, Richard does not have a particular place that he thinks of as his ‘native’ home beyond a vague loyalty to the South.

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 194 lbs.
Hair Reddish-brown and straight. He typically wears it in a military-style high and tight.
Eyes Blue (with some hints of green) with an intelligent and often curious look in them.

Physical Description

Build / Stature Richard, though only standing at an average height, tends to seem taller than he is due to his confident demeanor. He is well proportioned for his height and though he is muscular, it leans more towards a runner's build than a weight lifter’s. He is overall very fit and strong.

Marks / Scars Richard has a handful of small scars that were the result of a rambunctious boyhood. He has one tattoo, an image of Saint Michael, the patron saint of soldiers, fighting a dragon, the manifestation of greed and violence, over his heart.
Style As a soldier his style and choice of clothes is largely dictated for him, though when in civilian clothes he prefers simple and functional clothing. His hair is worn in a high and tight and he is clean shaven as per army regulations. He is exact in his grooming to ensure he always presents a soldierly appearance. He is very proud of his tan beret, as it is special headgear that only Rangers are permitted to wear.
Character Looks Like Damian Lewis as Major Richard Winters in Band of Brothers.


Personality Traits - Loyal
- Brave
- Obedient
- Curious
- Disciplined
- Boisterous
- Stubborn
- Over-confident
Personality In many ways SGT Coyle’s personality is that of the consummate, almost stereotypical soldier. This is hardly surprising given that his father had raised him almost since birth with a military career in mind. Richard is tough minded and used to self-discipline, with little fear of danger. However this can lead him to being stubborn, especially if he believes he is right, but often even when he is wrong he’d rather stick to his guns. He is comfortable in, and greatly prefers a structured environment where responsibilities and limits are clearly defined. He has a significant problem with people who don’t “stay in their lane” or respect the chain of command. He is generally obedient to authority, as long as he regards it as legitimate, and greatly respects tradition. The two fastest ways for an authority figure to lose legitimacy in Coyle’s eyes are to disrespect tradition and to take action that adversely impact those under his command. He is very devoted to his fellow soldiers and those under his command. He will go to great lengths to ensure their needs are met before his own.

All that said, like many soldiers, Richard has a bit of a wild streak when it comes to blowing off steam. He likes to laugh and joke with those around him and has been known to have a few too many drinks on occasion. He also can be quite the flirt with the opposite sex, giving the impression that he is constantly trying to get pretty young women into bed with him. Though how many times it has gone beyond idle chit chat is something Richard keeps very much to himself. Deep down he does hope to find a nice girl to settle down with, though not yet and not that he would admit that openly.

While much of his personality was influenced by his father, Richard’s mother did also exert a significant influence on him. She managed to instill in him a deep curiosity about the world around him and an intense love of learning. He is a voracious reader with a particular fondness for myths, legends, and tales of heroism. As a boy his favorite stories always involve a hero fighting incredible odds or overcoming monsters, demons, or dragons. As he grew older and came to believe less in dragons and monsters and so his focus changed to military history and the great heroes of real battles. He has a good memory and can recite many of these stories (and even some poems and songs) from memory. He has an intense curiosity about other people, cultures, and languages. Part of his motivation for joining the army was the opportunity to travel and a desire to emulate the storybook heroes he idolized as a child and the war heroes he admired as a young man.
Mannerisms SGT Coyle’s manner tends to be highly dependent on the situation. When dealing with new people, especially new superiors, he tends to fall back on discipline and courtesy, even if it is a bit stiff. However once he gets the measure of someone and knows how they will react he tends to be much more open. With those he can trust he tends to be far more of a fun loving jokester, with a penchant for crude humor and casual profanity. He is the sort that you know he likes you if he is making fun of you, though he tends to be careful not to truly give offense and will stay away from a person’s particular hot buttons if he knows what they are. He’d much rather keep things light and tends to avoid deep conversations except with the very closest of friends. With the opposite sex he tends to be a shameless, and mostly harmless, flirt. Here too he tries to stop short of giving any real offense or making someone truly uncomfortable. In most cases his voice tone is light with an almost laughing quality.

