Cattle Drive

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Status Upcoming Episode
Description Upcoming Episode; Click on the title and then the summary tab for a synopsis.
Season Season 1: 1875
Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am

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Episode Summary

Feedback is welcome, but this is not a participation request or role call. If and when this mission idea is selected for story writing, a participation request will be sent to the group.

Primary: Quentin, Harriet

While Quentin and Harriet are heading up the cattle drive, the other characters can get up to fun and shenanigans back home!

Clint, Alisa

TBD - but has to be after the incident with the bear (Hunter's Moon).

After the rampage of Ole One-Eye, the monstrous bear, both Jess and Ezra Hale are injured. Someone has to see that a small herd of cattle are driven to Fort Kalispell (or Missoula) to fulfill the terms of a contract. Jess elects Quentin and Harriet to see the contract is honored.

Story Goals
Be one with your horse, he said. Just make sure you keep all the cows going in the right direction, he said. The main goal of this short episode is to provide some laughs at the expense of Quentin and Harriet. This will be a side-story chapter within a Saga. We might simply make it a component of the Old Satan story and have that Saga not end with the ending of the threat from the bear.