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Winding Down the Day (Part 2)

Posted on Mon Nov 6th, 2017 @ 8:02am by Richard Coyle
Edited on on Mon Nov 6th, 2017 @ 8:02am

Chapter: Light's Journey
Location: November; Stormholm Caer, Courtyard, Early Evening
Timeline: Response for Winding Down the Day (Part 1)

Richard was more than a little weary as he walked slowly through the halls of Stormholm Caer. The day's training had been particularly intense both physically and mentally and he needed a break, a chance to get away for an hour or two. So when they had been released from training for the evening Richard had not joined the other trainees in socializing and instead set out to find for himself some quite spot.

On entering the courtyard Richard found he was not the only one that had sought out this refuge. Pausing at the entrance he saw Sofi sitting and transcribing from a thick tome. Richard was glad to see her and a smile curled his features. He had made a habit of checking in with her every few days both because she was a comforting reminder of home and he worried about her. Richard wanted to speak to her now, but hung back, not wanting to disturb her in the midst of her writing. She was likely working on a way home for both of them, a task that he hoped she would succeed in even if that hope was growing thinner by the day. Early on Richard had tried to do his own research but he had never been very intellectual and soon found himself lost and overwhelmed by the information. Sofi was far better suited to that type of task, and so he had left it to her since he was not of much help.

Shortly though some young children had a playtime mishap that Sofi rose to tend to. When she had finished that Richard made his approach. Standing near her though he felt more than a bit shabby. He was still wearing his guard uniform, dirty and wrinkled from the days training, though without the armor, and he felt just a bit self conscious about that. Still, Richard smiled at her.

"Any luck today?" he asked, gesturing at the book.


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