His manner changes drastically though when there is a mission at hand or it is time to conduct training. When it’s time to get to work he is all business and military discipline. He can turn this on and off at will, a fact that often startles those that have not seen it before.


Education Graduate of Bethel High School, class of 1995. In school he loved literature and languages, taking four years of Spanish and reading many works ranging from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the works of Shakespeare. Shortly after graduating High School Richard enlisted in the US Army and completed Basic Combat Training and Advanced Infantry training. As per his contract Richard then went straight to Airborne School to learn to jump from perfectly good airplanes followed by Ranger training. Upon completion of the intensive training he was assigned to A Company, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He had been selected to attend additional language training, however that was put on hold when the Battalion was sent to Afghanistan in 2002.
Languages English (Saesneg): Native language, Fluent and Literate

Spanish: Studied in high school for four years. He can carry on a reasonable conversation without much difficulty and can read and write in it reasonably well.

Arabic: Limited training provided by the army, but mostly self taught. Can hold a basic, halting conversation, ask for directions, but not much more. Can read a few words.

Dari (Afghan Persian): Limited training provided by the army, but mostly self taught. Can hold a basic, halting conversation, ask for directions, but not much more. Can read a few words.

Pashto: Self taught, knows a handful of words and phrases

Khowar: Self taught, knows a handful of words and phrases

Physical Skills

Dexterity & Mobility As a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, SGT Coyle was required to maintain a high level of physical fitness. As such he is quite strong, but also very nimble and flexible. Obstacle courses to test the soldier’s agility were a popular training event and one at which Coyle excelled. He also his good endurance and is capable of running for many miles and marching under heavy load for hours on end without stopping.
Expertise In addition to a great deal of weapons and tactical training, Ranger training involves a number of other important skills. Sergeant Coyle has been trained to swim even under load as well as trained to climb and rappel both off of stationary features like cliffs and out of aircraft. He has received extensive training in field craft which includes survival, land navigation, and camouflage skills through the Army’s SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) school. This also includes techniques to resist interrogation and escape captivity to rejoin his unit.

He played a handful of sports in school, but never stuck with any one sport long enough to gain mastery. Richard has never ridden a horse, but he did see one once at Fort Polk while they were on a training exercise.

Combat & Weapons

Training & Skills As a Ranger, SGT Coyle has been through some of the most rigorous combat training that the United States Army has to offer. In addition to his Basic infantry course, which teaches the basics of how to shoot, move, and communicate, Coyle has been to airborne school and is a qualified parachutist. Upon completion of airborne training he landed a spot at the coveted Ranger School. This 56 day course is extremely grueling and hunger and fatigue are constant companions during the training. The training itself is conducted in three phases. The first, or Benning, phase focuses on physical fitness and advanced infantry skills. Training events include obstacle course, high ropes and confidence courses, day and night land navigation, runs and forced marches, hand to hand combat, and squad tactics. The second, or Mountain, phase focuses on more advanced tactics and operating in a mountainous environment. Training events include mountaineering, parachute landings and helicopter fast roping, river crossings, and more in depth tactical exercises. The third, or Florida, phases is the final phase of training and focuses on waterborne and swamp operations. Training events include the use of small boats, survival in swamp and rainforest terrain, and extremely elaborate tactical exercises.

As part of the 75th Ranger Regiment, SGT Coyle has been required to train continuously to maintain and improve his skills. He has also received a variety of trainings in non-combat skills such as first aid and language training in both Arabic and Dari.
Weapons As a graduate of the US Army Ranger School, Sergeant Coyle has had intensive training all US weapon systems from the m4 carbine up to the AT-4 rocket launcher as well as extensive training on handling explosives. All of this is for naught on Gaia however. Fortunately his military training included extensive training on fighting with a bayonet, (which translates over to a spear), a combat knife, and his own two fists. Swords, bows, and the like, as well as the use of shields, are completely foreign to him.

