Remember the Cost

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Every year, Cymerians gather for the Ceremony of Oaths. The Gathering is celebrated during the week of the 13th of Mis'cynhaeaf / Medi (September). This is both a memorial celebration and a time of renewal when a majority of Cymeria gathers on the Plains of D’hassa at the site of the Battle of D’hassa. The height of the festival is the actual Ceremony of Oaths where the Cymerian Guard, both new recruits and those taking their oath of permanent service.

The 3550 Gathering marks eleven years since the Battle of D'hassa and the 10th anniversary of the Ceremony of Oaths. It will also mark the arrival of a new Darkness in the land.

Note: This Chronicle is being edited to remove characters no longer in play. The posts will be restored to the site as each scene is completed.

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Included Chapters

Prelude to a Journey

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Story Managers: Valandhir, Stormwolfe

Timeline: August - September 3550

Cast: All played characters.