While the Land Sleeps

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While the Land Sleeps begins immediately after the events chronicled in Remember the Cost and goes through the spring of the following year (3551). During the fall and winter on Aereth, most people are occupied with preparing for the land's return to life in the spring, but many also must deal with minor and major crises and the arrival of new friends and foes.

The majority of the chapters in While the Land Sleeps are short character driven scenes and story arcs which also foreshadow the events in upcoming chronicles.

Group Post Count: 72

Included Chapters

The Hornbook

Post Count: 11

The Hornbook is a collection of short scenes written by various Players as introductions for some of their characters.

When Shadows Fall

Post Count: 12

Story Manager(s): Valandhir, Stormwolfe

Cast: All Played Characters

Beginning Timeframe: 14 Medi, 5th Year of the Thunder Eagle (September)

Ending Timeframe: Mawrth 3551, 6th Year of the Fire Gryphon

The Thinning Veil

Post Count: 11

Story Managers: Stormwolfe, Valandhir
Cast: All Playing Characters
Timeline: October 3550

The Feast of Samhain

Post Count: 13

Calan Gaeaf, also known as Samhain, is the Cymerian New Year, although not the literal changing of one year to the next in the cycle. It marks the physical changing of the seasonal year. It's the time to remember the ancestors, and the time to celebrate the harvest and all that has been accomplished over the year.

Light's Journey

Post Count: 24

Timeline: November and December 3550.

Winter's Bane

Post Count: 1

Timeframe: 1st Month (January) - 3rd Month (March), 3551