While most of his gear was lost, he was lucky to have one weapon stay with him, an M3 Trench Knife. This knife originally belonged to his grandfather, who carried it in World War II, then to his father who carried it in Vietnam. The family regards it as something of a good luck charm.

Arcane Skills & Abilities

Arcane Source N/A
Arcane Rank N/A

Family Tree

Father Sergeant Major Andrew John Coyle: Coming from a long line of soldiers, Richard’s father is no exception to the family tradition. Enlisting at 18 he rose through the ranks to become a Sergeant Major and served three tours in Vietnam. His military career meant that the family moved around a lot growing up and was subject to their father’s strict, but fair military discipline.
Mother Renee (Johansen) Coyle: A professional nurse, Richard’s mother was the kind and caring one to Sergeant Major Coyle’s strict discipline. She tried to instil in her children a love of learning and a fascination in the world around them and it’s people.
Sister(s) Rebecca Mary Coyle: Richard’s baby sister, he was always very protective of her growing up. Currently she is a student at the University of Virginia, majoring in biology.
Other Family Grandparents
Paternal Grandfather
Colonel (retired) Victor Coyle: Though he originally enlisted as a private shortly after Pearl Harbor, Victor received a battlefield commission during the war and continued his career afterwards, retiring at the rank of Colonel.

Paternal Grandmother
Pamela (St.John) Coyle: Pamela was largely a homemaker and stay at home mother for most of her life, having married Victor shortly before the outbreak of World War II. During the war she did work in an armaments factory producing artillery shells for the war effort.

Maternal Grandfather
Richard Johansen: A Machinist by trade, Richard worked at the Portsmouth naval shipyard for almost all of his adult life. When World War II began he attempted to enlist in the Navy, however he was denied due to being deemed an essential worker at the shipyard. He always regretted not being able to serve more fully during the war.

Maternal Grandmother
Maria (VanBlum) Johansen: Maria was also a homemaker for most of her life early life. H She too worked in a factory during the war, however she chose not to return to the home after the war, becoming an administrative assistant for the factory after the war.
Family Relationships Richard’s relationship with his family was generally good, though it did have some trying times, particularly when he was a teenager. His father was a strict disciplinarian, the kind that had Richard and his sister putting hospital corners on their beds and spit shining their shoes. While not generally rebellious, Richard did butt heads with his father over matters of discipline, particularly as a teenager when he began to test his limits. Despite this, though he was always loath to admit it, Richard admired his father for his courage under fire in Vietnam, and while the discipline rubbed him the wrong way from time to time, he always respected him. On entering the military, though, Richard was very grateful that he had learned discipline at a young age and did not struggle with it the way some of the other recruits did.

Where Richard’s father was the disciplinarian, his mother was the teacher and cheerleader of the family. Always encouraging her children to learn and try new things. She believed in learning by doing and so was not overly protective of her children, but was still there to catch them if they fell. She encouraged Richard, particularly in his interest in learning languages and helped him study on many nights. While she encouraged him to go directly to College, Richard decided he would enter the Army. He did however promise his mother that he would use his GI Bill to pursue a college education once he finished his enlistment.

Richard adored and was very protective of his baby sister, sometimes to her (and potential boyfriend’s) annoyance. Still she appreciated knowing she could always rely on him and looked up to him. For his part Richard was glad for the emotional support she was often able to provide him when there father’s discipline got tough.

Though he died when Richard was only ten, his Paternal Grandfather also had a great influence on his life. Though his grandfather only rarely talked about the war, Richard regarded him as a hero for having landed in the first wave at Normandy. Richard greatly looked up to him and wanted to emulate him (and his father as well though he would not admit it openly) by joining the army. He is very proud to carry his grandfather’s combat knife.

