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Checking Out the Town (Part 1) [MOVED]

Posted on Mon Dec 11th, 2017 @ 8:36pm by Clara Redmond & Aurelian Redmond
Edited on on Mon Jan 8th, 2018 @ 6:18pm

Episode: The Legacy
Location: General Store, Kalispell Main Street
Timeline: Early July 1875

It was a warm one again but then it was July after all as two of the three Redmond family walked down the boardwalk of Kalispell. They had already made one stop, Aurelian introducing himself to the school marm and presenting his a bit reluctant youngest, Wyatt, to the woman as a first step in enrolling the boy into school. Wyatt was even now still there, taking a few simple tests for the teacher so she could judge how to better place him among her current class of students. They, Aurelian and his daughter Clara, would swing by and pick him up the way out of town once they had their own business taken care of.

"So while I almost dread to ask, what do you think of the town so far, child of God?" Aurelian glanced down upon his daughter keeping easy pace with him on their boardwalk stroll.

The girl gave a nonchalant shrug that was so typical of her, joyous enthusiasm was not something Aurelian ever much witnessed in her even before her mother's death.

"It will have to do. It is no Scranton," she huffed.

"You did not like Scranton you always said," he pointed out bemused.

"It was in the main............unpleasant but that was mostly the people," Clara countered.

"Well, Clara dear, learn to get along with people here because remember we are staying here now long term. This is our home like it or not," Aurelian reminded.

"I know.............I can be pleasant............most of the time," Clara grudgingly conceded.

Aurelian didn't press the issue especially as they were getting closer to their current target, the town's General Store. They needed things there, a wide variety of things but there were issues. Being newcomers, establishing a line of credit might prove.....well, challenging. But Aurelian was down to little more than coins to his name. Clara had long been saving for a personal desire of hers, a horse of her own but now she was tempted to dip into that even though her father had not mentioned a word. But even then it wasn't a whole lot, less than $40.00 at her last count.

"Very well, Clara, glad we are squared away on that point," he smiled then abruptly got down to business, "Now you let me handle the storekeeper when we get in there. And in return, I will let you be in charge of the purchasing if he allows it. I know you will watch our every penny and spend wisely, I trust you."

"Oh I will and I will demand..." she started.

"Ask for," he hastily corrected.

"ASK for a receipt of our purchases then double check. It would not be the first time some clerk could not manage simple addition," she asserted.

Aurelian grinned, pity the poor clerk who got into a tangle with Clara over figures.


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