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Winding Down the Day (Part 1)

Posted on Mon Nov 6th, 2017 @ 7:54am by Sofiya Grace
Edited on on Mon Nov 6th, 2017 @ 8:03am

Chapter: Light's Journey
Location: November; Stormholm Caer, Courtyard, Early Evening
Timeline: Open Scene

She’d lost track of how many books she’d done this to, gone through page by page and handwritten herself notes on parchment to help her learn everything she could, as fast as she could, about Cymeria, its histories, its medical knowledge etc. She’d always retained info better after writing it out whereas if she read it in a book alone. She also scoured books on magic, unrelenting in her search for a way home, even though the HighLord had apologetically assured her that there was none. Still, she didn’t give up.

The courtyard was cool this time of the evening, just before supper as the sun barely began her descent into night. A myriad of tantalizing scents danced on the air, a precursor to the meal to come. The food here was good, very similar to many things back home, which made things a little easier. She was still quite homesick, but she was pushing through the best she could. A pewter mug of herbal tea sat to one side of her work, the young woman sipping absently while she works. A silvery-blond lock of hair brushed against her cheek which she pushed back over her shoulder. She was still clad in her day’s clothing of a rich purple tunic that bore an exquisite embroidered work done in a silver threading. The tunic was belted around her slender waist and beneath, she wore a pair of cotton leggings tucked into a pair of leather boots.

Despite feeling homesick, Sofi enjoyed her work here. It gave her a purpose. It not only occupied many hours of the day but she was able to help others like she did back home. It was a comfort.

A pair of younger children, five or six by Sofi’s guess, ran through the yard, chasing each other around the table she was seated at. She laughed, watching them with amusement dancing behind her eyes. She remembered chasing Kenna around when they were little, before she’d gotten sick. One of their favorite games had been hide and seek, their Spanish-influenced house more than large enough for two little girls to find plenty of great hiding spots.

A soft, pained cry pulled Sofi out of her memories, one of the boys had tripped over something and had fallen. “Here.” Sofi said, immediately rising from her spot and kneeling next to the child. “I think you’re alright.” She said soothingly as she checked over his hands and knees, finding only a small scrape on his left. “Nothing broken.” She declared, setting him back on his feet while his companion watched on. “That’s nothing but your first battle scar.” Sofi poked the boy’s knee gently, giving him a smile.

“Thank you Lady.” The older boy said, reaching over and brushing the dust off the other boy’s pants. “You will need to wash up properly before supper, you are a mess.” He chastised lightly, even though he’d been giving chase when the other boy bit the dust.

“Thank you.” The younger boy echoed before giving a scowl at his friend. Turning back to Sofi, he gave her a quick hug before taking his friend’s hand, the boys leaving the courtyard, bound for their own home and evening meal.

A smile curled Sofi’s lips as she watched them leave. She stood, brushing dust off her own pants before taking her spot back at the table. There was still some daylight left by which to read and write out her notes.


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