Family History

Common Era: Earth

1750 - 1850: Family Legends
Exactly when the Coyle family arrived in what would come to be the United States is something that is likely lost to history, however the family firmly believes that they arrived and settled in Virginia sometime around 1750 and established a farm. Several family members are said to have fought with General Washington, but again this seems to be as much family legend as hard facts are difficult to come by. It is said that after the Revolution the family spread out across Virginia and worked as farmers and in various trades.

1850 - 1860: The Antebellum Years
The first known facts of Richard’s family date back to 1850 when Richard’s great-great-great-great grandfather purchased a farm in the Shenandoah Valley near Newmarket, Virginia. The family farm was small, but with the hard work of the many children they were blessed with, it prospered. The turmoil that was slowly engulfing the country seemed not to touch that far away corner of the Shenandoah.

1861 - 1865: The Civil War
While things had seemed sleepy in the relatively remote Shenandoah Valley, the nation was in turmoil. After the Election of President Abraham Lincoln, South Carolina seceded on December 20th, 1860 and was followed over the coming months by six other states. It was not after Fort Sumter was fired on and the Federal Government’s call for 75,000 troops that Virginia seceded, joining the Confederacy on May 7th, 1861. Richard’s great-great-great grandfather Edwin Coyle, volunteered for service with Company B, 33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He would fight as part of the famous “Stonewall Brigade” under General Jackson at First Manassas. The 33rd would serve actively throughout the war, fighting in most major engagements, including Antietam, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg. Edwin Coyle would be wounded twice, but returned to his regiment each time. He was one of only a handful still left from the 33rd when Lee surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9th, 1865.

1866-1916: The Inter-War Years (Part I)
The homecoming of Edwin Coyle was far from joyous, as there was not much home to come back to. The family farm had been burned down by Union troops in 1864 during the battle of Newmarket. With Virginia’s economy in shambles and the state occupied by the military, it was many long harsh years before the family's fortune turned around. Slowly though, the wounds of the war began to heal and the family farm began to prosper once more in the fertile Shenandoah. Still the world as a whole was changing, and the industrial revolution had begun to spread to the rural south. Many members of the family began to leave the farming life behind for factory work. Richard’s great grandfather, Theodore Coyle, moved to take a factory job in Richmond in 1915.

1917-1918: The Great War
When Theodore Coyle moved to richmond he also enlisted in the National Guard to make a little extra money to get a Model A Ford and impress a local girl. When the United States declared war on Germany in April 1917, Theodore and the rest of the 116th Infantry were bound for the Western Front. Though between training and transportation delays they would only see about 30 days of actual combat before the Armistice, it was some of the most brutal trench fighting in the American sector. Theodore would be wounded, but only slightly, though it was the horrors that he would witness that would leave invisible scars to haunt him for the rest of his life.

1919 - 1941: The Inter-War Years (Part II)
Theodore Coyle would elect not to stay in the army after the war and so went back to his job and family. The 1920’s were a good time for them, with the economy on the rise and the jazz age in full swing. Though there were some rumors that his cousins out in the Shenandoah Valley were moonshiners defying Prohibition. The collapse of the economy in 1929 hit the Coyles hard as the factory Theodore had worked for most of his adult life closed. They would make due, but they struggled with temporary work and jobs provided by the Works Progress Administration. Soon though the Coyles, and the nation, would have much bigger problems to worry about.

1941-1945: The Second World War
On December 7th, 1941 the Japanese bombed pearl harbor. On December 8th eighteen year old Victor Coyle enlisted in the US Army. He was assigned to the 1st Infantry Division and in just under a year he would find himself in North Africa fighting Rommel’s Afrika Corps. The desert fighting was hard and often bloody, but they pushed the Germans out of Africa. In July 1943 the 1st Division landed in Sicily, though the Italians proved to be a far easier opponent than the Germans. Coyle regarded himself as lucky that his Division was not selected to be part of the campaign on the Italian mainland. Had he known what was in store for him, he wouldn’t have thought so.

