Town of No Exit

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Status Upcoming Episode
Description Upcoming Episode; Click on the title and then the summary tab for a synopsis.
Season Season 1: 1875
Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am

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Episode Summary

Characters: Any Played Characters

Storyteller(s): Everyone

Timeline: TBD

Summary: Tombstone Springs might be a real place or one of those legends and stories cowboys tell over the campfire to teach a lesson to the youngsters. The legend says that the town was built on ground the Indians considered sacred. Which Indians changes depending on who is telling the story. The town was lawless and violent with gunfights and killings occurring almost daily. After a year it was abandoned and became a ghost town. Nowadays, if you're unfortunate enough to find Tombstone Springs and wander into it, you won't leave unscathed. Note: I will write up a better version of the legend later.

Option #1: Tombstone Springs is a real place that, like the mythical Scottish town of Brigadoon, only appears at a certain time. Unlike Brigadoon, it is not locked into a specific location. This is why the legend has it associated with so many different tribes of Indians and in different territories. It can even be named different things.

Option #2: Tombstone Springs is not nor has it ever been a place in the physical world. It draws a person into it during their sleep, it's a dream place, but the goal is the same. The person is trapped or condemned to enter this dream world until they accomplish or resolve something specific to the character.

In either option, it's about character story. For example, Jess has a reputation as a fast gun so maybe he has to go up against a legendary dead fast gun or find a way to protect someone else from doing it - like go in their place.

There are numerous variations on the theme that we can go with.

Story Goals: Character journey, character development, character challenges.