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The American Patient

Posted on Thu Jun 22nd, 2017 @ 8:36pm by Sofiya Grace & Richard Coyle
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Chapter: The Feast of Samhain
Location: Feltonwood Hold, Harkania, Cymeria
Timeline: Late Night, October 31, 3550

The sound of the driving rain against the roof of the hall was an almost soothing sound, even though it did not quite cover the groans and cries of the wounded and dying. The terrible roar and crackle of flames had mercifully subsided but that particularly nauseating smell of burnt flesh still hung in the air, mingling with the sticky, sweet scent of spilled blood in a perfume of destruction. It was a scent that Richard was entirely too familiar with after months of war. Sitting with his back against the wall he tried not to let his mind take him back to the worst of what he had experienced. He looked out over the scene of the wounded being treated without really seeing it, his eyes unfocused.

"Here, drink."

The voice beside him brought Richard back into awareness as a mug was thrust into his hands. It was Godwyn, the young guardsman that Richard had linked up with during the fight. The young man still looked deeply haunted, but at least wasn't trembling and his voice no longer held that raspy edge of panic. Richard took a swig from the mug, finding its contents to be a frothy, dark brown ale. It was good. "Thanks, Godwyn." he said to the young man, who was sipping at his own mug.

"I know you told me not to, Syr, but I sent for the meddyg anyway. She should be getting around to you shortly." Godwyn added as he sat down beside Richard and drank again from his mug. "I had to, after what you did for me out there."

Richard shook his head slightly. He shouldn't be too annoyed at the kid he told himself. He was just trying to do his duty. "Didn't want to just let me bleed?" Richard added with a slight chuckle. The bleeding had mostly stopped by this time, but he felt too tired to really protest.

During the attack itself, Sofi had found a corner and rightfully tucked herself into it, staying out of the fight as much as possible. Not entirely brave, she knew, but it was smart. People were being hurt left and right and while she couldn't fight like this, she could help the injured. She just needed to stay in one piece to do that. Once the enemies had been dealt with, Sofi had jumped right into treating the hurt. Right now, she felt, wasn't the best time for Healer Kiernan to stop to teach her how to treat the sticky fire-caused burns. Instead, she started tending to those with knife or sword wounds and the like, freeing Keirnan up for the burn victims.

"I think they frown upon that here...well anywhere really." She said as she came up on Richard's side, supplies in her hands. "Think you can strip to the waist for me, please? I need to see what I'm dealing with." She'd been briefed..well...briefly, by the young guard who had come to fetch her, but she really needed to see for herself. "This was....insane," Sofi said quietly as she took a seat on a stool next to Richard so that she could get to work. "I've never seen anything like it that wasn't in a freaking movie."

Richard looked up as the medic approached him, surprised to see that it was Sofi who had come to tend to him. He was however glad to see that she was safe and unharmed. "Normally I charge for that, but I guess I can make an exception..." he said with a mischievous smirk when she told him to strip to the waist. Though with the pain in his wounded shoulder it was a bit difficult, with a few grunts and groans he managed to shed his damaged tunic and set it aside. This revealed the reopened wyvern sting on his left shoulder and the sword cut across his ribs on the left, along with his tattoo of Saint George slaying a dragon over his heart. Leaning back he closed his eyes as Sofi began the examination.

Sofi lifted an eyebrow at Richard's slightly inappropriate comment, but her expression was one more of amusement than disgust. Her amusement turned to concern when he removed his tunic to reveal his injuries. Neither wound looked life-threatening on its own, or at least they wouldn't have been if they'd been back on Earth. Here, however, all bets were off and as she was still learning their medical ways, Sofi was just going to have to do the best she could.

"We got lucky..." he commented regarding Sofi's assessment of the relative sanity of this little episode. "It could have been much worse, trust me." He tried hard not to think about how bad it could have gotten and then his mind snapped back to alertness. Laryn. As far as he knew she was unaccounted for. "Have you seen Laryn?" he asked as he began to move to get up, but he could tell that there was no way Sofi was going to let him go anywhere.

Settling back down he turned to Godwyn. "Find Lady Laryn and make sure she is alright. Give her my apologies that I couldn't come see her myself." Godwyn nodded and got to his feet to carry out the task.

Richard's assumption was correct, Sofi had a gentle hand on his chest and was pushing him down to return to his previous position so that she could get him cleaned and stitched up. "I saw her a few minutes ago actually." The blond Traveler stated, looking at Godwyn before looking back to Richard. "She was being tended to by one of the others, a burn to her left forearm. She looked alright beyond that." She assured her fellow Earth-man. "Now if you don't lay still, I am going to end up poking you with a needle...and it might not be an accident."

There was relief in Richard's eyes when Sofi told him that Laryn was alive, though he grimaced when told of her injury. He knew from first-hand experience just how painful burns could be and he worried about infection.

"I'll be good," Richard said as he settled back in to let Sofi get to work. He was not exactly looking forward to getting stitched back up without anesthetic, but he didn't seem to have much of a choice. "I'm glad you weren't hurt." He added his tone gentle.

"I hid," She admitted quietly as she gently cleaned Richard's wounds with a sanitizing liquid that she'd dabbed a clean cloth into. "I kick-boxed back home but it was more for cardio than actual self-defense." The blond healer began cleaning the injuries, taking note that neither seemed to be too grievous and glad for it. She barely knew him but she didn't want to see him hurt. Richard Coyle was her only remaining tie to Earth and her home. "I'm sorry, I don't have anything like Lidocaine here. Stitching you up is going to hurt, I'm sorry." Her apology was sincere and she gave him a small smile as well. "I'll try to be quick." She assured as she set up the materials she needed, having taken to keeping a small bag of Cymerian healing supplies with her. Giving Richard's hand a gentle squeeze, Sofi went to work stitching up his injuries.

"There's no shame in that." Richard said gently when Sofi admitted that she had hid from the terror and death that had shattered the festival. When Sofi warned him about the upcoming pain Richard nodded a bit grimly. "I'm tough." He reassured her. "Do it."

Closing his eyes, Richard concentrated on his breathing to distract himself from the pain as Sofi worked. Breath in. Count to four. Breath out. Count to four. Though he occasionally grimaced when she found a particularly tender spot, he never cried out. When she had finished, at last, Richard managed a weary smile. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Sofi replied, neatly snipping off the silken thread with a pair of small scissors after expertly tying the last tiny knot. Spreading a thin layer of a salve made of honey and crushed garlic paste, she laid a clean cloth over each wound and pressed it down gently, the salve helping it to stick to his skin and covering the wounds. "Come see me or Healer Kiernan in a few days for a wound check. If you don't, I will hunt you down." She told him, quite serious about his need to check in, but humor flickering in her eyes as well.

"I'll see you," Richard promised sincerely. "You are better company than Doc Kiernan." Though as Sofi turned to go Richard caught her sleeve briefly. "Take care of yourself, okay." He added quietly. "You're the only part of home I have left." For a long moment he looked as though he was gazing at something very far away, then he shook himself and gave her a small smile. "Go, others need you."



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