June 6, 1944, the day of days, and Victor Coyle found himself in the first wave of the landings at Omaha beach. How he ever made it off that terrible strip of sand in one piece is a mystery, but through the bloodshed they advanced and began the liberation of Normandy. It was during the campaign that followed that Victor would receive a battlefield commision and become a platoon leader. They would fight on across France and into Germany, being in nearly continuous action until the end of the war.

1946 - 1963: The Cold War
At the end of the Second World War, Victor Coyle had risen to the rank of Captain and elected to stay in and make the Army his career. He would not see service directly in Korea, as he was assigned to West Germany during that period. Though they moved frequently with the needs of the military, the Coyle family prospered in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Life was good, even if there was always looming over them the Red Menace and the threat of Nuclear annihilation. Little did they know that the Cold War was about to turn hot in a place no one in America knew about.

1963 - 1975: The Vietnam War
When the Vietnam War began in 1963, Richard’s father, Andrew Coyle was just 17 years old. He asked his father to sign for him to enlist early, but his father insisted he had to finish high school first. In 1964 though Andrew enlisted and soon found himself enroute to Vietnam assigned to the 7th Cavalry. He would serve three tours in Vietnam and was wounded twice. His experience and courage leading him to be quickly promoted. However in 1971 Andrew was reassigned to serve as an instructor at the Infantry Training School at Fort Polk, Louisiana, the infamous Tigerland. He would serve there, putting his experience to use to try to teach new recruits to stay alive until the end of the war.

Personal History

1976: Born January 17th at the Bayne-Jones Army Hospital at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

1977 – 1991: Childhood, Life of an Army Brat
Richard’s childhood was generally a happy one, though being in a military family had it’s challenges. Not least of which was his father’s discipline. While not cruel, it was certainly strict. Though what was probably hardest on young Richard was the frequent changes of duty station. Having to leave behind friends, schools, and home every few years is never easy. Fortunately his younger sister proved to be a good friend that he could count on and his mother’s insistence on learning meant he never fell behind in school. Richard also took refuge in books, a habit that was greatly encouraged by his mother. His favorite book as a child was a (somewhat cleaned up) version of the Legend of King Arthur. He also read a variety of Fantasy and Science Fiction, devouring anything that involved a hero taking on monsters and dragons.

1991 – 1994: High School
In 1991 Richard’s Father was assigned to Fort Eustis, Virginia and was able to stay there long enough for Richard to complete high school in one place. He attended Bethel High School in Newport News, VA. His was a fairly typical high school experience. He played some sports, but didn’t really shine. He was an average student, though he excelled at Spanish, taking four years of it. His taste in reading shifted somewhat away from Fantasy stories and to the legends and myths of various culture. He was fascinated by the concept of the Hero’s Journey as a literary concept and found comparing how different cultures expressed it fascinating. He dated a handful of girls at this time, but none seriously. As any teenager does, he butted heads with his parents over his autonomy, but in the end usually learned that his father did in fact know best. Though his guidance counselor looked at his aptitude for languages and suggested a number of colleges, Richard had his mind made up already. He was going to be a soldier. When his friends asked why he would tell them it was a family tradition and this was partially true. He wanted to earn the respect of his father and do something that would have made his grandfather proud. Deep down though it was the desire to be a hero in the literary sense. Since dragons and monsters didn’t actually exist, he would fight the monsters of humanity.

1994 – 1995: Infantry Training, Uncle Sam’s Home for Wayward Boys
After spending his summer after graduation enjoying the last few weeks of freedom, Richard enlisted in the US Army in the fall of 1994. His good physical fitness, high aptitude scores, and the fact that his father was a Command Sergeant Major helped Richard land an Airborne contract with the option to attend Ranger School. He was given the chance to prove he could hack it in one of the most elite units in the Army. Richard jumped at the opportunity, wanting to try to go one better than his father. First though he had to make it through Basic Training. He was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia commonly called Uncle Sam’s Home for Wayward Boys. Though the training was rigorous, his father’s discipline served him in good stead and he was an honor graduate from basic training. From there it was Advanced Individual Training as an Infantryman, which is largely just basic training on steroids. Here again, Richard excelled and was often in a position of student leadership. That completed, he went to another part of Fort Benning for Airborne School to learn to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. While the training was tough, Coyle enjoyed the adrenaline that went with it. By mid 1995 he had earned his jump wings and was on his way to the toughest training the Army has to offer.

