Glory Days

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Status Upcoming Episode
Description Upcoming Episode; Click on the title and then the summary tab for a synopsis.
Season Season 1: 1875
Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am

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Feedback is welcome, but this is not a participation request or role call. If and when this mission idea is selected for story writing, a participation request will be sent to the group. REMEMBER! Sagas will not necessarily be written in the same order they are added as ideas. When a Saga nears completion, we will send out a poll for voting on the next one, unless story needs dictate otherwise.

All interested Players with approved bios.


Tentatively planned as the next Saga.

There has been an increase in Indian raids in the area. However, the raids appear to be the work of a bunch of renegards from several different tribes, not all of them native to the Montana territory. A long-time friend to the Harpers, Warbow, insists that the attacks are not from one specific tribe, but no one at the Fort believes him. This will lead to some contention between the Fort and Coldwater Creek Ranch. There's also a small matter of the current commander of the fort being a glory-hound and Indian hater.

1. Introduce Fort Kalispell.
2. Introduce any military characters (keep in mind that active military characters might have story limitations).
3. Introduce Warbow (he will be either Navajo, Nez Perce, or Blackfoot).
4. Add a few more details and clues to the mystery around the death of Jess's brother and his family.