1995: Ranger School: While only 56 days long, Ranger School is an extremely gruelling training with hunger and fatigue as constant companions. Richard would learn advanced tactics, weapon and explosive handling, advanced airborne techniques, how to use small watercraft, land navigation, and dozens of other skills. While he was not the top of his class, his performance was solid and steady throughout the course. It was the proudest day of his life when at the end of so much hardship and pain he was given the coveted Ranger tab and tan beret of America’s most elite fighting force.

1995 – 2001: 75th Ranger Regiment, the training continues
If Richard thought that completing Ranger School meant that he could rest on his laurels, he was dead wrong. Training was near constant in the 75th Ranger Regiment including field problems that could last for weeks and intensive classroom training on a wide variety of topics. Richard however was up to the task and did well during these training events. He would rise through the ranks to reach the rank of Sergeant in early 2001. However he had gotten to the Regiment to late for the Gulf War and the Fighting in Mogadishu, and itched for a chance at real action. Soon he would get his chance.

2001 – 2002: The War in Afghanistan
On September 11th, 2001 the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon rocked the United States to its core. In a blink of an eye, all the concerns of the peacetime army were put on hold as the 75th Rangers geared up for war. By mid-October SGT Coyle, with the rest of 3rd Battalion were on the ground preparing for their first major operation of the war, Operation Rhino. Their objective was to seize an airfield near Kandahar and destroy any Taliban forces in the area. While the Rangers were geared up for a major firefight, the met virtually no resistance. That however would prove to be fleeting as the war got into high gear and the Taliban tried to stand their ground. Taliban fighters however proved no match for the US Army in pitched battle. First Mazar-I Sharif, home of the Blue Mosque fell, then the capital, Kabul was taken. Finally the cave complex at Tora Bora was cleared of Taliban fighters. Through all of it SGT Coyle was in the thick of the fighting. As the Army’s elite strike force, the Rangers were often called on to lead the advance. By mid-December the country was liberated from Taliban control.

That however did not mean the fighting had stopped. Snipers, ambushes, and roadside bombs became the order of the day as the US and her allies tried to round up Al Qaeda fighters. In March of 2002 Intel got word of a buildup of the enemy in Paktia Province in Eastern Afghanistan. The Army mounted Operation Anaconda to defeat this force. The battle would be largely fought by conventional forces and so SGT Coyle and his Rangers were assigned as a quick reaction force to deal with unexpected contingencies. When an OH-58 Kiowa helicopter went down, Coyle’s team got the call to go recover the crew who were being harbored by sympathetic locals. It was on that mission that Coyle would stumble across a place where worlds were linked.

2002 – Date Unknown: A whole new world (October 3550, Aereth)
On entering the Kho temple where the American aircrew were sheltering, SGT Coyle felt himself inexplicably drawn into the inner sanctuary. There he laid eyes on a beautiful statue of a goddess. Then everything went dark and when Coyle awoke he was not where he had been before. This cave was little more than a dark dank hole in the rock. Coming outside he saw not the rugged and arid mountains of Afghanistan, but a land rich and green and fertile. Lost, without his gear, and facing new and strange dangers, Richard set out in search of civilization and hopefully answers.

Friends & Foes

Family of the Heart While his brother soldiers in Bravo company were closer to him than family, they have been left behind. Others To Be Determined in Game Play

Additional Character Info

Notes / References Richard will eventually be inducted into the Morrighan. Story still pending.